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Sal-Om MOM,

This month I was able to work on some Mission literature (booklets of Satsangs) in order to make them ready for on demand printing. However only one is close to finished yet because it took me some time to get all the details right. Hopefully remaining books will be done much faster and this project will be completed soon.

One new development in our situation is that Niama started to give private Pilates classes and I started to give meditation and yoga classes in a new art center in the city. This was only temporary but because there was a lot of demand for our classes they offered us to continue for a whole year. If we can agree on the terms then it will be very beneficial for us. We will just give our classes and collect our fees. They will deal with the customers, provide the space and needed materials, etc.

The news from Turkey is mostly focused on the terrorist attacks in Turkey's southeastern parts and its relationship with the situation in Syria. It is reported that there are around 100,000 people taking refugee in Turkey and more are crossing the border and coming in. Turkey is giving support to the opposition group and the refugees because it does not want the current Syrian government to stay in power and continue its support for PKK (a military group which takes responsibility for many terrorist acts within Turkey on civilians).

The Turkish government reports that the father of the current Syrian president openly supported PKK and their interests (as did many other countries in the region) by providing arms, training camps and other logistical needs. They hoped his son (the current president, an educated, more Westernized heir) would end this support and build relationships with Turkey on profitable trade, etc., and this was so for a couple years. Neither country even required any visas to cross the border.

However, both countries eventually found themselves in the middle of strategic games played in the Middle East by Western and Eastern powers and took different sides. So Syria aligned itself with Russia and Iran and Turkey with the US. Therefore things took a different turn from then on. This is also true about Turkey's relationships with Russia and Iran. As Turkey went closer to the US, these relationships started to deteriorate.

The US government or at least the White House wants to make Turkey a model for other Islamic countries and therefore is giving some support in order to strengthen Turkey's leadership in the region. This in turn irritates the governments of Iran, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia who consider themselves big players in the region and see this as a threat to their current status. So all the relationships are so fragile and built on distrust that things can change for the worse in the blink of an eye. It is now a war between the intelligence agencies based on covert operations and provocative propaganda.

In conclusion, all countries, groups and individuals look at things selfishly and through the lenses of their subconscious minds. So they only see how they are right but do not realize their faults or wrongdoings. There is a lot of karma to be dissolved but without following the Eternal Divine Path and God's Guidance unfortunately they add more karma rather than learning their lessons. So the chaotic environments, situations and relationships continue.

All thanks to God, He has given the solution: The Mission of Maitreya.


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