Statement from the Round Table - February 2016

Those Who Must Be Banned From the Mission

Note: This Statement is related to our previous one from July 2015, Those Who Lose the Grace!

The individuals who must be cut off from the Mission and the types of people from whom the Mission should be protected was outlined by Maitreya in a Facebook post on December 21, 2012:

Seven categories of people and our attitude towards them:

1. Those who Love the Mission and help it: We respect and Love them and they are a part of us.

2. Those who claim they Love the Mission but do nothing to help It: We pray for them that God may Guide them to be(come) more helpful members.

3. Those who claim they Love the Mission but hurt it: We have to, eventually, cut them off and let them be (leave them to God).

4. Those who neither claim to Love the Mission nor hate it but are helpful to us: We appreciate their help.

5. Those who neither Love the Mission nor hate it, and are not doing anything to hurt and/or help: We leave them alone!

6. Those who do not like the Mission and hurt it: We consider them enemies of the Mission; they have to be stopped at every turn.

7. And those who Love the Mission, Help the Mission and are leaders: We train them to be(come) Paravipras!

God Is.....The Most Aware!

- M.

Therefore, the Mission must be protected from people who fall under categories 3 ("Those who claim they Love the Mission but hurt it") and 6 ("Those who do not like the Mission and hurt it") above. Each situation and people involved can be different and the actions that have to be taken towards these kinds of people may be varied. However, after tolerating personal mistakes and providing many opportunities to correct themselves, if they still resist, do not improve, become a liability for the Mission and create much negativity, etc., then they must be removed and banned from any Mission activity and involvement. This action would not be done as an individual act but rather as a collective decision by the Round Table and would be carried out for the Mission's sake, as the Mission comes before individuals.

What it means to be "removed" or "banned" depends on the situation, people involved, and the severity of their actions against the Mission. It can mean not allowing participation in Mission activities, taking them off of anything official, removing all their creative works and voice recordings, etc.

In every situation, the person/people involved will be informed of this decision and will be given a last chance to turn around from their mistakes and not repeat them again. If they sincerely repent and change their ways, they can always come back. The door is never completely closed. However, if they close the door on themselves, they have to be the ones to open it again (and the more times they make the mistake, or the more severe the mistake is, the harder it is for the door to be re-opened!).

At the Round Table's discretion, any individual or individuals who have been given the "final warning" may be permitted to come before the Round Table and defend their actions. However, generally if a situation has reached this point they have already been given many chances and there is nothing left to say. Still, if the situation warrants it, they will be given the opportunity to change the Round Table's mind.

Those who pay tithes and/or are a part of the staff of the Mission have the right to ask why someone was banned. If they ask, they will be provided with information regarding the events/exchanges that led to the final decision. There are no secrets in the Communities of Light (Mission)!

The Round Table (RT) of the Mission of Maitreya

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