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New Edition of THOTH Released on Print on Demand

We are delighted to announce that the next (10th) edition of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament has been completed and is available for purchase! The changes, additions, etc. to this new edition are as follows:

  • Print on Demand: This edition is being printed through "print on demand." This means that the publisher holds the digital book file and only prints copies when they are ordered (even if that means one at a time). This method has many benefits including no need to hold inventory, simpler and faster order fulfillment, etc. However, it also means THOTH is now purchased directly from our publisher, not through us, and therefore can no longer be listed on our ecommerce. We have instead created a separate page (accessible from the right side menu under "Buy, etc.") with links to purchase THOTH directly from the publisher or via Amazon.

  • New Cover: The cover has been changed significantly, and now looks like this (click to enlarge):

    Although there are many details and intricacies to discover about this new design, most importantly is that with The Greatest Sign on the back, THOTH now clearly and undeniably fulfills the prophecy of Revelation 5:1: "And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals." Another beautiful feature of the new cover is that if desired, THOTH can now serve as both your Scripture and your Greatest Sign (when not in use, it can be placed on your altar and meditated on, faced during The Reminder, etc.).

  • Index: For the first time, an index has been created for THOTH! As it is a first attempt, done by those who are not indexing professionals, we consider it a "first draft"; however, we hope it will be helpful in locating different words and topics throughout the book. Used in conjunction with the website's search function, it becomes an even more powerful tool. We ask that anyone who purchases the new edition to take a look at the index and send us any suggestions for improvement, words we may have missed, etc.

  • Additions and Corrections: Any changes that have been made, new Supplements added, etc. to the online version of THOTH since the previous edition are now included, with the exception of the two Supplements on homosexuality and pedophilia, which Maitreya decided to move to Golden Keys 7. Also, as with any new edition, some grammatical, formatting, and other small corrections have been made (this edition was developed using professional bookmaking program Adobe Indesign rather than Microsoft Word, allowing for much more precision in solving these types of issues).

  • Cost: Due to the efficiency of our print on demand publisher, we have been able to reduce the cost a full $10 from the previous edition, to $29.95! We hope this will allow even more people to purchase THOTH and benefit from its amazing Truth.

Although the above changes are all very positive, there were a few minor drawbacks of using print on demand, which we are attempting to address as best as possible:

  • Font and Sizing: To comply with the print on demand publisher's specifications, it was necessary to reduce the book size from 8.5x11" to 7x10", as well as slightly reduce the font size. We have not found these changes to be meaningfully different, and hope you find the same.

  • Cover Quality and Hardcover Alternative: The only true concern we have with this new print on demand version is that the paperback cover seems possibly too thin to stand up well to prolonged or heavy use (it seems to be the same type of paperback cover found on regular novels in bookstores - but THOTH is not a regular book!). Therefore, we are looking into working with another print on demand publisher to create a hardcover version as well. The hardcover version would be significantly more expensive, but also much more durable and less likely to show its age. (Note: This project has been completed, and a hardcover version is now also available for sale via Lulu or Amazon.)

Although this edition has been created carefully, it still might contain mistakes. Therefore, as a final proofreading, we now ask all Mission members to purchase this new edition, read through it closely, and send any corrections, mistakes, etc. you find to THOTH@maitreya.org.

We hope everyone will enjoy and be inspired by this new edition of our Holy Book!

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