May/June 2012 Newsbrief Reports

North Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and all,

This is such an incredible Mission. I think we all see that more and more with every day we work to share these teachings with others. And it seems we are the ones who reap the Greatest Benefits in the process. God surely is good.

For my part, I am striving to work on some things on a personal level so that I can become a better example for God and the Mission. Of course, that is always an ongoing process for us all if we are following the EDP (The Eternal Divine Path).

I continue to soooo enjoy sharing the Mission on the social networks. Facebook continues to prove to attract many who enjoy reading quotes from and asking questions about the teachings of Maitreya. Some recently covered topics that people have asked about are: Marriage and fidelity, life after death, and if astral projection is a recommended tool for spiritual progress. Also, again I have noticed that some Facebook friends are reposting the quotes by Maitreya that I share on their own wall or timeline.

I have had a number of people contact me to comment how much they enjoy and learn from what is shared. This always encourages me to do more and it means a lot to know that people are being touched and changed. That is what this Mission is all about after all, that we need a change...and a Godly change at
that. All Thanks to Him!

In addition I believe, as is written in THOTH, that it is so important to ensure that people know the quotes/teachings are from Maitreya-Ji and the Mission of Maitreya.

I recently joined the social network which was suggested by Elvira Luana as a good place to share the Mission. I like it, and because it is very similar to Facebook I can see a future of sharing there much like I do on Facebook. Thus far I have posted a few things about the Mission there and accepted all the friend requests I have received. And always when I accept a new friend I share the Mission's website.

Tahirah and I continue to share the live meditation classes in the Mission's Paltalk room on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM MST. The Grace of God shines, it seems, in every we encourage anyone who loves the Mission to come join us for those classes. Truly we are building a cyber Community of Light at this time...and community meditates together :).

Well, that is all for now.


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