Guidelines for Reports

Anyone who has done something for the Mission that they would like others to know about can write reports. This hopefully will inspire others to reach out themselves in a greater degree!

  In September 2012, our last Newsbrief containing reports was published. For more information, read Maitreya's article 'Nough Said in the September/October 2012 Newsbrief.

  From now on, reports can be provided through blogs, webpages, social networking profiles, etc. so people can go there to see what you have accomplished for the Mission recently. One possibility is to post a link in the Mission Facebook group (Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya) to where people can see your accomplishments (website, blog, etc.). We do, however, reserve the right to delete your post if we judge that the contents of your link are not appropriate. Those who misuse this privilege may be removed from the group!

  To know what method a project manager is using to communicate, contact them directly from our projects page. For contacts, if one exists in your area, we will put you in touch with them and they will tell you how they communicate and report their latest activities.


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