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Mission Facebook Page Growth

For the past several months, we have been experimenting with advertising for the Mission on Facebook and Google. The Google ad directs people to the website, while the Facebook ad encourages viewers to "like" our Facebook Page. Both have been successful in garnering a response and increasing our outreach. However, the effect of our Facebook ad can be most clearly seen, as our Facebook Page has just surpassed 10,000 likes!

This of course does not mean by any stretch that we now have 10,000 members and all of these people understand and believe in the Mission, etc. However, it gives us a new audience to reach out to and engage (this is the focus of the new Facebook Page outreach project). If among them there is even one truly Called and dedicated individual (Elect), it will have been worth it. We pray that there is!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

Our website was recently redesigned and is still under construction. We apologize for any errors, broken links, or other issues you may encounter and are working hard to resolve all problems. If you would like to help, please let us know of any issues you encounter by emailing webmaster@maitreya.org.

All Thanks To God (ATTG).