September/October 2012 Newsbrief Message From Maitreya

'Nough Said

This will be the last of these Newsbriefs that we have been sending out every other month. With the little support and resources coming to the Mission we no longer can afford to continue the Newsbrief and/or keep full-time staff. If anything happens to the people who are bringing money to the Mission on a regular basis, those who are dependent on this stream of resources will then be unable to support themselves with what the Mission has/receives.

So we have decided that our present staff should go back to school and obtain higher education so they can have a job where they will make enough money to live on, and do the Mission on the side. We surely would have loved to see that they would have been supported by the Mission so they did not have to do this.

Our staff members, of course, are saying that I should not be worried about this and should let this go on and trust in God. You all might remember the story of Prophet Muhammad's camel! The story goes like this: One of the Prophet's followers was assigned to look after His precious and beloved white camel. The camel became lost and Prophet Muhammad asked what happened. The disciple said: I trusted Allah and let the camel loose. Prophet Muhammad said: Trust Allah but secure the camel!

With this we see we are securing the future of those who Love the Mission and are here to help. Higher education will enable them to gain undemanding, well-paying jobs so they can make a living while their real job will be the Mission, until our members realize that this Mission is huge and we need all the help, in all levels, we can have.

Creating a Newsbrief for the Mission is hard work and takes days to prepare and publish. We do not suffer from lack of material to publish it, as we have tons of content to fill a Newsbrief and even a Newsletter without repeating ourselves. We could accomplish this even if I stopped writing new articles for each Newsbrief. However, we need a dedicated staff that will do a good job and will put out a professional Newsletter for the Mission. We hope we will have this, someday.

It is not a matter of if this Mission will succeed; it is a matter of when! If you want to be on God's Side then listen to what God has commanded you to do, with no hesitation!

Prophet Muhammad succeeded because He received much resources through the wars He waged against those who tried to destroy Islam. The Mormon Church is successful because its members pay their tithes religiously (as should we). If we had enough financial support, we would have paid professionals to make the Newsletter for the Mission. We would have paid professionals to keep the website updated, etc. With the little finances we have been receiving, we have done a great job already. Just imagine if we had the resources that some big churches have.

Of course I do understand that this is a new religion and people are attached to their old ways, religions, countries, cultures, etc. However, the time for these attachments is over and the time for letting go of these has arrived. I expected people to overcome these much sooner and attach themselves to the coming of the New Heaven and the New Earth. That is why when I started the Mission I did not ask for any money from the people who came. I thought humanity would Love the Mission, they surely would realize that accomplishing such a huge idea needs resources, and the financial and other help would just pour in.

Now I know better. Since we have started the Mission the world has become so polarized that even many people who were open-armed to others at the start of the Mission have become closed-armed. Although we have given the way out and have shown the Will of God for them, apparently what we have offered seems to them a hard pill to swallow. Now it feels like they have rejected the Mission altogether.

We thought Americans would especially support this Mission wholeheartedly as they seemed to be very open-minded to new things. However, even they are now closing up since they are also feeling the tribulation and upheaval on earth. Still, the bulk of the financial help, which is not much, comes from Americans. This is no surprise as they are 3% of the human population who use 37% of God's resources. He who has more should contribute more. The surprising part is that those who are helping us are not the richest who use most of these resources but are those who themselves are financially, and in many other ways, struggling!

Of course we should not be surprised that the Mission is in this state, as it very clearly has been Revealed that this Mission, in its first incarnation, will come as the thief of the night. That means it will be quiet and have few resources of its own. Also there have been many other prophecies alluding to this fact that the Mission in its first incarnation will not be very successful (such as The Prophecy of Satrio Piningit). Furthermore, in the second article I have written for this Newsbrief (Another Interesting Email), it says that: In the beginning people will flee from this Mission but will later return as they realize that what we have proposed is the way to Peace and the Salvation of man. So we will wait until then.

However, it does not mean you also should wait. Not at all. Everyone who has been touched with this Mission should dedicate their lives 100% to see that it is Manifested as soon as possible. The sooner this Mission is done, the less suffering and tribulation there will be. The more you hesitate, the more humanity will suffer!

This is not the Mission begging you to help. The Mission will never beg, as it is God's Will (Commandment) and is your obligation. The Mission will never compromise as that will create a cult. Those who help the Mission are helping themselves. Those who Serve the Mission are serving God; their reward is also with God. I do not have to thank them, and they should not feel I owe them anything, as we all working for the same God and so our Reward comes from Him. Any expectations on our part will be an obstacle in Serving God in its Purest Form!

This does not mean we do not appreciate those who are helping the Mission in any way they can. Indeed there are a few that have gone beyond the call of duty and have been supporting the Mission wholeheartedly. We pay our Salutations to their Divinity in the Highest, and they are the successful Ones. They have great Rewards awaiting them. They surely will sit close to the throne of God!

What is received from those helping now, however, is only enough to maintain the minimum requirements to keep what we have going, such as computers, the website, postal expenses, etc.

In addition to financial concerns and lack of resources, I also feel I already have said enough, as the title of this article indicates: "'Nough Said." We have given THOTH, as well as more than 200 Satsangs (including the Conversations with M, Calling Elects, etc.). We also have the Question and Answer Sessions from the Feasts, the Newsbriefs, and many other writings, etc. So "'Nough Said."

With all these materials, publishing a Newsbrief (Newsletter) for the Mission should be easy. It would not be impossible to have an engaging Newsletter if we had the resources. However, it is almost impossible for now!

There are also many people in the Mission who have picked up the energy (although they have their own flavor in it) and are reaching out by picking topics from news sources and posting them on Facebook and other social networking sites, very similar to what I was doing in the Snippets we used to send out and are now posting on Facebook. Others are quoting my Facebook posts and other materials from the Mission. I hope more people will pick up the Mission's energy (and more of the Mission's flavor) and will spread the word by being an example for others. This is good (God) as I can prepare myself for the future incarnations and leave the task of spreading the Mission to you.

In this spirit of you becoming more engaged in teaching and spreading the Mission, there will be a new policy for the Question and Answer Sessions at the Feast Of Tabernacles. You will have to send your questions to the Mission in advance in order for them to be answered. The questions have to be unique (have never been asked before). They have to be sent, at least, one day before the session. The idea is that you will search for answers to your questions and will ask only if you cannot find them in the website.

If no questions are sent to the Mission, we will assume that there are no questions left out there and therefore my presence in the session is not needed. Instead, the attendees can pose questions they might have to each other and brainstorm the correct answers. You can always check the website for the correct answers.

If you do not participate in this new beginning you will lag behind. The Mission is on the brink of the new phase and the next incarnation, probably, is closer than many might think. In the next incarnation I will use all the things I have learned this lifetime and the pace of the Mission will be much faster than this life. So do not fall behind, since catching up later might become impossible!

The ending of these bimonthly Newsbriefs does not mean that you will be deprived from knowing what is happening in the Mission. If I find something worthwhile to write about, we will send it to you in "The Call" (Newsbrief) format, but without announcements, reports, etc. Rather than having a URL in the email that will take you to the article in the website, it (the article) will be placed in the email itself (in the left column). The Newsbrief will be the article! This will cut a tremendous amount of the work needed to put out a Newsbrief as we have been doing it to this point.

If someone sends an article to the Mission, such as a prophecy, and we think it is worth publishing, we will send it to you in the same manner: A special edition of the Newsbrief with that article embedded into the email.

Announcements will no longer be emailed, but will be periodically posted in chronological order on the News Flash page. So to know the latest news in the Mission, go to that page.

We also will continue to send you important information about the Holy Days, events in the Mission, etc.

Rather than reports, the project managers, contacts and all those who do great things for the Mission have to start their own ways to communicate with Mission members. They can start blogs, webpages, social networking profiles, etc. so people can go there to see what they have accomplished for the Mission recently. To know what method a project manager is using to communicate, contact them directly from our projects page. For contacts, if one exists in your area, we will put you in touch with them and they will tell you how they communicate and report their latest activities.

Those who are neither project managers nor contacts also might want a way to let people see their reports. One possibility is to post a link in the Mission Facebook group (Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya) to where people can see your accomplishments (website, blog, etc.). We do, however, reserve the right to delete your post if we judge that the contents of your link are not appropriate. Those who misuse this privilege may be removed from the group!

The idea is: It is time for you to engage yourself with the Mission. I will be around as long as I can, and will help you in the process of accomplishing the Mission. However, the Mission is not another cult that will gather a few people in it and eventually all will end up committing suicide and/or the cult will fade away as a fad. It is not what Americans expect from the gurus who came from India (or other places) and said, just meditate and do not worry about it. It is not what Asians expect, or Europeans, or Africans, etc. This is the New Heaven (Religion) and New Earth (System).

If you still are even slightly attached to the old ways, you will fail! You will fail in the sense of being an Elect (one of the 144,000). You still might stay with the Mission and be a part of it, but those who are Elects (Paravipras) are dedicated 100% and will be with me 24 hours a day so we can do this Mission together.

So this, for the time being, will be the last official "The Call, a Call to All," to come and do this together. Those who are Chosen will agree with me in all this 100%!

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