September/October 2012 Newsbrief → Announcements

New Project: Rio Rancho Resource

A new Mission project has been started: Rio Rancho Resource Coordination. The purpose of this project is to develop resources to help those who have decided to come to Rio Rancho (New Jerusalem), create Communities Of Light, and serve the Mission Center. The project manager will be Brad, who moved to New Mexico several months ago in the hopes of "establishing a larger Community of Light and starting the KOHOE."

Brad has several ideas about ways to facilitate the process of coming to live in New Jerusalem and help the Mission, such as developing a simple living space or location where many could share costs and help each other live more easily and therefore focus more on the Mission. So we agreed to make him the manager for this larger overall project and see where it would end up.

As a reminder, the project manager for a project is not supposed to be the one to do everything in it, but the one to coordinate the efforts of those who are interested in that project and would like to get involved. Therefore, if anyone has an interest in or ideas about how to develop resources for those coming to live close to the Center, please contact Brad through his project manager email,

May great fruit come from this new endeavor!

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