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Changes to Temporary Categories

We receive many emails asking how to "join" the Mission. Because of this, the Round Table decided to create a standardized response email for these queries. In attempting to do so, however, we realized that there are many possible definitions for joining the Mission or becoming a member.

For example, members could be seen as those who follow Maitreya's teaching. However, there are many different levels of following the teaching, from simply reading THOTH and doing a few spiritual practices all the way to complete dedication - are all of these members? Another consideration is length of service - how long must someone have been with the Mission before they are truly a member? Perhaps someone is only a full member once they have made the Covenant? Yet another way of looking at it is that only God knows who is truly a member (with the Mission in their Hearts) and who is not, and it is not up to us!

We felt it would be helpful to more closely unify the various "definitions" of membership (temporary categories, tithing, making the Covenant, etc.) in a way that would simplify matters, allow for flexibility, and at the same time push everyone to continually look at themselves and try to become more dedicated and involved. This approach has resulted in a new understanding of the temporary categories that were created several years ago (Lights in Darkness, Light Seekers, Bridges, Bearers, etc.). Although this new understanding is explained most thoroughly by the updated temporary categories page itself, it can be summarized as follows:

Originally, the idea of the temporary categories was to allow the Round Table to see and track who was emerging as the most dedicated, involved in the Mission, potentially candidates for the Round Table, etc. - to serve as a basic hierarchy within our organization (although all are equal before God, practical needs of an organization require such differentiation). Therefore, to become anything beyond a Light Seeker (member) required an application process, and the Mission decided and recorded who was a Light Bridge, Light Bearer, and so on. The categories were in a sense "positions," each with their own privileges and responsibilities, etc.

Now, however, other than Light Bridges as official contacts, the categories are not positions, nor are they tracked. Instead, they are guidelines by which each individual can continually evaluate themselves (and the Mission can evaluate them, if necessary) to see where they fall - how dedicated they are, whether they are truly fulfilling all the duties expected of members, etc.

Furthermore, Light Seekers (the first category of joining the Mission - previously considered "members") are now considered to be only "basic members" - they are doing the minimum expected of devotees to Maitreya (which includes tithing). An individual is not a "full member" of the Mission until he or she is fulfilling the responsibilities expected of a Light Bearer (which includes making the Covenant). This unifies these various understandings of membership and brings the categories more in line with the truth of what Maitreya would like to see - a Mission filled with Light Bearers, committed and fully dedicated to this Cause!

Therefore, when newcomers ask how to "join" the Mission, we can now show them these categories, where they can clearly see that although it is up to them where they would like to fall in the Mission, and in truth all that is required is for them to follow God's Will (whatever that means for their specific situation, abilities, Dharma, etc.), by our standards as an organization they will not truly be a member until they can evaluate themselves as a Light Bearer!

As with every change we make, we hope this will further help people in following the Mission and seeking God. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about this new understanding of the temporary categories.

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