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New Project Manager for YouTube Account

We have a new project manager for our YouTube account. Ben Abramson will fill this position. He has a lot of experience with YouTube and was previously working on his own channel to spread the Mission. Now that he is the PM of the Mission's YouTube account, he is in the process of transferring all the materials he had in his channel to the Mission channel.

Ben has also so far uploaded more than 50 High Definition (HD) Satsang videos to the channel (not all are publicly available yet, but hopefully they will be soon). These are the HD videos the Mission has been keeping in storage for years. Ben is the first person (besides a few people at the Center) to have access to them. He was ecstatic when he received them. Now he has promised to not only clear some imperfections in these videos but also to divide them into topics and categorize them on YouTube, so we will eventually have easily accessible videos on any topic you can imagine.

There are quite a few of these videos. If they are divided into clips of the many topics each contain, there will be an even greater number of videos to reach humanity. It will hopefully be almost impossible to be in YouTube and not encounter some of them!

So the Mission channel has become an incredible source of spreading the Mission. In fact, there is not a day that goes by without us receiving an email from YouTube that a few new people have joined our channel. Thanks God Ben for sending you to us :).

We highly encourage everyone to subscribe to our YouTube channel and participate in a greater degree to spread the Mission.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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