July/August 2012 Newsbrief Announcements

More Places to Rate and Review the Mission

There are many organizations online that maintain a listing of websites, or nonprofit organizations, etc. and allow people to leave ratings and reviews expressing their experience with the site/organization (is it safe or did the site have malware, does the organization uphold the nonprofit values and put all its resources towards its cause, etc.). Other people use these reviews and ratings to decide whether to visit these websites, give their time and money to these organizations, etc.

We recently came across several more of these websites which had the Mission website or organization listed. Therefore, we are listing them here, and encouraging everyone to go to them and leave ratings, reviews, etc. The more legitimate and trustworthy we are known to be, the more likely people will be willing to search, study, and listen!

Here are our listings on the sites:

  1. MarkosWeb - click the stars to leave a rating. You can also +1 on Google+ or Like on Facebook at the top, and may be able to do other things as well (we did not look through the whole page).

  2. StatsCrop - we are not sure how to leave a rating on this site, but we have a rating on it, so there must be a way!

  3. Razoo - you can +1, Tweet, Like, Pin (Pinterest), etc. at the top, and can become a fan on the right side (have to log in to do this, but can log in with Facebook or Google). You can also donate to the Mission from this page, or create a fundraiser to spread the word and ask others to donate.

Thanks God!

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).