Explanation of the
Mission Rosary

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Below is an explanation of how to use the rosary.


Written Explanation:

A- Start at the end with the three beads: The first large one (the Beginning) symbolizes the Father, the middle one symbolizes the Son, and the third (large) one symbolizes The Holy Ghost (Mother, Grace). So you can start your rosary meditation in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

B- Then go to the side with the seven beads (not the side with the thirty-three beads). These seven beads symbolize the Seven Seals. While touching each of the beads in this portion, remember all the things related to the corresponding Seal. The first bead is the awakening of the spiritual forces, meditation, chanting, gazing on The Greatest Sign, and any other practices helpful in this endeavor. It is also related to the Mystical Paths, the Spirit behind the rest of the teaching. It unifies all teachings which teach us that we have to have a personal relationship with God, have to experience Him directly, etc.

We do the same remembrance and anything else related to each Seal as we touch a bead related to that Seal.

C- After finishing with the first portion of the seven beads, there is a large bead. This bead will be repeated after any section is reached. When we reach this bead, we remember (or recite) Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam (the HOSH mantra). Then we also remember what it means: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

D- After this first HOSH mantra bead there are four small beads. They are to remind us what is the essence of God: Tama, Raja, Satva (the creative forces, Mother), and the Consciousness (Father).

E- HOSH mantra bead.

F-After the second HOSH mantra bead there are seven beads for the seven verses of The Reminder.

1-The first bead: "We pay our salutations to the Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the Path of Enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness."
2-The second bead: "We open our hearts to Your Grace [Mother] and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our Souls and detaching ourselves from Maya."
3-The third bead: "We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness."
4-The fourth bead: "In reverence we bow our heads in front of all those Great Souls, in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation."
5- The fifth bead: "We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign, which clarifies the confusion between all."
6- The sixth bead: "We submit only to You which is formless, nameless and invisible. You in this state unify. In any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers."
7- The seventh bead: "However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all those Great Souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to become Pure Consciousness, as is the goal."

(These are called "The Reminder beads.")

G- HOSH mantra bead.

H- Fifteen Commandments beads: With touching each bead, remember that Commandment, then remember what that Commandment stands for, its meaning, how it is related to the Ten Commandments, etc.

1- The first bead: Submission: The Divine Father in heaven is One, Invisible, Nameless, and the Greatest.
2- The second bead: Surrendering: Do not go to complete prostration (submit) to anyone or thing except Him, the Words revealed through His Prophets, and The Greatest Sign, which clarifies the confusion between all.
3- The third bead: Goal of the Life: Remember the goal of the life, which is to reach Pure Consciousness and help others to reach the same.
4- The fourth bead: Messengers: Consider the Prophets, Satgurus, Avatars or likewise as God's Messengers to bring His Messages and Laws to humanity.
5- The fifth bead: Elects: Accept Paravipras as the Chosen Ones to establish and enforce the Laws, to spread the Messages of God and establish the Kingdom of Heaven.
6- The sixth bead: Non-violence: Not violating the Daharma.
7- The seventh bead: Truthfulness, with discriminating mind: To guide all thought, speech, and action with the spirit of welfare.
8- The eighth bead: Not to Steal (Non-Stealing, physically, mentally or spiritually): Do not take things which belong to others, by thought, by taking (action), or by preventing them from doing their duties or possessing things which belong to them.
9- The ninth bead: Non-Indulgence: Not to indulge in the enjoyment of such amenities and comforts as are superficial to the preservation of life.
10- The tenth bead: Attachment to God: To keep the mind immersed in the ideation of God, to remain attached to God, and to accept Him as the only Refuge, the only King, and His Laws as the only Laws.
11- The eleventh bead: Internal and External Cleanliness: To maintain purity and cleanliness of mind, body, and environment.
12- The twelfth bead: Contentment and Mental Ease: To remain in a state of mental equanimity and contentment.
13- The thirteenth bead: Satsang, Service and Meditation: To attain true Satsang (when people talk only about God, the universe and His Will), to practice penance in the service of others (as being done for the Lord, in creating Communities of Light), and to sincerely meditate and/or do The Reminder at least twice a day.
14- The fourteenth bead: Understanding God and His Laws through the Scriptures: To clearly understand the underlying meanings of the Scriptures and discourses of spirituality.
15- The fifteenth bead: To Be(come) Divine: To strive to become perfect in our actions as God is, to ideate that He does the Divine actions through us, and to become a perfect instrument for His Will to be done, until able to radiate His Divine Universal Truth through ourselves.

I- HOSH mantra bead.

J-The Reminder beads section again. This will be the second time you recite The Reminder with touching each bead and reciting the related verse or verses.

K- HOSH mantra bead.

L- Divine Path section: With touching each of these seven beads, remember the related sections from the Divine Path Sutra which we recite after collective meditation.

1- The first bead: "The thoughts, love, and peace of God will arise in those who perform meditation and/or The Reminder twice a day or more regularly."
2- The second bead: "They will become an instrument for His Will,..."
3- The third bead: "...sacrifice all for this ideal,..."
4- The fourth bead: "...surrender and submit unto Him,..."
5- The fifth bead: "...and become a universalist at last."
6- The sixth bead: "Also, they follow the Fifteen Commandments. With these, they will become the Elects,..."
7- The seventh bead: "...win His Grace, and reach their goal."

M- HOSH mantra bead.

N- The Reminder beads section: This will be the third time you recite The Reminder with touching each bead and reciting the related verse or verses.

O- HOSH mantra bead.

P- Thirty-Three Virtues section: There are thirty-three beads in this section. With touching each one, remember the Thirty-Three Virtues.

1- The first bead: Fearlessness

2- The second bead: Purification of one's existence
3- The third bead: Cultivation of spiritual and intellectual knowledge
4- The fourth bead: Charity
5- The fifth bead: Self-control (perpetual restraint of behavior and temper)
6- The sixth bead: Performance of sacrifice -- selfless service, not being self-centered, to be(come) humble
7- The seventh bead: Study of spiritual Scriptures
8- The eighth bead: Austerity and simplicity
9- The ninth bead: Non-violence (not violating the Daharma of things)
10- The tenth bead: Truthfulness
11- The eleventh bead: Freedom from anger
12- The twelfth bead: Renunciation (to offer the result of your actions to the Lord, and ideate that your body is a tool for Him to perform Divine actions)
13- The thirteenth bead: Tranquility (magnanimity of mind)
14- The fourteenth bead: Aversion to faultfinding
15- The fifteenth bead: Compassion and freedom from covetousness
16- The sixteen bead: Gentleness
17- The seventeenth bead: Modesty and steady determination
18- The eighteenth bead: Vigor
19- The nineteenth bead: Forgiveness
20- The twentieth bead: Fortitude
21- The twenty-first bead: Cleanliness
22- The twenty-second bead: Freedom from envy
23- The twenty-third bead: Patience for honor
24- The twenty-fourth bead: Readiness to sacrifice everything of individual life for the ideology
25- The twenty-fifth bead: Sweet and smiling behavior
26- The twenty-sixth bead: Moral courage
27- The twenty-seventh bead: Setting an example by individual conduct before asking anyone to do the same
28- The twenty-eighth bead: Strict adherence to the Fifteen Commandments
29- The twenty-ninth bead: Constant contemplation of The Greatest Sign
30- The thirtieth bead: Even while dealing with a person of inimical nature, one must keep oneself free from hatred, anger, and vanity
31- The thirty-first bead: Keep aloof from talkativeness (idle talk)
32- The thirty-second bead: Obedience to the structural code of discipline
33- The thirty-third bead: Sense of responsibility

Q- End with the four small beads: They represent the four parts of The Holy Word you receive in your initiation. The first initiation is related to the bead closest to the rosary, the second is the next, and so on. The fourth initiation is the furthest from the rosary.

These do not include the introductory initiation.

So, the rosary is finished by remembering the parts of The Word you have been initiated with.

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