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Mission Group at the University of New Mexico

There is now an official Mission of Maitreya student group at the University of New Mexico! It is called "All Religions Unified - Eternal Divine Path (UNM)" and its mission statement is: "To present/discuss the teachings of Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya (www.maitreya.org), the base of which is the unification of all religions (Eternal Divine Path), and to facilitate engagement in spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, and other methods by which the Spirit can be realized." It can be found by searching for "All Religions Unified" on UNM's list of student organizations.

This past semester, group activities consisted of weekly spiritual discussion meetings and meditation classes. For more information about the group, how to join, plans for this semester, etc. please email Noor (group founder and president) at his school address.

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