September/October 2012 Newsbrief Reports

New York


I would like to start by saying how wonderful this Mission is. Thanks Maitreya-Ji for opening the Seventh Seal and bringing this Good News from God to uncounted numbers of us. My life has been changed.

There is such a love and joy in sharing these teachings with others. Lately though it seems there is something different happening with new friends on Paltalk, Facebook, and as conversations are taking place during walks, shopping, etc. People seem more ready and accepting to visit our website. In fact, they ask if they can have the link to our website - a card is still given but at their request. Neat!

Some who have received cards and gone to our website are sharing the teaching and the website with others. This is causing questions to be asked, and the search button to be explained.

Some new guests on Paltalk seem happy to be friends on Facebook. The information is given about our group: Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya, and they go see. Some have also joined our Cause: Support the unification of all religions and the world.

All thanks to God for this Seventh Revelation that just makes so much sense.

Ananda Ma

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).