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Donate by Shopping: AmazonSmile

Amazon has recently given us an option that we could not refuse: If you shop their website using (known as "AmazonSmile"), instead of, they will donate a percentage of your purchase price to the charity of your choice (which can be the Mission)! It is not much now, but if millions do this, it will be a good amount for the Mission to use.

To select the Mission as your charity and begin shopping, use the link on our donations page. After you do this once, AmazonSmile should remember your charity choice, so you can just go directly to, from then on (it will show your choice in the top left of the page). Make sure you remember to order whatever you are buying from AmazonSmile, not Amazon (it is easy to forget), and see that your donation goes to the Mission of Maitreya. Hopefully this will amount to something substantial. However, even one extra dollar will help.

It seems the Mission has eventually reached the point of focusing on practical considerations, as many of these announcements concentrate on expansion of our business aspects, such as creating products and bringing money to the Mission. Money is an important part of the Mission of God. There has never been a successful religion without sufficient financial support!

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