Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #8 – December 20, 2000

What’s New?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

This is a new page added to the Mission website. It has short (“and sweet”) email answers from Maitreya to questions that have been frequently asked in various forms. Here is an example of some of these answers:

Q6. My prayers and meditations (deep thought) and study of the Scriptures, have led meto certain conclusions about life, about myself, and about the wisdom ofthe Lord. It has felt as if I have been led by the Spirit of truth and Ihave felt that this Spirit has told me to expect certain knowledge frommy Lord.

A6. No matter what we think, believe, feel, etc. if they are not based on the Scriptures (THOTH), they are not from the Spirit of God!

Q7. Seeing your picture made me see you as a human.

A7. Who said I am not?

Q8. I try to communicate with you telepathically too, but am not sure of my success. I will keep trying!

A8. Do not. I’d rather communicate through the Internet!

To access these pages, go to:

Buddhist Page

There is also a new website of Buddhist materials about Maitreya, including the prophecy that Maitreya would come 2,500 years after Buddha. First Buddha had said 5,000 years, and then he changed it to 2,500 years. This would put the date of His coming to be between 1943 to 1957; Maitreya was born in 1944! We had a hard time to find this and it eventually was found (thanks to John Hall, we know, we know, …all thanks go to God…); now it is in the prophecy pages at: With this, we even have a strong case regarding Buddhists. We indeed have the strongest case ever presented to humanity about the legitimacy of the claim of a Revelation.

ISBN Number for THOTH

We have recently received ISBN numbers for THOTH and some of the other literature the Mission offers. These are “International Standard Book Numbers” (often in bar code form) that you will see on every book in the library or book store. With these numbers, more libraries will be able to accept THOTH for their bookshelves. Why not donate a THOTH for your local or university library?

New E-Commerce Setup

Have you seen the new E-commerce set up that Ishvara has worked long hours on (we know, Ishvara will also say, all thanks go to God, the real Doer!…). It is really beautiful and professionally done! So ordering THOTH or other materials is even easier now, with this new set up. To see for yourself, go to: and enjoy!

Can the Teachings of Maitreya Answer My Search?

Question: Can the teachings of Maitreya answer the search or quest of a few people sincerely searching for fourteen or fifteen years about a God they finally consider as eminent, universal, and transcendental, who surpasses the duality?

Maitreya: Not only that, but He is even going to teach you that He is not only transcendental but He is also everything and everywhere. All the time He is present with you. Not only is everything in God, but also everything is God. And not only is God everything, but God is also beyond everything. So He is transcendental and also creative.

See, God is not like us that if He wants something He just goes to the store on the corner and buys whatever He wants. The only material He had was Himself and the creative forces. So He had to create everything from Himself. He actually used Himself to create the universe.

If we can see that everything is God, then we can see He is not only transcendental, but He is beyond our minds and brains. Wherever you look is God. There is nothing, which is not God. If you reach that point then again, that question about how we can become unified, comes in.

We can look at everything and see, well God is there. That is a part of God. Whatever is manifested in this universe is a part of God. So if everything is God, He is not only transcendental but He is everything.

With that an even greater realization comes to us because whatever we do also is done by God. When we take care of our child, God is doing it through us. When we have a patient, or have a friend, or teach someone, or anything we do to others, or talk about the Mission or this revelation, all those things are done by God. We are just the observer.

Actually, as long as we think that we are the doer, God sits up there and enjoys it. He says, “Look at this child, he thinks he is the doer.” We do all these things, we get tired, yell, and say, “What is this life that I have to do all of these things?” It is so difficult; we have to run and do, and all those things.

But the moment you realize that God is the doer, you sit back and say, “Hey, I am not the doer, God is the doer.” Then you become the enjoyer because God is doing everything and you have become the observer. Then you can sit back (sit back in the sense of becoming an observer of what you do) and say, “Great, look at these great things that are happening, and I am not doing anything at all. I am just the observer.” Who can do things better, you or God? Of course, God can.

As long as our ego says, “I am the doer,” our ego is doing things. We are trying to figure everything out. But the moment we sit back and say, “God is doing it through me,” then God is going to do through us. He is going to do, and He is a better doer than we are. So things are going to get done in an even greater degree, in even better ways, then would have happened if we did them ourselves.

Of course, we have to purify ourselves more and more. All these things the Mission has given and all these words of God that have come to us, are to purify us. The more we are purified, the more God manifests through us. And God is perfect, so we become perfect.

As Christ said, “Be ye perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect.” How can we become perfect as the Father is perfect? By purifying ourselves. Through purification, eventually His Spirit will manifest through us and we will become perfect as He is, because He is the doer. He is the Spirit behind us.

With that you completely transcend your work and consciousness. You realize God, not only as transcendental but that He is here and now.

These teachings can best be practiced in the Communities of Light. So we go back to the Communities of Light. If we create more Communities of Light with this kind of mentality and understanding, more and more we can be in this energy and this way of looking at the world. Eventually in the Communities of Light, no one will be working, in the sense that they are doing anything, but God will be working through them.






1- Haree Om Shrii Hung

"The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine."

2- Om Nam Kevalam

"That Divinity (God) Is Everything."

3- The path to Be(come) Divine

a- Awakening the spiritual forces -- Mystical Paths ().

b- Directing all energy and power gained toward establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth -- Judaism ().

c- Sacrificing all for this ideal, or to be humble -- Christianity ().

d- Becoming a surrendered or submissive one to His Will -- Islam ().

e- Expanding one's mind by becoming a universalist – Baha'i Faith ().

f- Be(com)ing a dynamic spiritual force -- Paravipra () -- and helping others in the path.

g- So win His Grace and reach the Goal -- Pure Consciousness ().


(A Poem Extravaganza)

Dearest God,

Fill me with Your Love, Grace, and Light,

That I may share Your Message with all my might,

Unattached to results, Free of fear,

Speaking to any with an open ear,

If it is Your Will may we clearly see,

The Eternal Divine Path of Divinity,

For only in loving and serving You,

Can we to our own selves be true! (Keyosha)

The poet can fly,

For she sees God

In the trees, river

And bright sky. (Shakti)

When God’s Plan is realized,

There will be no more sorrow

In this World…

Only Joy

Only Joy !

When God’s

Plan is realized

There will be no more loneliness

In this World…

only Love

Only Love! (Brad Johnson)

Sabbath Moments

(written while sitting

in the Garden at the Feastof Tabernacles

on our Sabbath)

Pranafills my lungs with each breath I take,

And fresh basil blooms in the noonday sun,

Its fragrance lingers on and permeates the garden,

As well as my senses.

I am cooled by God's breath, as the winds of

His Being express itself, and the leaves dance to life.

The sun's warmth completes my longing;

I feel touched by His Presence.

In the stillness, the flowers face the world,

Their colorful petals nodding in appreciation

Of His Grace. My eyes close for a moment,

In humbleness I tear.

As the birds sing their soft, sweet chirping sounds

Of thanksgiving, their visit to the apple tree is applauded

By apples, falling to the earth in ripeness of the day.

Oneness prevails..... (Tahirah)

If I follow my dharma,

I will lessen my karma,

And that’ll do me no harm, ha! (Sarah)

P erfect Message

R eceived from God, Full

O f
G race, If followed
R eleases
E very human weakness
S uffered in this earthly realm,
S ilently we overcome, Divinity in Grace is won (ONE)!



God’s Path is on Earth

This is the Good News to all

This vision brings Life.

(Ananda Ma)

Sometimes I feel You so strongly,

There’s an eternity in every moment,

A Joy in every blink,

A knowingness in every dew drop,

A meaning in every word.

Sometimes I don’t feel You at all.

Maitreya-ji says it is the Play of the Lord, and

You like to play hide and seek.

Why do You hide for so long


When I know You with my Heart,

It is a silently satisfying song.

When I don’t know You with my Heart,

I can still know You with my mind,

And study, and work, and pray, and be patient,

Until you decide to come out of

Hiding, to play Hide and Seek again.

This time, when You hide, I won’t take my eyes off of You.


Fleeting desires,

Fill us like fires,

Burns Divinity right to the core,

Attachments and greed,

The ego has needs,

Just like has happened before,

We run after our toys and flickering joys,

Making WOOP-WOOPING noise…all the more,

Where does it end?

And when will we learn, to be still, to be thankful,

To give in return,

This Yo-Yo Game brings only shame,

So let the games be done,

We turn around to greet the One,

Sharing and caring In His Name...

If we are sincere, as we make our way,

a whisper in our hearts may say,

"A Message, A Sign, ...and the words

'We did it!...His Way!!'" (Keyosha)

We Love You All

We love you, Krishna

The Dancer,

We love you, Buddha

The Master,

We love you, Abraham

The Teacher

We love you, Esa

The Savior

We love you, Muhammed

The Revelator,

We love you, Bab

The Door,

We love you, Maitreya

The Revealer

We love you, God

The Creator

For You have sent your Son in all forms for the

good of Mankind! (Shakti)


Always helpful

Loving, caring, sharing,

Faring better in everything

He does or even tries

He is my hero

My fatherly figure

My dad




On the Matter of Longevity

Question: What can I do to improve my health and maybe increase my lifespan?

Maitreya: All things in this manifested world have a limited life span. The only thing which is permanent and forever is the Soul. Therefore, the quest for being youthful forever is a lost quest. We have to accept this fact and be prepared to meet the Creator.

However, the process of decay can be slowed down. Or you can continue to live to the end in a more vigorous way. The more you keep the physical body healthy and the spirit in tune with the body, the longer you will maintain this vigor. For this end we have provided many tools to be used.

1. Detoxification: One of the reasons for physical diseases is toxins in the body. In order to minimize or eliminate the toxins, we have provided some tools as follows:

a. The most toxic part of the body is the digestive system. Therefore, the first step is to keep this part as clean and detoxified as possible. In order to do this, washing of the colon and eating of the less toxic food (vegetables, grains, cereals, dairy products, etc) is recommended. By washing the colon regularly, a great source of toxins is reduced to a minimum. By eating less toxic food, this is reduced to even a greater degree.

b. Fasting: By regular fasting, the body will receive further opportunity to rid itself of any residue of toxins left in the body. This of course will help to reinvigorate the body, and the body will heal itself. Fasting has numerous benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually.

2- Exercise: The body needs unusual movements to reinvigorate those muscles which usually are not in use. Doing The Reminder will mildly exercise these muscles. All parts of the body are inter-related to one another. Neglecting one part will surely affect other parts. Not to use all the muscles in the body will affect even those which we regularly use.

3- Inner-cise: Hand-in-hand goes the practice of strengthening our inner body (spirit, psychic centers). These centers are directly related to our glands. In this regard, meditation, prayer, The Reminder, and Satsang, are recommended.

If you have a hard time to meditate, pray. If you cannot pray, then do The Reminder. If you can do all three, so much the better. Satsang (discourses) will straighten the mind toward God and higher thoughts which strengthen our inner body.

4- Eye exercises (also part of inner-cise): Gaze at The Greatest Sign until it vanishes from your eyes. Then close your eyes, cover them with the palm of your hands, and relax your eyes in the darkness behind your palms. This darkness will become light more and more. This exercise not only strengthens your outer eyes but inner Eye also.

5- Memory exercise: To increase your memory, close your eyes and try to remember what furniture is in the room. You can also expand this exercise to any other memories you would like to remember or visualize.

6- Environment: Try to live in a place with fresh air, lots of sunshine, good wholesome food, and quietness.

7- Rest: In such an environment, try to rest and sleep with all worries sent away. Try to put your head on the lap of God and leave all worries behind. Let Him cleanse your spirit of all burdens and impurities. Such a rest will rejuvenate you.

Indeed sleep is to let the Spirit (Universal Spirit, God) put things in their proper places. This is, of course, rest for regular people. The man who trusts God and rests on Him wakes up with incredible rejuvenation.

Therefore, do The Reminder, gaze on The Greatest Sign, do as many of the tools given in the Mission, and follow the other things recommended above. You will see an improvement very fast.

Sal-Om! (We salute the Divinity within you…) See you next issue!


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