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Proposed Project:
Rio Rancho Seed Fund

This idea was brought up by one of our members while they were attending a Round Table meeting to discuss other matters. The idea is essentially to start a bank account or similar "seed fund" method to deposit resources for those who would like, someday, to come to the Albuquerque (Rio Rancho) area (where the Mission Center is).

The bank account would be managed by the people who contribute to it (or as per any arrangements they make). When there is enough money in the seed fund, we could hopefully use it to purchase and/or develop a place for those people to come to this area and become a springboard for them. Additionally or alternatively, the money could go towards purchasing a communal farm, housing for those who contribute to it, etc.

The idea has not really been well developed yet, but we thought it was a good one for those who would like to come here but cannot see how it can be done, or cannot do it alone! So this again can be another project, perhaps called: Rio Rancho Seed Fund. If you are interested in taking a leadership role (project manager) in implementing this project, let us know.

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