Prophecy Rock

By Andrew Dwight Harris

(Maitreya's comments in red)

When I read an email from the Mission of Maitreya, about how it would take the Kalki Avatar three returns to finish His mission, I had said that it reminded me of a Hopi prophecy. That prophecy was the "Prophecy Rock" that is located near Oraibi, Arizona, and is in the Four Corners Area.

Prophecy Rock (below) is a hieroglyph that was etched into the sandstone. The Prophecy Rock is in the Four Corners Area. The hieroglyph is called Prophecy Rock, but is known to the Hopi as, "Life Plan."


I will go through the hieroglyph several times, each time with more detail. The translation of the symbols is by LeVan Martineau and was approved by the Hotevila faction of the traditionalist Hopi elders (



The stick figure (above) represents Maasaw, or Great Spirit.

The figure is carrying a stick. A walking stick is a sign of humility and being down to earth. Many Prophets are depicted carrying a stick (like Moses). He who is the most humble is the Greatest in Heaven!

Point 'a' shows Maasaw pointing to the ground, from which the Hopi are said to have emerged.

Ground, lower nature. All humans have come from there!

Point 'b' represents the Hopi clans (four lines).

Hopi, the Peaceful Ones, are the Elects (Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God - Matthew 5:9). That is why they are with the Messiah/Maasaw (Massau'u)! They are under His (The Great Spirit's, God's) Protection.

Point 'c' shows Maasaw touching or pointing to the, 'Life Plan' (diagonal line).

Indeed the Life Plan is in the Hands of God!

Point 'd' represents Hopi stewardship over Turtle Island (North America).

The Turtle Island is referring to the earth (which is a globe - round). However, to prepare for the Elects to start the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), a land (America) was put aside for this great purpose. It was separated from the rest of the lands on earth for this reason. This event is recorded in the Bible:

And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided... (Genesis 10:25 and also 1 Chronicles 1:19, KJV)

The Turtle Island, the earth, indeed is for the Elects. They will bring the KOHOE and are the Peacemakers (Children Of God)!


The Life Plan starts at point 'e' and divides into two paths at lines 'f ' and 'g'. Line 'f ' is the false path that is without the guidance of God (from: Line 'g' is the true path of life leading to everlasting life (from:

There are the paths of the fallen (lower nature) and the Path of the Guided (Higher Self - God). The higher Nature guides you to God (Everlasting Life) and the lower nature leads you to destruction. Whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path is Guided and whoever goes against it will end in destruction.


Point 'h' (rectangle) represents Oraibi. Point 'i' are symbols of gourds, or gourd rattles. Point 'j' represents three human figures. Point 'k' represents different paths that are false; the drooping and sagging effect demonstrates the uselessness of those paths.

The point 'h' is the pool of all those who have the choice of going to the Guided Path or following the path to destruction (fallen). It is the point of decision and sundering. It is in this point that the destiny of each man is set.

Man has the free will to choose the Guided Path or not. Those who Choose God and His Ways will be tested. These tests are represented by three gourd rattles. If they succeed, they will reach their Goal!

The three gourd rattles are also the symbol of three wars. It is after the third one when the final Sundering will be reached and the 1,000 years of the starting of the Golden Age will begin (Revelation chapters 19 and 20)!


Point 'l' the meaning is not mentioned. Point 'm' represents corn stalks. Point 'n' represents Maasaw.

Point "l" is the ability of some of those who are lost to overcome and be saved. They are still close to the Guided Path. It is for these that God, after a thousand years, will bring the Elects back, to give these lost souls the last chance to overcome:

But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. (Revelation 20:5, JVV)

There will be a second resurrection for those who have overcome after a thousand years!


Point 'o' touches the upper and lower paths and represents a "last chance" (Martineau) for the wicked to enter the true path.

After each war (gourd) there will be prosperity (corn stalks). After the last war, no longer will the wicked be with those who are saved. The Garden of Eden will return to man. Man does not have to till the ground anymore! This time, however, he has learned his lessons (will not eat of the tree of good and evil) and will follow God's Laws.

Point 'p' represents a planting stick,

The planting stick (a rod) is a symbol of the authority (scepter) from God. It is the stick that is used to sunder and choose those who will enter the Final Destination. It is the Messiah (The Great Spirit) who separates the chaff from the wheat, the corn from the cob!

That is why He is staying at the entrance to Heaven. Those who make it are greeted by Him and those who do not are far from Him (God).

and point 'q' represents a corn stalk.

This is the point of the Most Prosperity (Everlasting Life). This corn will never wither away and/or fail. He who makes it becomes a Son Of God.


Point 'A' (above) is four short lines, and represents the Hopi clans. The clans are in Maasaw's right hand. The right side is the spiritual side. From THOTH:

The right hand is always considered to be positive and more spiritual than the left in the body. Or the right hand can symbolize the side that guides man to his higher nature.

Massau'u (God, Great Spirit) had chosen the Hopi as being the most humble.

Chief and Hopi Elder Dan Evehema explains:

He and Spider Woman put before the leaders of the different groups of people many colors and sizes of corn for them to choose. The Hopi was the last to pick and then chose the smallest ear of corn. Then Massau'u said, "You have shown me you are wise and humble. For this reason you will be called Hopi (people of peace)."

The prophecies are repeated here again, this time with comments by Hopi Elders. So the explanation of these prophecies is the same as previously given. However, it is interesting that the Hopi Elder talks about the Spider Woman. It has been prophesied that Maitreya will come with two women who will help him the most in this lifetime!


Point marked, 'B`, represents the Hopi stewardship over Turtle Island (North America). The Hopi are holding North America in trust for God. As expained by the Hopi Hotevilla faction:

One of the many instructions given to the Hopis by the Creator at this time was that they should migrate all over this continent and, while doing so, they should leave their picture writing and clan symbols upon the rocks near their ruins as a sign that the Hopis were the first and were rightfully holding this entire continent in trust for the Creator. In regard to this they were told by the Creator that a time would come when another race would come upon this land and claim it all, but that these Hopi writings upon the rocks would justly retain and hold the ownership of this land by the Hopi in trust for the Creator...

The Hopi, the Elects, are instructed to spread all over the world, as were the people after the Flood of Noah; however, those in the Bible resisted and made a tower that they might not be scattered abroad (Genesis 11:4). But God wants humans to scatter and cover the whole earth (and beyond).

Indeed it is the Elects who will inherit the earth.

This reminds me of what is explained in THOTH as to what was given to Abraham's sons. It is like God is saying to hold the land for the Elects, the Elects who are from all races. Similarly, all African tribes have prophecies that predict the British overtaking the land. The pictographs would provide proof.

From THOTH, Children of Abram (Abraham), Tablet 1, Section 1:

Two things were promised:First, that a land would be given to Abram's seed which stretches northward, southward, eastward and westward (with no mention of boundaries),...

From THOTH, Glossary:

The House of Israel became the ten lost tribes which traveled toward the West and immigrated to Europe, England and eventually to the U.S.; for more detail, read Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.

The land that is holy to the Hopi is Hopiland, and is surrounded by four holy mountains. Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya explains:

The Four Corners area of the Hopi is bordered by four sacred mountains. The spiritual center within is a sacred site our prophecies say will have special purpose in the future for mankind to survive and now should be left in its natural state. All nations must protect this spiritual center.

Point 'C' on the pictograph represents Oraibi. Oraibi was a spiritual center for the Hopi. Michael W. Simpson, University of Wisconsin, writes:

Oraibi served as the spiritual center, the mother village, where ceremonies reminded people of the Hopi Way...

Oraibi is in the Four Corners.

As Promises given to Abram (Abraham) are all fulfilled, so are these promises to the Hopis! All the lands promised to any people now should be returned back to God and be managed God's way (create COLs in them)!

If Hopis recognize the Messiah (Massau'u) then the reason for those mountains and their lands, eventually, will become clear to them (and also to everyone else). It will Glorify God!


The points marked 'D' (above) represent, and are commonly known as, the three shakings of the earth. The gourds are used as rattles; some say the gourds are filled with ashes.


The first world-shaking would be recognized when a bug on ribbon is tossed into the air.

This is similar to the "thief of the night," because you wouldn't see a bug in the air very well, just as you would miss the thief of the night. Some say the shaking is like a bug on a ribbon tossed into the air.


The second world-shaking would be recognized when man used the Hopi migration symbol (swastika) in war.

The third world-shaking would be recognized by a red cover or cloak.

As it was explained previously, these also mean the three wars. It was in the Second World War that Hitler used the swastika!

There are three corn stalks on the lower path of the pictograph. The second corn stalk on the Prophecy Rock connects the two paths and also shows a time of being cut off:

It offers a last chance for the wicked to repent and return to the Path of Life. (

The corn stalk connects the two paths.

The pictograph begins to look like Revelation:

"Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years." (Revelation 20:6, KJV)

From THOTH, Supplements, Passing of the Scepter:

After a thousand years (a long time) people who have not been incarnated for this period of time will be reincarnated again to see if any of them have learned their lessons. Those who have will join the rest of the Elects.


Point 'E' the meaning is not mentioned.

Point 'F' shows Massau'u holding a planting stick and a corn stalk.

In my research there was not the view that Massau'u was looking back at the three corn stalks. The corn stalk that connects the upper and lower paths, (the Last Chance), was obliterated by the use of a line instead of the corn stalk (most versions on the internet). However, I see a 'sense' of completeness in the picture; even the "shakings of the earth" (the gourd rattles) could be seen as planting the corn seeds, i.e., Massau'u looking back at a field of corn, the corn is planted (planting stick in hand), and harvested (corn stalk in other hand). The Life Plan is complete.

You are indeed Blessed by God that through the Mission's Teachings you were able to see some of the meaning of these symbols. May all be Guided with our teachings to recognize the meaning of their religions and see that all have come from One God!


Only the True Brother from the East (Massau'u) can Reveal the meaning of the Hopi's faith and their symbols to them. Their Faith is part of the Mystical Paths (First Seal):Know Thyself (go for the Vision Quest). How they can be Chosen again is now Revealed to them: they should become Paravipras (Elects) according to our teachings: Eternal Divine Path!

Maitreya indeed has taken off the mask (mask in this case is the same as being the thief of the night - Hidden Imam, etc.) and it has been Revealed who He Is. It is now the responsibility of the Native Americans to come forward and welcome their True Brother from the East!

It is the Elects who have the stewardship over the Turtle Island (the earth, and also the land which was separated at the time of Peleg - Genesis 10:25, 1 Chronicles 1:19)! We are indeed the Peacemakers (Hopi, the Elects)!

So come forward and show the obedience to the Lord and accept the Massau'u as the time is at hand!

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