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Welzoo - Donate by Web Surfing

A new organization makes it possible to donate to the Mission just by surfing the internet! It is called Welzoo:

Sign up for the website, search for "Mission of Maitreya" and choose it as your charity, and make Welzoo your homepage, and every day you will be taken to a random site based on your interests and the Mission will receive a $.03 donation. It is free on both sides; Welzoo makes money through sometimes showing pages of companies that pay to be in the rotation.

We think Welzoo is a great idea and another way to bring free money into the Mission - one person using the site daily for a year will provide about $11 extra for the Mission's use, and enough people doing so will add up quickly!

To sign up with the Mission already chosen as your nonprofit, use this referral link:

Note: Amazon offers a similar service, allowing people to donate to the Mission just by shopping, called AmazonSmile. For more information: Donate through AmazonSmile.

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