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Additions to THOTH

Maitreya has made additions to two essays in THOTH: "Fasting" in Essays 3 and "Passing of the Scepter" in Supplements. In "Fasting" the last paragraph (verse 7) has been added:

<7>Before the age of puberty and after the age of sixty, it is not required to fast. After the age of sixty it is up to the individual. Before the age of puberty, the individual can try light fasting (a few days in a year) if they would like.

In "Passing of the Scepter" several paragraphs have been added about halfway down, where the Round Table is discussed:

If Maitreya left His body before choosing all twelve members of the Round Table (RT), those who are in the RT at that time will be the permanent members. They can then evaluate the members in the Mission and fill the remaining seats (up to twelve). However, those who join this body (Body Of Christ) at this point will assume junior positions to the permanent members.

Permanent members cannot be removed unless they have done something to warrant impeachment. The impeachment process begins with the majority vote of the entire body (minus the person being impeached). At the end of the impeachment process, majority vote will decide the fate of the member impeached. Permanent members also can retire if they so desired (or if the majority of the permanent members vote that they should retire).

Periodically (permanent members can decide how long this period will be), the permanent members might consider voting junior members to senior positions. Senior members can be removed by majority vote of the permanent and senior members.

Junior members cannot remove permanent or senior members. The only thing they can do is file a petition for a junior member to be removed by the body. If the petition is accepted, the majority vote of the body is needed.

If further adjustments become necessary for this body to function properly (based on God's Will) the body will come up with them so they will become a strong and united body in God.

May these additions further clarify necessary points and guide humanity to Truth.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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