Suggestions From Unus

1- If you know a second language besides English, I suggest you translate as much of the teachings as possible. It's a great way to learn the teachings in depth and at the same time help the Mission and others.

2- You could participate in the Paltalk room when there are live reading sessions and even volunteer to do readings. This again helps to learn the teachings. Also if you attend regularly it helps you discipline yourself and your life to get organized around the Mission activities and Mission Teachings. Also reading from THOTHis another great way to exercise the proper use of breath and therefore your voice.

3- You can create many websites (that could present any creative works such as videos, essays, paintings, etc.) that are in accordance with the Mission Teachings and give links to the Mission website. Even if you do not have experience in creating websites, you could use "ready to use" templates that many companies such as Google and Microsoft provide to create websites. You could then submit these websites for approval by the Mission and receive a Shield of Approval from the Mission.

4- Mission Teachings give us a life style, a Divine life style. It's a whole package. Let yourself experience this life style and God's Grace by following the steps of Eternal Divine Path in every aspect of your life. Practice the activities suggested by the Mission that help a spiritual aspirant (meditation, Reminder, Yoga, cooling of the body, etc.) so that you could become an example to others by your actions.

5-Go through your life and experiences, meditate and contemplate on what are your talents, what have you been prepared to do by God in this life time. Ask and observe to see and realize how could you become a tool for God in the coming of His Kingdom. Share the Mission with friends, family and others and direct all to the Mission to see for themselves.

6- Remember to thanks God for everything He has given us to reach the goal of this life which is to be(come) Divine. God alone is the only Salvation. All thanks to God!


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