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Feast of Trumpets and Day
of Atonement 011995

The Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement are Holy Days commanded to be kept by God (Leviticus chapter 23 in the Bible) which are meant to prepare us for the Feast Of Tabernacles (return of Christ/God). The Feast of Trumpets is to announce the coming of God on earth, and the Day of Atonement is to repent and purify ourselves to be worthy of standing in His Presence during the period of the Feast Of Tabernacles when He is on earth in Force!

These two Holy Days are always on Maya 1 and Maya 10 respectively in the Calendar of God, meaning that this year the Feast of Trumpets will be from sunset (6:00 PM) September 15 to sunset September 16, and the Day of Atonement will be from sunset September 24 to sunset September 25.

Maitreya explains how to keep these days Holy in THOTH, Essays 1, "Feasts and Holy Days of the Lord":

8 - On the first day of the seventh month there will be a Sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpet, a holy convocation, with no servile work.

9 - On the tenth day (evening of the ninth to the evening of the tenth) of the seventh month is the day of atonement, a holy convocation, with no work (not at all). Celebrate this Sabbath by atonement to the Lord.

To understand the symbolism of the trumpet in the Feast of Trumpets, we can look again to THOTH, Revelation of the Revelation, Introduction:

The trumpet is an instrument with a tremendous sound, and if blown strongly, it can awaken people. So it is a symbol of truth which comes by these seven Angels, which are the same as the Angels of the churches (Prophets of the seven religions).

For the Day of Atonement, note that no work at all should be done, unlike other Sabbaths and holy convocations which only forbid servile work (worldly work in the paid service of others). The Day of Atonement should be spent in repentance of misdeeds (learning the lesson so the mistake will not be repeated), contemplation, and spiritual practice, in order to purify ourselves to be worthy of God's Presence at the Feast of Tabernacles. Become more "Atoned" to Spirit and God!

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