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After the developments of the past months, the Beyondmind Project has evolved to a new stage and dimension. Therefore relevant changes have been made to the Beyondmind website. Through this website I would like to share information and videos about the Spiritual Practices the Mission of Maitreya offers, along with innercise and exercise programs. Also, a new blog has been created in order to support the information presented through the website. The purpose of this blog is to share related information from the Teachings of the Mission of Maitreya on recommended Spiritual Practices and innercise and exercise training programs.

The videos and other materials will be posted on this website and our blog site and will be accessible to anyone who would like to challenge themselves. However, to benefit most from these programs, studying the Teachings of The Greatest Sign and following the Eternal Divine Path is recommended. Those who master all the online materials would be eligible to apply for further training in our center and eventually could be approved and assisted to start such centers in other parts of the world.

The Turkish website received 144 visitors in the past couple months, which is a slight increase from the previous few months. The majority of the visitors were from Turkey and Europe. Work on the website continues.

As far as the news from Turkey goes, Turkey is mostly occupied with the news about the shooting down of a Turkish jet by Syrian forces and new developments. The media and people in general are mostly divided into two camps on this issue. One camp says Turkey has been used by the US to start a conflict with Syria, Iran, and therefore Russia and China. This group accuses the Turkish government of being a subcontractor for the US Middle East policy and doing the dirty work and necessary propaganda. The other group says that these are the result of Turkey becoming more influential in the region and receiving backlash accordingly from regional and world powers. They praise the government's foreign policy and the attitude it is taking on the Syrian conflict.

However, to an objective eye, as in every issue, it looks like both groups have some truth but interpret things according to their agenda and propaganda. One thing is for sure: Nobody mentions God, or asks logical questions as to why all this is happening and what is the Truth and God's Plan. Everybody thinks they know what the solution is and either have plans of their own or become part of others' plans.

In any case these are interesting developments and hopefully everyone realizes God's Plan sooner and prevents much destruction.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).