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O, Son of Man Professionally Read

The THOTH section O, Son Of Man has been read professionally and the audio added to the website page. We have chosen to pay for a professional recording of this part of THOTH because it seems to be a favorite of many people, and also it really presents the essence of what the Mission and THOTH are trying to accomplish. This recording can also serve as an example for those who want to help record THOTH as what we are ideally looking for: Deep voice, professionally read, clear pronunciation, deliberate and well-placed emphasis, speaking with conviction, etc.

We are always open to suggestions from you on how it could be made better. We hope this will become a good example for the rest of THOTH to be read in this way.

If we do not complete this project (recording THOTH with the members) as professionally as possible, we might have to, eventually, hire professionals to do it all. However, many people in the Mission like the variety and different accents of those who have participated in reading THOTH,and we agree with them. As usual, though, the Mission strives for perfection. We need to record in such away that people can easily understand what isread (clearly-pronounced words) and the sound is so good that they want to continue listening.

May we find people in the Mission(hopefully many of them) with even better voices than the one we now have for O, Son Of Man.It is not that what we already have does not sound good (God), but constant progress towards the betterment of the Mission should be the Goal of each and every one of us.

God Bless all those who help the Mission in any way they can.

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