July/August 2012 Newsbrief Announcements

Report Reminders No Longer Sent

As part of the revamp of the contacts section announced last Newsbrief, we explained that Newsbrief reports were no longer required or expected of contacts (or anyone) and that people should now only send one in when they have something to report and are inspired to do so.

Because reports were no longer required, we decided it was no longer necessary to send the email we used to send to contacts about a week before the Newsbrief went out reminding them to send in their reports. However, it seems some of our contacts might have come to rely on that email, as we received almost no reports for this Newsbrief :) (only from Unus and Brad).

If the reason for this is that most of you just did not want to send in a report, then that is FINE. However, we thought we should clarify that this reminder email will no longer be sent. You will have to remember to send in your own reports, if you want to send one. We think you can handle it :).

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