Bab's Symbol of Five Sided Star

The symbol of the Bab was the five-pointed star. This was because in Arabic "Bab" means "five" but also "gate".

So we can see that indeed Bab and Baha'i teachings are the fifth Seal sent by God. Bah'u'llh, however, tried to complete Bab's teachings and so the nine sided star also was sent for this religion.

This two symbols completes the coming of the twine Prophets is fulfilled and also Bab's teaching was more perfected, but not the last Revelation and/or a perfect Revelation.

It is shortly after this Revelation(s) (read the meaning of Revelation 6:10-11 in the Revelation of the Revelation) that the whole Truth will be Revealed to humanity. This last Revelation now has come. It is our teaching and the opening of the Seventh Seals.

New Information: We found these after we wrote the facts above. These are furhter support for what we have explained above:

In his book entitled 'The Five Grades', page 11 the Primal Point (Bab) describes the significance of his names:

"You named me after that which has a numerical value of five (i.e. BAB)

Further, in their website (where the quotes above are found) the Bayanic have a five sided star as their symbol:

Or Or Or Etc.!

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Other variations of the symbol:

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