Bible Codes, Creme
and Claims Related to them

After we posted the article "Antichrist" we received a series of emails posted under Questions below (they are in blue - we did not correct spelling and grammar of these emails - for brevity we deleted the self-promotion sentences and unnecessary parts from the original emails). The Answers to these emails were given by one of Maitreya's disciples below. They are in maroon color.

Question: How come you never speak of the Bible Codes. Where is your fruit of the tree that you are the real Maitreya. You are misguiding so many souls. The great one knows about your activities, does that not bother you, surely you must know that he is here.

Answer: The Bible codes are not the key to understanding God and His Revelation; The Greatest Sign and ourTeachings (THOTH) are. If you truly want to know the Bible and break the Seals of God's Mystery, our Teachings have no rival!

About Maitreyas Fruits: He is the One and Only, the Greatest One. He has fulfilled more Prophecies and has brought a Greater amount of God to man than any Prophet ever has. We leave the Judgment to God, and He is the best Judge!

Question: With Greatest respect, There are four Maitreya's out there and your Maitreya does not and is not the representative of God. Your Maitreyadoes not teleport around the planet as does the one that I work for. I have seen this with my own eyes. In a most unique way, I was given proof of this for I went with him on three occasions and this proof is to separate the real from the unreal and as I just said, this was given mein a most provable unique way.
A University that I will be mentioning in my upcoming book ran the codes through their statistics dept. and they announced the codes valid beyond any chance of them just falling together (and they will be signing of on this), you see the numeric Key to putting all of this together was lost and hidden in the Western alphabet, this also prooving that the Hebrew and English alphabet are of a divine source for when combined withspecific mathematical processes, they reveal the treasures that have been save vouched for humanity, treasures that are designed to separate the real from the unreal in these end times.
This Mathematical grid of 140 numbers is the translation key tocreating and reassembling the codes...
This great disciple,Benjamin Creme was a warm up, now the heat it is going to be turned up a notch with conclusive evidence, evidencespokenabout and prophesied on page 20 ofBenjamin Creme's first book, The Return of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom...
So you see, the Biblecodes are the keys to Revelation...

Answer: "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many." Matthew 24:5. And in Matthew 24:24 we find, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect."

So ..., it has been written that many will come saying they are the Christ (Maitreya). Why should we be surprised? Also, the Scriptures do not tell us to look for signs and lying wonders, in fact it warns not to be deceived by great signs and wonders. So we are not interested in any Maitreya who teleports. You said in your email, "but there can only be one Maitreya." On this one thing we agree.

What the Scriptures tell us will happen is that the Lamb of God, the branch of the Tribe of Judah, will come to earth and open each of those seven seals. This He has done. He has come, in this era, as Noah, Abraham, Esa (Christians in the West call him Jesus but that was never his name), Prophet Muhammad, Bab, Baba, and now Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya. In each of the incarnations mentioned, he has opened one of those seven seals.

The Scriptures give us prophecies that must be fulfilled each time the Lamb of God (Messiah) comes, and each time he came (we mentioned some of the names he was known by in each incarnation above) he fulfilled those prophecies. Now as Maitreya he has fulfilled more prophecies than he has ever fulfilled before.

There is no doubt that Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya is the Messiah. The Messiah is Here! He has brought the opening of the Seventh Seal, the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and has shown humanity the whole Path to God. Each person on earth has a duty and obligation to ask, seek, search, and find!

Here is what Maitreya has to say about the Bible codes: He knows about the Bible codes and how the mathematicians are falling for it all over the world, etc., that they say they know the name of the assassin of Israels prime minister by using the Bible codes, that they say that you can find events that will happen in the future by using the Bible codes, etc. These, however, are not comparable with what God has sent through the Mission of Maitreya and the True Maitreya.

God never Prophesied that the Bible codes and/or mathematical calculation of them is what shows that it is Gods Plan. He, however, foretold that from the Branch of the children of King David the Messiah will come and He will open the Seventh Seal and Reveal the True meaning of the Scriptures (Bible, etc.). That is why the True Key to understanding the Bible (The True Bible codes) is Revealed by Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya, and whoever else claims to be Him is false and is not from God.

In fact with your assertions in your emails, I am more convinced that the very Bible codes you are talking about, and the Creme and his Maitreya, etc. are not from God and are from the Devil and the whole thing is what is foretold will oppose the True Christ (Our Maitreya). You indeed confirmed and strengthened my Faith that I am on the right Path and I beg you to see that you are in the side of the false, and come out of it and return to God and His Christ (Maitreya).

Do not fall for signs and miracles, as God said they are from the Devil. The Miracle of Maitreya we represent is the Message He has brought to humanity (Eternal Divine Path). The Message of humility and Oneness, not ego and mathematic mumble jumble! Please heed to this call and come out of the False Maitreya (Anti-Christ) and save yourself (and other lost souls).

We surely pray for your soul.

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