Benjamin Creme
(Share International)

Starting in 1982, a man by the name of Benjamin Creme has repeatedly predicted the imminent appearance of Maitreya. He, and his organization Share International, have become fairly well-known and built up a large following.

Although Mr. Creme has his own ideas, and many of his teachings are opposed to the Teachings of Maitreya (of the Mission of Maitreya), we do believe he had a part in the Plan of God, as he has made the name Maitreya well-known, created an expectation in many of the coming of the Prophet of God, and even correctly predicted that Maitreya would declare himself in 1982 (although Mr. Creme does not seem to realize his prediction came true)!

For more information, see the below links:

Announcements (First Declaration): Mr. Creme proclaims that Maitreya is on earth in April of 1982, the same month and year that Maitreya first declares Himself to the world
Is He One of the Antichrists or a Messenger from God?: An article written by Maitreya about Mr. Creme
No Other...: Maitreya's final article and Call to Mr. Creme, and a reaffirmation that there is NO OTHER Maitreya

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