July 2013 News - back to News Flash

New Facebook Page Manager

Due to the large number of new "likes" on our Facebook Page, our brother Shivananda felt inspired to suggest that we reach out to them and start making our Page more active. This has led to him becoming the new project manager for this endeavor! He now supervises the posts and responses on the Page, and has been attempting to develop engagement through ideas such as "topic of the month." Thanks be to God for the good work he has done so far!

However, as with all our projects, Shivananda could use the help and input of others in coming up with other topics and themes, evaluating the response to various ideas and adjusting accordingly, etc. If you are interested, we encourage you to get in touch with him, either through our Facebook groups or via email, and offer your assistance!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

Our website was recently redesigned and is still under construction. We apologize for any errors, broken links, or other issues you may encounter and are working hard to resolve all problems. If you would like to help, please let us know of any issues you encounter by emailing webmaster@maitreya.org.

All Thanks To God (ATTG).