Edgar Cayce was asked

Question: What part did Jesus play in any of His incarnations in the development of the basic teachings of the following religions and philosophies : Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Brahmanism, Platonism, Judaism?

Answer: As has been indicated, the entity ( Jesus ) -- as an entity -- influenced either directly or indirectly all those forms of philosophy or religious thought that taught God is One. In all these then, there is that same impelling spirit. What individuals have done to the principles or the spirit of same -- in turning this aside to meet in their own immediate needs in material planes and places, has made for that as becomes an outstanding thing, as a moralist or the head of any independent religious force or power; for as has been given, "Know O Israel , The Lord thy God is One!" whether this is directing one of the Confucius thought, Brahman thought, Buddha thought, Mohammedan thought, these are as teachers or representatives. "Paul may minister, Apollo may have watered, but it is God that gives the increase," The spirit is of the Creative Force, and such the Son represented in the spirit in that as was made manifest in the earth. Not as only one but THE only one; for as He gave, "He that climbs up any other way is a thief and a robber." (364-9)

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