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Two THOTH Supplements Moved to Golden Keys 7

Maitreya recently (within the last few years) added the Supplements "Pedophiles" and "Homosexuality" to THOTH (the online version). However, in the process of developing the 10th edition of the physical THOTH book, He decided that THOTH was not the proper place for these essays. THOTH is meant to be a high-consciousness, inspiring book that focuses on the main and most important aspects of Maitreya's teaching. However, these topics are more mundane, and also are very small parts of the teaching and relatively unimportant in the grander scheme.

Therefore, these Supplements have now been moved to Golden Keys 7, and are listed as questions under the "Marriage and Sexuality" section. This seemed to be the proper place for them as this is where topics related to sexuality are most directly and thoroughly addressed by the teachings.

So if someone is looking for these essays and cannot find them, please direct that person to their new location.

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