What Is a Project Manager?

The Mission has decided to begin releasing Mission-related projects to be coordinated and led by Mission members who have talents and experience relating to the projects. These project managers (PMs) still report to the Mission Center, and the visions of projects will come from both the Mission and the PMs, but how to accomplish these projects will come mainly from the PMs, with Mission supervision only if needed. Otherwise, they will be left alone to manifest their projects and learn to follow God's Will. Therefore, the management of a project is mostly (almost completely) released to its PM, and everyone interested in that project should contact and work with him/her.

The exact responsibilities of a PM vary depending on the project he or she is managing. However, it should be understood that their job is not necessarily to do all (or possibly even most) of the work of a project. Rather, they should focus on being the coordinator of a collective effort to work on the project (able to delegate responsibilities to others) and be(come) a focal point and center for others interested in the project to gather around. The PM's job is similar to that of a manager in a company; coordinate the work of a team to effectively reach a common goal. God and the Mission teachings will be the Guiding Light for them to align and implement the project toward its Goals!

We encourage each PM to use their own creativity and style to shape and implement their project (under the umbrella and unity of the Mission and Maitreya's teachings). However, every PM is expected to have a method to communicate with those interested in their project, provide updates and information, and keep everyone informed of the project's status. Some possibilities of how to do this: Maintain a project website or blog; create a Facebook group; send out periodic emails to a project mailing list; etc. Contact each project manager individually to find out what method they are using.

As with everything in the Mission, PMs should not become attached to or develop a big ego about their position. Indeed, they are selected to be a PM because they seem to be the best person for the job at that time. If someone else later emerges as even more suited for the job, the original PM may be asked to give up their position to the newcomer; if so, they should do so with grace and without resentment. Especially at this early stage, everyone in the Mission must be flexible, and ready to sacrifice for the good of the organization. Always remember, the goal is not to gain power or position, but to fulfill your Dharma: To emerge into the position you were born to hold, and not desire anything more or less!

The hope is that releasing these projects to individual project managers will allow them to use their knowledge, experience and creativity to advance these projects to a greater degree than could be accomplished by the Mission Center alone trying to control and coordinate all of them. The ultimate goal is to, eventually, reach a point where each of these projects becomes the central focus of one department in the Mission organization. When the Mission reaches a position where it can create large, independent organizations dealing with various topics (but all still within the overall Mission system), these departments/projects can become independent organizations in order to further the goals of the Mission!

If you have any questions about this system, please email us.

Note: Becoming a project manager is by invitation only, and we are not looking for applicants. However, we will consider any suggestions for a project for the Mission (here are some possibilities). Also, if you have talents or experience that might fit into the Mission's vision, please send your qualifications for consideration to the Mission.

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