The Round Table

The Round Table is the leadership body of the Mission. While Maitreya is alive, its purpose is to advise and support Him, as well as be trained by Him to correctly lead the Mission. After Maitreya leaves His body, it will take His place as the head of the Mission organization. The Round Table's primary purpose at that point will be to find Maitreya again (in His next lifetime) and reinstall Him to leadership of the Mission. The Round Table will also form the top level of the facilitating body, once the Mission reaches that point (see The Plan). It will eventually have 12 members, chosen from those who are 100% dedicated to the Mission, understand the teachings, have leadership abilities and can cooperate together to do God's Will, etc.

This section of the website gathers the information relating to the Round Table in one place. Important announcements and decisions by the Round Table are also accessible here.

About the Round Table

Formation of the Round Table: The original article announcing the formation and purpose of the Round Table, from the January 2009 Newsbrief.

Passing of the Scepter: The Supplement in THOTH explaining the succession of leadership in the Mission, the Round Table's role and function, the relationship of this arrangement to the spiritual authority and Spirit of God (the Scepter or Body of Christ), etc.

From the Round Table

Statements and Decisions: This section contains statements issued by the Round Table about issues of importance to the Mission. These statements are not directly from Maitreya as the Prophet of God, but from the Round Table as Mission leadership. Therefore, they are not part of the Teachings, but still represent the Mission's official position on these issues.

Also, in 2015 the Round Table for the first time issued an official recommendation or "ruling" (decision) on how to handle a specific matter according to Maitreya's Teachings. The Round Table hopes that publishing these decisions will give guidance for others in similar situations and/or show how to practically apply the Teachings to make decisions in individual matters.

Of course, while Maitreya is alive and able, He participates in the development of and approves all such statements and decisions by the Round Table.

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