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Sharing Snippets by Maitreya

As was announced last Newsbrief and in the page The Final Snippets, Maitreya has moved from sending out a periodic "Snippets by Maitreya" email to posting His Snippets on Facebook through His account and the Mission's Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya! group.

One of the advantages to this new format is that Maitreya's disciples and others can easily share His Snippets on their own walls, profiles, groups, etc. and even on other social networks. As Maitreya explains in The Final Snippets page:

Hopefully, this way any snippets I post will also be posted to many other accounts and will attract more people to see the Mission and what we are offering them (humanity). Of course you also can repost these into your pages so we reach even more people.

It is urgent that we invite as many people to hear the Message of the Mission as possible. Anytime anyone reads this Message, we are done with them. It is then up to them to accept it or reject it. We leave them to God. However, we have to see to it that everyone hears it, at least, once!

Therefore, we would like to again remind and encourage everyone to repost Maitreya's Snippets on your own profiles, pages, groups, networks, etc. The effect and power of the Snippets grows exponentially as we share them, so it is most important that we do so as much as possible.

If you are not yet on Facebook, then we encourage you to sign up, join our group, and friend or subscribe to Maitreya, and then aid us in our effort of spreading Maitreya's words all over the network!

Finally, if you are already sharing Maitreya's Snippets on Facebook, we would like to remind you that when you share a Snippet, if all you do is click "Share" and post it, it will only post the article, not Maitreya's words (so you will not be sharing the Snippet at all!). You have to copy what Maitreya says (His Snippet, along with His name "M" and the URL to the Mission website), then click "Share" the article, and then paste Maitreya's words in the provided box before clicking OK. We wish Facebook did not do it this way, but that is how they have it set up at this time. We have noticed that some people are having trouble with this, so please check your old sharings and make sure that Maitreya's Words are actually there to know if you are doing it correctly or not!

If you have any questions or trouble with Facebook, sharing, etc., let us know and we will try to help or clarify.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).