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Letters to the Editor

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Responses to previous Newsbrief, World Is Conflicted:

1. Dear Editors of the MOM Newsbrief,

I read the article about the White Raven, and I found it fascinating. As I read about the "bitter meat" I was reminded of the verse in the Revelation that talks about the little book being sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomach. Is there any connection?

Here is a conversation about it [from this Satsang]:

Macc88gt: The little book talked about in Rev. 10:8 is the THOTH, or not?

Maitreya: No, that little book that it is talking about is the intellectual understandings. THOTH is not little. THOTH is huge. THOTH is very big and covers a lot of things.

THOTH is not that little book. That little book, if you had studied and read the Revelation of The Revelation, it explains that little book is the intellectual understanding. It is very sweet, and people who like intellectual discussions or understanding, they love it. But when it goes to their stomach it becomes bitter. THOTH is not doing that at all. THOTH is sweet.

Actually THOTH might be bitter in your mouth but it is going to be very sweet in your stomach. If in the beginning, if you want to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist, it is very difficult for people to do that.

Every step in the Eternal Divine Path shatters one part of the barrier or egoistical persuasion in man. Therefore the human actually might struggle to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

It is very bitter in their mouth in the beginning but when they eat It and they follow It, It becomes very sweet because they become great in life and they will progress in a greater degree.

Therefore that little book is not THOTH. The little book is the intellectual understanding, which is sweet in your mouth and it is bitter in your stomach. THOTH is very bitter in your mouth and very sweet in your stomach.

Maitreya's response:

You might have a point. As the book was sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach, the wolf in the White Raven story could tolerate the meat in his mouth but could not swallow it (it was too bitter to swallow). So in a sense it tasted not as bad in his mouth as when he started to eat it (it started to go to his stomach).

Another similarity in these two stories is: When the wolf dragged the raven that made the meat bitter into the fire, there were diverse birds that were created and flew away. It is like intellectuals who each have their own ideas and become so diverse. It was only one of them who also became Spiritual and so was accepted as the White Raven. So intellect is not bad, it becomes bad when Spirit is not present. So the White Raven is Intellectual, but He also is Spiritual (is Intelligent).

God indeed has Revealed His Revelation in many cultures and many diverse languages and they almost say the same thing. These are all from one source and are One. They show the way and what will be, and Is!


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