Suggestions From Brahmamurti

1. Go to: OF THE BODY. Read it and then perform a One-Fourth Bath.

2. Then go to a place that you can sit comfortably with your back and neck straight. Relax your body. Ideate that you are withdrawing from the external world and entering the world within you.

Take a couple of deep breaths. Release all tension.

Now imagine a glass of water. It is filled to the brim. Try to visualize that more water is poured into the glass. What happens? Contemplate on this as long as you like.

3. Now go to You will see The Greatest Sign. Gaze at The Greatest Sign. Try to identify the symbols and what they mean. Maybe some of them have great importance for you and you already have a good grasp of them. Try to expand to the other signs as being important too. Now click on the sign that you are not completely sure about. Read about it and return to The Greatest Sign by clicking 'back'. See its position in The Greatest Sign in relation to the other signs. Click the next sign, read about it, and return. Continue this process and end with the sign(s) that you know most about.

4. On you will see The Reminder. Read through the words. Then get up and go through the movements at least once. Feel their effect on your body. It is like Yoga. See if you can guess the relationship between the movements and the signs that you have learned about earlier.

5. If you like you could take a walk now. Or take a break. Maybe go and talk to someone about your realizations.

6. When you are ready, go and seek out a book in THOTH. Perhaps something ignited your curiosity earlier that made you want to look deeper into this area. click on the link The Holiest Of The Holiesto get to the Table of Contents. Here you can see brief explanations of the books in THOTH. Can't really help you with your choice. Just follow your intuition. If you don't know which one, the writing "O, Son of Man" is a good place to start. Also have a look at the Glossary.

7. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or would like help, e-mail the Mission at: (if you would like to ask questions about the teachings, please read our Questions Policy first).

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