04/22/00 Internet Satsang (Discourse)



Cyber Audience: This is a question about the Soul, about the growth of the Soul. Does the Soul grow or is it always at the same awareness? In other words, can our thoughts, attitudes, service, and devotion, all affect the Soul?

Maitreya: Remember that the whole universe, of course, came from unawareness or from the state of absolute-self-absorbed level of pure Ecstasy and Joy. Not really ecstasy, but what they call in the Hindu teaching, Ananda, which is more than ecstasy. It is Joy, absolute Joy, which is experienced only in a very high level of consciousness.

But the Soul really is the Consciousness; Consciousness is your Soul. The Essence is the Soul and the three gunas. But when the Consciousness is being crudified with the crudifying force, or tama guna, it loses its original state and will be directed toward the external world. The more it is crudified, the less aware it is, and it will reach a point that it eventually becomes solid factor.

Go to a solid factor and ask, Hello. Do you have any awareness of yourself? I do not think you are going to receive any answer back from the solid factor [laughter].

So it is the losing of awareness, because of the process of crudification, that makes the Soul to not be completely connected to God all the time. The more the Soul is crudified, the more we lose that awareness of who we really are.

In the Hindu religion they call it amnesia, or forgetfulness. We forget who we really are. By meditation, progress, and following the things that help us in this process, our awareness becomes higher and higher, and it becomes kind of a returning back home. You are crudified and go away from home, and then you become more satvic and conscious, and you are returning to home.

That is the way the Mystical Paths explain our Souls journey. That is why it is called a journey. It is not that something is being destroyed; it is that something has lost its original awareness of where it came from and who it is. So the Consciousness or Soul does not have the same awareness in everyone all the time. But the Collective Consciousness, or Universal Mind, or God, has an Awareness, which really is a part of us. Again it goes back to what part of awareness, or God, you are talking about.

In one sense, you can explain that really there is no Soul because really what comes through you is God Himself. So you are connected to Consciousness, or the Universal Consciousness. You really do not have any Soul. That is why when your awareness reaches the point of absolute understanding or awareness, they say you are like a drop of water falling into the ocean and you become the ocean itself.

Does that drop really exist? No. If there is a drop that exists, then we are separated from God. But if we really are connected to God all the time, we are not really a drop but an illusion of a drop.

You really do not exist. You do not have a Soul. But you have an illusion of being separated from Pure Consciousness or God. So that is why we call Maya the illusion of separation from God. It means it really does not exist.

The Soul, in a sense of being separated from God, does not exist. It is the ego or that illusion which makes us feel separated from God and become separate Souls. That Essence of God coming through you, His Awareness, is always the same.

So that is why again in the Mission we say, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. That is because there are two approaches. One approach says that you are already Divine. You do not have to do anything. Just to be is equal with being Divine. Another approach says that you have to become Divine; you have to work on it, you have to meditate, you have to awaken your spiritual forces. And both approaches have some validity in them.

So realizing what exactly Soul is, that is another explanation, unless you experience that oneness with God and realize that you really do not exist. The only thing coming through you is God.

In that Essence you realize that you are not your body. That is when many people in many Mystical Paths say, God and I are One. There is no separation. If you experience that experience that there is no separation, then do you have a Soul? Where is it? You do not really have a Soul, you are God Itself, and that is what is coming through you.

When that Saint says that he dies and becomes more Christ every day, and he dies himself, it means what? It means he is realizing he is more God himself. And there is no separation there.

Again that is one of those questions that you really have to intuitively know. It is just like, Does God exist? That is the same kind of question. Unless you experience that God exists, it is very hard to explain. The only way you can explain it is that God said He was going to do these things, and He did them. If someone does something, that shows that they exist. They have existence that they can move things or move themselves around.

So that Essence, we cannot see that God exists. But to really experience that God exists is to experience God. And to realize that really, really you do not have a Soul but your Soul and Gods is the same, is to experience that you are not your body and seeing God coming through you.

How do you get there? You have to work on it, you have to meditate, you have to concentrate, and you have to realize.

That is another reason we are working on the Communities of Light, so that more people get more chances to meditate and realize a direct realization of God. That is why it is so important for us to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment where people can experience the oneness of God with them.

So in essence, yes, you do not have to work, and the awareness of the Soul is always there because really God and you are one. God is aware of everything. In another sense you have to work on it because you have the illusion of the separation from God, and therefore, you have to shatter that illusion.

How to shatter that illusion? You shatter that illusion with our teaching, with our concentration, with meditation, and with everything that has been given to humanity.

Does that make sense?

Cyber Audience: Yes, it certainly does, Maitreya. Thank you so much.

Maitreya: OK. Are there any other questions? [silence]

But in that stage of human progress, it is great to have that experience. And even when you have that experience, it does not stay with you all the time. But when you experience it, it is very comforting that, WOW, I am not the doer. God is really the Doer. When you say that God did it through you, it is not something just in words. It really means that God did it through you. And when you reach that point that God does through you, then you are not attached to the result of your actions. Automatically you are not attached to the result.

If you are attached to the result of your actions, then you are not connected in that time or in that moment and you are attached to the result. But if you completely experience that, then you are not going to be attached because He is the Doer.

In this state the most important work for us is the creation of the Communities of Light, to implement the Mission, and not to worry too much about our own progress. Our progress comes with doing the Mission. One day we will realize that, Oh WOW, really I am not doing it, and we will experience that Oneness with God.

What I am saying is, it is not something to worry about. It will come to you one day. And when you experience it, you know.

Maybe we need a day of Pentecost, huh? OK, any other questions?

If you want to discuss it further, go ahead. Otherwise we will meditate for the next hour.

Cyber Audience: I do not have a question but I just wanted to again address the answer that you gave on the Soul. I see how important it is to do the things that help us to stay connected to God through our meditations and our Communities of Light. So I wanted to thank you again. A very, very important part of what we do.

Maitreya: Good, that is a very good realization, indeed. That is what I am trying to let humanity realize, that our teaching unifies them, our teaching explains the history, our teaching explains how these revelations, many revelations, came to them. Our teaching unifies them. And you are absolutely right. He has given us all the tools we need to progress.

That is the Message we have to give to humanity and bring them together and bring His Kingdom on earth. If it were not true, I would not have even started the Mission because I always was seeking the Truth.

And I have not found anything better. I have said many times, If you find something better than this, I am with you. We go together, all of us. I have not found anything better. I have not found something that explains God and everything so clearly.

And God does exist. He cannot be explained. I cannot tell you what He looks like. But He is a Consciousness. He is that realization that, Yes, I am already one with Him. And His concern is the creation of the Communities of Light.

I hope that everyone realizes that, as you have, and everyone not only realizes but also gets on with the work. As I have said, Become one Maitreya in Florida, two Maitreyas in Florida, three Maitreyas in Florida, ten Maitreyas in Florida, hundreds of Maitreyas in Florida, and a hundred Maitreyas in every state, and every country, and every part on earth, thousands of them actually, just pulsing this beautiful teaching out to other people and let them know.

So let them be attracted to you and then you connect them to God.

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