Possible Mission Projects/Organizations

Here are just a few examples of Mission-related projects or future departments/organizations that could be started to promote universal peace. In fact, there are infinite possible projects for the Mission, as the Mission touches all aspects of human life. There are infinite ways we can touch and improve human lives!

  1. Community planning and development

  2. Creation of soup kitchens and reaching to the poor and prisoners

  3. Development and efficient use of solar energy

  4. Creation of search and rescue teams

  5. Research and development

  6. Atomic research and development (if it can be safely harnessed without the side effects and danger of current atomic technology)

  7. Psycho/Spiritual research and development

  8. Studies of origin of races (not which race is superior, but where each race came from and how they evolved)

  9. Studies and sharing of history and understanding of the cultures of the world

  10. Human arts and literary research and development

  11. Archeological studies

  12. Science Based on Spirit research center (science by natural means, no unwanted side effects - Metatronic Science)

  13. Ecological studies

  14. Department of FOLKS (eating Fresh, Organic, Local, Kosher-ish/Halal-ish, Seasonal), including agriculture, nutrition, etc. - how to establish this all over the earth

  15. Studies of the cyclical movements in human societies and history

  16. Studies on replacing existing war machines and aggressive tendencies with settling disagreements by universal and peaceful means

  17. Educational research and development for human advancement (education, etc.)

  18. Geo-political research

  19. Charity and development of ways to provide physiological and safety needs for all sentient beings

  20. Space exploration and utilization for improvement of standard of living for all

  21. Meditation research and improvement

  22. Centers to research and develop Paravipras

  23. Any other projects that the Mission could use to reach out and help humanity, etc.

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