July/August 2012 Newsbrief → Announcements

Donation from Hosanna

As we wrote about last Newsbrief, our dedicated member Hosanna passed away in April. He greatly helped the Mission in many ways, and we were sorry to see him go (although whatever God Wills is Good). However, he was not finished helping the Mission just yet, and in June, as part of his will, we received a $10,000 donation in his name.

The money was extremely helpful and allowed us to make some needed upgrades and payments. The beauty of his sacrifice for the Mission and God even on his deathbed was priceless. We commemorate it in this announcement, and may we all pay our respects to this great soul, and strive to follow his example.

If we believe this Mission is the Truth, then how can we do other than support it to the very end?

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).