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Sal-Om MOM,

I wasn't able to send in a report for the last Newsbrief, therefore I would like to send in a report in order to summarize developments and work being done for the past four months.

The first couple months of this year was spent mostly in moving from Izmir to Sakarya and adjusting to the new situation. Now Niama and I live with my parents. I do freelance counseling mostly for students and families in order to stabilize our financial situation. Niama is looking to get a job to help support our expenses and is also helping with updating the Turkish website.

As we settled down, the past couple months were mostly spent working on the Turkish website. There was a problem for some people in accessing the website for an unknown reason. It still remains to be a problem for some people, but the website works properly for most (at least in Turkey). However, I still do not have a definite answer as to why this problem occurs. When I do, I will share it with the Mission.

Besides the technical problems, the website has been improved a little bit by the below additions or updates:

  1. Translation of Prophecies page added
  2. Temporary Categories in the Mission page translated
  3. 2012 Feast of Tabernacles page updated
  4. Complete Universe and Man book translated
  5. Links are being added to the end of Tablets to go to the next Tablet in line
  6. Most pages are being revised for grammatical or spelling errors

Around 225 people made 309 visits to the Turkish website in the past four months and spent an average of 5 minutes on the site. 71 percent of these were new visitors. The majority of these visitors (40 percent) were from Istanbul/Turkey.

Other than these, I still continue studying the Universe and Man book in order to prepare a lecture for this year's Feast Of Tabernacles. My brother and Niama are helping me realize it more deeply by listening to my mini-lectures during some of our daily walks. Also, in the efforts to understand this material in and out, all thanks to God Maitreya made me see how too much intellectualizing of a subject could become an obstacle in really realizing its lesson. Hopefully all these efforts will help realize the Grace of God more deeply and let Him be the doer in the preparation and presentation of this lecture. ATTG.

These are my news from Turkey for the first quarter of 2012. All thanks to God for this opportunity.



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