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Round Table Available for Meetings

Although we believe this has been mentioned before, we felt it would be good to reiterate that anyone who would like to meet with the Mission Round Table (board of directors) for a worthy Mission-related purpose is welcome to do so. The Round Table is here to help the Mission manifest, and is open to working with anyone who has a good idea on how to improve our organization and outreach, as well as if there is a problem that needs to be addressed, issue or situation to discuss, or any other important matter.

To request a meeting, send the Round Table an email explaining what you would like to meet about. The reason should be Mission-related, relevant/important, and not too personal or self-focused (it should relate to the organization and Mission more than personal progress - for personal progress, all the answers are already in the website). If the Round Table decides that your topic indeed fulfills these requirements, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss it.

All Round Table meetings are also open for non-participatory observation by any tithe-paying Mission member (to promote transparency of Mission leadership). To do so, send the Round Table an email requesting to observe the next meeting. You will be sent information on how to join the meeting room, and placed in listen-only mode during the meeting. Note that although every meeting is open for observation, it is necessary to send such a request for each meeting you would like to observe, so the Round Table can give any updated information to join and keep track of who will be attending.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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