The Seventh Angel Explained

The Fire of the Throne of Compassion (God) which burns all impurities.

Twenty-four Elders who Praise God forever and Help Man reach Pure Consciousness.

The Holy Ghost (in the form of a white Dove) that brings the Revelations to all the Prophets (Messiahs) of God.

1st Angel Mystical Paths

3rd Angel Sacrifice

5th Angel Universalism
7th Angel Unification

6th Angel Elects

4th Angel Submission

2nd Angel KOHOE

Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra (The Greatest Sign)
Crystallized teaching of Maitreya in the form of a Yantra (Visual Aid).

144,000 Elects who will learn these Teachings and will teach it to the rest of humanity. They are comparable to the 24 Elders Who Praise God and help man to reach Pure Consciousness. Similarly, Elects Help Maitreya to accomplish His Mission, which is the desire of their hearts also. It also can be the symbol for the Communities Of Light
(each Community as A Point Of Light)!

The Book Sealed with the Seven Seals, The Holiest Of the Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament (now is Opened), the Scripture that is Revealed by The Holy Ghost, through Maitreya.

This Revelation is for all of humanity (other Revelations were only for specific people!) that will lead to the Kingdom of Heaven (God) on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Notice how the whole setup above looks like a triangle upward and a triangle downward intertwined as the Sign of Solomon (The Star of David - the Second Seal). Also notice that Maitreya is in the center of the Star of David. He is the Heart of God's Hierarchy, God is the Head! When the system is established, the Eldest will be called Maitreya and will have the same position as demonstrated here.
God is always the Head!

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