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They Will Not Succeed

For thousands of years humans have been at war with each other. Many of these wars were for supremacy and control of the resources. However, many others were started because of cultural differences and/or religious beliefs. They have been at it all this time and there is no end in sight. In fact it has become worse in the last 30 years or so.

The economic resources on earth are limited. Therefore those who want a better life have learned to manipulate and dominate others so they can take resources for themselves that are supposed to belong to others. This has led to empires that know how to do this (manipulate others and have resources for themselves, etc.). Such empires, however, do not last forever and are eventually defeated and destroyed. To solve the problem of limited resources, the Mission has shown the way: There are infinite resources in space. If humanity reaches out to these resources, they no longer need to scratch each other's faces to have enough for themselves (or a limited population). Also there are many places in the universe where people can settle and so take the pressure off the earth.

This will take care of the necessity to enslave others for these resources. Furthermore, by more people in higher consciousness being born on earth, the feeling of dominating others will subside. Also, if we accept the Paravipras as the True Leaders, they will not have the tendencies of the lower nature of the old dictators/leaders and people before them. They surely will bring Justice to all of humanity.

However, the question still remains: What about wars that rage because of cultural differences and religious fervor? It is indeed the very reason I wrote this article.

When I was growing up, there were many other religions in Iran besides the Shia branch of Islam (the dominating religion in Iran). We really did not care if you were Christian, Jew, Sunni, etc., except Baha'is which were kind of ostracized. Even Baha'is had their community and no one really was aggressively opposing them. Indeed one of the most effective prime ministers Iran had (Khajinoori) was a Baha'i.

This has been changed in the last 30+ years. Since the Iranian revolution and change of the government from secular to Islamic, the religious minorities, especially those religions which formed after Prophet Muhammad, have been persecuted severely. The very prime minister I mentioned above (Khajinoori) was persecuted in the very early days after the revolution and was killed in a brief summary execution. In one of our Satsang sessions a Baha'i was in the room who claimed to be in the bottom of a well in Iran. He said he was there to avoid being persecuted and even killed (I am not sure how true this story is, how he had a computer with him, etc., but it shows their situation was/is bad). In fact almost all Baha'is emigrated to other countries.

This separation between religions in the Middle East did not stop there. With the extreme Shia fever in Iran and the alarm of the Sunnis about this new power, a political environment was created such that Iran and Saudi Arabia became mortal enemies. Other Sunni nations joined Saudi Arabia, and Iran shored up its allies, mostly Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations that culturally are close to Iran. Iran also took up the cause of the Palestinians as its own and opposed Israel. This, of course, did not go well with the West. So the West, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. unified against Iran. However, it seems changing Iran's ways is more difficult than they thought. The West and Saudi Arabia also have a lot of dealings (mostly under the table) with Iran that makes them hesitate to go all the way, etc.

There is no doubt that Iran wants to influence its neighbors (and beyond) and change them to Shia beliefs if it can. Then came the Arab Spring. I told everyone then that this will not work. There were too many forces opposing it. Now we know it did not. Egypt is back as it was at the time of Mubarak. Other places also are not any better off than they were before. However, the fervor of the idea that Sunni is superior to Shia, and vice versa, continued. Now we have ISIS (or the Islamic State). The head of this organization claims to be the Caliph (which in a sense means Mahdi).

This is a huge claim for Muslims. They indeed are waiting for the Caliph to come back so they can have the Golden Age they had before 200 years ago. So this organization is probably more dangerous than any other Islamic movement has been, including al-Qaeda, and probably will attract many Muslims as it claims to fulfill their expectations! They, however, have an uphill battle to achieve what they claim. From the very outset they are claiming that they should replace other kings in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc.). They have to deal with the Shias in Iraq, Iran, and many other places. They already have started their ethnic cleansing (killing Shias, Christians, Bahais, Babis, Yazidis, etc. if they do not leave or convert to ISIS's branch of Islam).

Of course, if they succeed and become a power in the Middle East, they will oppose Israel and the West. So we can see that they will have an amazing number of enemies. Besides, it is not the Will of God for Muslims to take over the earth. They are supposed to take over only 14 (Revelation 6:8) and they already have done that! So all the Muslims who think they can change the rest of the earth to their religion have to realize what God has given them to do, and that they already have accomplished this.

It is not only Muslims who are trying to convert everyone to their religion. There are many Christian evangelists, and many others, who also are after everyone to become Christians, etc. Other religions might not be as obvious about their intentions as Muslims and Christians but almost all are trying to do a similar thing.

Now the question is: Will any of them succeed?

One thing for sure: Anyone who tries to convert people from other religions to a new one will have an uphill battle on his hands. However, the old religions will have this problem in a much greater degree. None of them will succeed to accomplish this task. Many will die trying! This is the message all these religions have to understand and come to agree with. There is a New Wine and it has to be poured into a New Skin. That is the Will of God to happen. Anyone else who is trying to do anything which is opposed to it are wasting their time, energy, and resources, and will not succeed.

Now why the Mission will succeed:

  1. It represents the Truth and solves all human problems.

  2. It clearly shows that there is only One God and He has sent all the religions on earth.

  3. Whatever the Mission has Revealed to humanity will work and will be the best way for everyone. More and more people will see and understand this. So our numbers will increase in all nations and walks of life. The opposition will fade away little by little, because they want to implement that will work.

  4. Those who cannot or do not see the Vision of the Mission: WILL NOT BE INCARNATED FOR A LONG TIME! So we will see more and more people will be born who see the Vision of the Mission clearly.

  5. It is the Will of God.

So really we do not have anything to worry about. The only thing left for us to do is to come together, spread the Mission, create COLs (Communities Of Light) and share resources so we can become an effective organization and live Godly lives. As our numbers increase we will attract even more people. Since only those whom God will Choose will be incarnated, we surely will succeed.

Therefore: Our Success is assured. However, all others who are not aware of these facts and are not ready to see the Vision of the Mission and still are trying to convert each other to old ways: Will Fail!

Update: Since I wrote this article (around two weeks ago), the group Boko Haram, a militant Islamic organization in Nigeria, has also claimed their leader is the Caliph (as ISIS has)! So Muslims have two Caliphs to choose from now, and I am sure there are even more (or more will announce themselves soon). Therefore even Muslims are divided in their approach and agreements. The only Unity is in the Revelation that shows that all Religions are sent by God, and many will be Unified under It. Old religions are already done with!

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