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Mission "on Demand" Products Page on Zazzle

Our Sister Freshteh (formerly Jessica Lindley) has found a website, Zazzle, which creates custom products "on demand." Anyone can create designs for cups, posters, blankets, etc. and then put them on a page for customers to purchase directly from Zazzle, which manufactures and ships the products "on demand" (when they are ordered - no inventory). This makes it possible to offer a variety of Mission-themed products without needing to invest money to purchase in bulk and then resell, possibly lose money if there is not enough demand, etc. Another wonderful technological advancement to put to use for God's Work!

We are happy to announce that Freshteh has created a Mission of Maitreya store on Zazzle, with a variety of custom Mission-related products she has designed. These include cups, pendants, posters, blankets, business cards, and even iPhone cases. We encourage everyone to look at her offerings and see if there is anything they like. Furthermore, Freshteh has stated she will donate any profit she makes to the Mission, so purchasing her products will also help support the Mission directly!

If you have other ideas on what products or designs could be added to the Zazzle page, you can contact Freshteh from Zazzle (click on "Message" at the top right under the page title).

From our website, the Zazzle page can be accessed under the "Buy, etc." option on the right side menu, and then "Products by Disciples." If anyone else finds a website like Zazzle and wants to start a similar project, we encourage it, and can add it to this page on the Mission website.

Thanks God for this wonderful new service, Freshteh!

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