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World is Conflicted

All the great Prophets came from the East. However, the West has brought to humanity the idea of individual freedom and democracy. The West is influenced by Great Prophets and Teachers from the East, especially Christ. However, the West's intellectual upbringing, their democratic ideals, and their love for individuality and individual freedom have not allowed them to wholeheartedly embrace their religion which has come to them from the East. In almost every situation they tried to change things to their liking and have diluted many truths that came to them from the East to what they have created themselves.

The East is struggling to incorporate democracy and individuality into their societies, which are mostly based on authoritative systems. However, their deep-rooted attachment to the idea of an inspired leader who has been chosen by God to help them brings a conflict between democratic ideals and their beliefs and expectations. They can neither embrace democracy wholeheartedly, nor can they find a leader who fulfills their expectations.

The belief is that: The leaders in the West are chosen by people, and the leaders in the East by God.

In the West, it is expected that Christ will come as a King, but they are opposed to any authoritative leader (King). Although many of their spiritual leaders talk about the coming of Christ as the King, they (preachers) themselves are conflicted about the concept. However, the idea of a King fascinates them. That is why the dynasty of England is so popular even in America.

For the East, however, the concept of a Godly-inspired leader is much easier to accept. That is why, when any new system is established there, the people hope it is from God and so expect it to be Godly. In almost all cases they are disappointed. After each disappointment, they long for democracy, but the idea of choosing the inspired leader is so strong that they again fall for another seemingly inspired leader, and the cycle continues.

Democracy is supposed to be the will of the majority. However, the will of the people can be changed by propaganda, stimulation of the lower nature (which brings people down from their higher selves), and many other techniques used these days to entice people to vote for someone who is not the Highest person for the job. Also, true democracy can only be established if the four principles mentioned in the booklet "Master Plan for Planet Earth" are present. They are:

  1. A high level of literacy;
  2. An awareness by the majority of people of their basic rights (socioeconomic awareness);
  3. A willingness on the part of the majority to demand their rights with persistence;
  4. High ethical standards at all levels of society, especially among the leadership.

The presence of all these qualities in any society, at this point of human history/evolution, is a rarity, or even nonexistent. It surely is "nonexistent" in dictatorial countries, and probably even in those countries that claim they have democracy. So the democratic system is not perfect, and those who live in one are the first to admit it.

Furthermore, even in those nations where people thought they had a decent democracy, recent events are leading to the loss of their democratic ideals as they knew them! Indeed, not only has the West not been able to change the East to democratic ways as they thought the East should be, it is the West that is losing their rights more and more. Individual freedom, the rule of law, and democratic ideals are being sacrificed for the idea of safety.

The idea that you are not safe and we (the elite) will save you from the terrible enemies of state is the beginning of losing individual freedom. Neither the leaders who claim this, nor the people, are asking why those whom they believe to be their enemies, are their enemies. Perhaps most problems on earth can be settled by those involved talking to each other respectfully, fairly, etc. By some compromise from both sides, they might find common ground that all can live with. However, at this stage of human evolution, it seems this alternative is way beyond them. They would rather beat each other into submission than consider this alternative.

Furthermore, democracy has some other problems, such as:

  1. Decision-making is a very slow process.
  2. Privileges can be won by those who can change the laws, no matter what their agenda is (even if the law promotes things that are not Godly).
  3. Leaders are chosen by the people, and people do not always choose a leader who is Godly (many people choose by their sight and what others might like).
  4. The group effect on individuals is at work when a large number of people vote together.
  5. Etc.

Of course no one likes a dictatorship, especially if the head is sick and is not connected to God (Spirit). Indeed this kind of system has many more problems than democracy: The will of one person overrides the will of the majority. That is a very bad situation. However, such a system does have some benefits:

  1. Decision-making is fast and more effective/efficient.
  2. If the Head is connected to God (Spirit), the Laws of God will be established instead of the laws of man.
  3. Leaders emerge, and if we can have a system that chooses the right leaders (connected to Spirit) then the Head will not be sick.
  4. Etc.

So there is good and bad in both systems. The question is: What is the Perfect System?

It is well known that a King unifies people. It is like comparing the society to a circle: Without a center it will lose its ability to be the most compact (tightly united) shape in the universe. The unity is not complete and division will occur.

We have already established, in many places in our teachings, that the only system that will work well is One where the Head is not sick (is Connected to Spirit). We have also discussed how an authoritative system has the ability to be more efficient and effective. Therefore the solution seems to be a system that democratically chooses the ones who are connected to Spirit (Paravipras). When such people are chosen, they bring the Laws of God to man and help them to progress to the Goal as fast as they have the capacity to progress.

This was, originally, the idea behind the King. He was supposed to emerge and he was supposed to be connected to God. That is why Godly attributes are given to many kings, even to the dynasty in England (actually, a genealogist was hired by the queen to connect them to Christ's ancestry so to give them the Divine right to continue their dynasty). However, after a while the kings lost the connection with Spirit, but still exercised the absolute power of the Divine Authority. We know what happens to absolute power, without being connected to Spirit: It corrupts absolutely.

So the best system seems to be the one which is democratic in the lower level. People will choose those who are connected to Spirit, and with this many such people will emerge and eventually the most connected will be elected/emerge in the highest level.

Therefore we have to convince the West that their system is fine to a point, and the East to choose leaders who are connected so their system's head is not sick. Better yet: To choose the most connected on earth and all accept Him as such so the whole earth will benefit from his great Connection to God. Then the earth will be directed to become Godly.

It is then that the world will no longer be conflicted, and the Head (West) and the Heart (East) will become ONE!

Note: For further reading on this topic, see Maitreya's essay "Divine System" in Supplements of THOTH!

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