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THOTH Recording Project Completed (But...)

We are happy to announce that the THOTH recording project is essentially complete; we now have audio recordings for every tablet of THOTH. These are linked on each tablet's page on the website; for example, the audio for O Son Of Man can be listened to by clicking on "Audio" at the top of the page. All of the recordings can also be accessed together in the THOTH folder on our FTP (downloads) site. These recordings allow people to listen to THOTH rather than read it, if they would prefer (similar to the idea of an audiobook).

However, although the essence of this project is finished, it can still be improved upon. Some of the recordings we have are low quality, and most are not read professionally (by an audio expert, in a studio, etc.). Even with a reader's best effort, many factors affect and reduce the quality and perfection of readings, including the internet connection (if recorded over the internet), computer performance, ability and preparedness of the reader, etc.

We therefore continue to encourage volunteers to record improved versions of current recordings and submit them to the Mission for review. If you have a good recording setup and know how to record very well or professionally (also see suggestions for more perfect readings), you can help further improve this project.

Please note that your recording will have to be significantly better than the current one for the Mission to consider using it, as we have used the current readings in ways that make them difficult to replace (such as putting them into sets for morning readings). However, if you can indeed create recordings that greatly improve upon what we have, we encourage you to do so. Eventually we might even use the best of these readings to create a full audiobook for THOTH!

You can send recordings to:

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