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New Website Section - The Round Table

Although the Round Table has existed and been assisting Maitreya in leadership of the Mission since 2009, there had been no need up until now to create anything very official on the Mission website or elsewhere about it. However, as of this month, the Round Table has begun issuing statements presenting the Mission's official position on certain important matters. The Round Table also, for the first time this month, issued a decision on a specific factual situation submitted to it by Mission disciples seeking guidance. Therefore, the time has come for an official section of the website dedicated to the Round Table:

The Round Table

The section gathers the information relating to the Round Table in one place, and is also where all statements and decisions by the Round Table will be published. It can be accessed from the bottom of nearly every page on the website, under "Quick Links."

We encourage everyone to go through and read this new section, especially the Round Table's first official statement, Those Who Lose the Grace, and decision, Using a Cherokee Story in a Feast of Tabernacles Lecture on the 33 Virtues. We also encourage everyone to continue checking this section periodically for new statements and decisions (they will also be announced in Mission news updates and Newsbriefs)!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).