Statement from the Round Table - July 2015

Those Who Lose the Grace

If you join the Mission, pay your tithes (10% of your gross income to the Mission) for at least six months, prove that you are dedicated to the Mission and are willing to learn the Teachings, are able to help, and have fulfilled the requirements to have a Covenant with God (the Mission) and Maitreya - then you may ask for a Spiritual Name.

This Covenant is between you and God (Mission and/or Maitreya). You have no power to break it; it is forever binding on you. If this is well established and you have accepted to confess to the Covenant and obey the Mission forever, then you may ask and receive a Spiritual Name and are accepted as a close member (Be in Grace) of the Mission. However, you are expected to continue to obey the Mission and serve it without reservation, pay your tithes monthly, and follow what the Mission has recommended for you and humanity.

If you do not, then you have Fallen and with Maitreya's discretion you might be stripped of all privileges that come with the Covenant. You no longer can use the Spiritual Name that Maitreya (or the Round Table) has given you (even if you continue using it, it will not have the Grace with it). You no longer will have the Seal of Approval for the services you are rendering for the Mission. Any services you have rendered for the Mission might, over time, be replaced with services done by others (professionals might be hired to replace what you did, or your services will be erased from the Mission, etc.).

Some of the actions that might trigger this:

  1. Disobeying the code of discipline set up in the Mission, especially while you are physically close to the Mission. For example, refusing to follow the leader in a group activity.

  2. Non-compliance to do a simple task when Maitreya clearly asks you.

  3. Following other organizations and their festivals and activities when the Mission does not condone their teachings and even is opposed to them (for example, pagan festivals such as many New Age gatherings, etc.). Also, posting in social networks teachings that are not related to the Mission without relating them to where they fall in the Mission's Teachings.

  4. Volunteering for a project for the Mission and suddenly deciding you do not want to do it (without strong reasons and without explaining why).

  5. Starting a project that is not approved by the Mission (Round Table) claiming it is an "official" project for the Mission.

  6. Discontinuing paying tithes with no strong explanation as to why when you are spending money for other unimportant activities (such as attending other organizations' festivals which are not condoned by the Mission).

  7. Being rude to Maitreya and His family and people in the Mission.

  8. Not following the Eternal Divine Path and our Teachings wholeheartedly/sincerely in order to be(come) Divine, and refusing to receive guidance from Maitreya/Mission.

  9. Repeatedly refusing to follow Mission principles and rules in any Mission platform such as social networking sites, Paltalk, spiritual centers, and Temples, and then refusing to correct ones actions and continuing with the wrong ideas/understanding/agenda etc.

There also might be other situations not mentioned above that lead to loss of the Grace. In general, any situation that will create a disturbance, disunity, rudeness, deviation from the Teachings, and may be threatening to the organization, etc. would be considered as such.

Maitreya will try very hard to avoid this situation to reach its finality. He tries to make you realize you are falling from the Grace. It might start by some warning, then direct mention of your actions that are not according to the Mission's (God's) Will. Then He might withdraw from direct contact with you. If all these will not work then you might be forewarned that you are about to lose the Grace.

You will have the chance to return to the Grace: If you have done any of these actions, you should come forward, repent, and correct yourself. Otherwise Maitreya might act upon these principles, if we find out, and Maitreya/Mission might decide to declare you a Fallen One!

Maitreya's (Mission's) approach to such situations is the same as His teachings: You do not kill a wild horse, you tame/train it. If a person manifested so much interest and potential that s/he gained the right to make a Covenant with God, then there was something to admire about him/her. Let us polish it and make it Shine. However, if the original motivation was not Pure and the position was gained undeservedly, and s/he cannot be trained/tamed, then... That is why the utmost tolerance is applied until it is completely clear that there is no hope!

The Round Table (RT) of the Mission of Maitreya

Note: After Maitreya leaves His body, this duty, more or less, will fall on the Round Table! At that point, if a person is accused of being Fallen and feels that decision is incorrect or that s/he is being targeted unfairly, that person can appeal the decision of the Round Table through whatever process of appeal has been set up at that time. This arrangement will continue until the full Hierarchy is manifested.

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