Satsang (Discourse) 9/12/00

Feast Of Tabernacles



Maitreya: I hope you all have enjoyed the Feast of Tabernacles so far, including the wonderful lectures, and there are more to come.

How are you doing, Tahirah? Good? I have seen these people before, and we have a new face. How are you doing? Very good. Nice to have you here.

How is Florida? Good? And the family, everyone is doing well? That is very good. I heard Shakti say that everyone is OK in her family.

And Quebec, doing good?

Guest: Yes, very good.

Maitreya: Someone told me that Quebec is one of the prettiest cities in the world.

Guest: It is one of the prettiest, yes.

Maitreya: I spent around a week there. I went to a couple of parks and things like that but I did not get to go outside of the city.

Guest: Do they mean Quebec in the winter or in the summer [laughter]?

Maitreya: Probably in the summer, mostly.

And how are you doing? I heard you are already preaching the Mission all over the world [laughter]. You started Mission work already. How did you hear about us, about the Mission?

Guest: On the Internet.

Maitreya: You just came across it or someone told you about it?

Guest: I just came across it. I do not remember what I was looking at but I ended up looking at this site.

Maitreya: And you took The Greatest Sign all the way to the Himalayas? Actually I would like to reach to the Himalayas and the Far East because they are waiting for Maitreya to come and purify their religion. Of course, some of them say that the Buddha said that the Maitreya would come in 5,000 years. Other people say in 30,000 years. And another person was saying that it will be around 700,000 years from now that the Buddha Maitreya will come.

When I was at the University of Mississippi, I read that Buddha said he would return in 2,500 years. Then I had the name of Maitreya but I did not have the whole Mission revealed to me, so I said, Well, that is interesting. I just passed over it and forgot about it. Later on, when the Revelation came and all that, I remembered I had read it. I could not find where I had previously read it.

I looked for this book for a long time, to find where was that pro-phecy. Recently, a couple of months ago, Jon Hall, the person who joined us and gave the prophecies (they are in his web site), also confirmed the same thing, that Buddha said he would return in 5,000 years but later on he cut it to half and said 2,500 years. So actually there are a lot of groups in the Far East, Maitreya groups, that are waiting for Maitreya to come.

Some people say, of course, that Maitreya evolved from Mithra which was a god from the Zoroastrian Religion who is supposed to be the last Prophet who will come and destroy the evil. Ahora Mazda, the real God, will eventually prevail and humanity will have the good life that they have been promised or the New Jerusalem that the Old Testament and the New Testament promise.

So I would like to see if we could reach to the Far East people, bring them to the Mission, and expand the Mission to the Far East also. But right now, of course, we reach to whoever likes the Mission and what we say makes sense to them.

One of the things that impressed me when I received the Mission and this Revelation was that it made sense. It was interesting that someone was telling me last night that you also felt that it made sense to you. Actually, I rejected religion when I was very young because it did not make sense to me, a God sitting up there very angry all the time and clobbering people on the head, and you have to follow rigid rituals in your life, otherwise you will go to hell. I said, OK, well, I cannot believe that such a Being sits there and is so far away from everyone and expects everyone to do these things. If you show God to me, I will believe in God. But, of course, no one could show me where God is and who God is.

They even did not know that God is everything. If they had told me that, that would have made a lot of sense to me because God Is everything. OK, I can relate to that. This is God. Everyone who is sitting here is a part of God. OK. That is very close, something that you can touch, and feel, and see, and say, Yes, it is. But they did not so I said, Just forget it. I am not going to believe in something that is just in your imagination.

So I believed in dialectic materialism, that everything is just by chance and everything is matter. But now I realize, after receiving all this Truth that, how can it be by chance? The probability that it is by chance is even less, than if there is a Being that created everything.

Of course, we know that God exists now because, according to our teaching, He said He was going to do these things and He did them. If He did them, therefore, He exists.

If we leave this room, and one hour later we come and see that the flowers are not here any longer, and they are over there, what do we conclude? We conclude that someone has been in this room, dont we?

It is the same thing. If God said, I am going to do these things, and He does them, does that conclude that God exists? You can see all through our teachings that God says, I am going to do this, I am going to do that, and He did them. He promised Abram, He promised Abraham, and all that. So we can see that God truly exists.

Of course, you also can experience Him, or can have an experience with Him. That is, of course, with the Grace, to have a complete close experience. It is just like when I received the first initiation with Ananda Marga. I went to my room. I was living in a dormitory. I came down and was yelling to everyone, Cant you see God? They were looking at me, Are you crazy, or something? They were watching television in the recreation room in the dormitory. Everyone is watching this crazy program, and someone comes in and says, Cant you see God? And they could not see; they could not respond. And that is the Grace of God. That is the only way you can feel and see and be with God that close.

Even intellectual people can relate to our teaching. They can see that He foretold that He would do these things and He has done them. Therefore, He does exist. They can intellectually understand this easily. Intellectuals never had that close experience with Him. Or a person who would experience that closeness and can utter, Yes, God really does exist. They can realize God is everything. There is nothing that God is not. There is nowhere that is not God. He is everything and everywhere.

That is why when they say the devil exists, I say, Well, where is the devil? If God is everything, where does the devil fit in? He cannot be anything. The devil is really our delusion of separation from God. When we are deluded and separated from God, what do we do? We do things that are not Godly. That is the devil, isnt it? The devil is trying to tell us to do actions that are not Godly, isnt it? That is what all the religions say: Christians and Moslems, they call the devil, shatan or satan. They say that he deceives you. He keeps you away from doing Godly actions.

What deceives us? It is that umbrella we have over our heads. We separate ourselves from God and we fall, and then we blame everyone else but it was our ego. Probably it is not that little, but it is there [laughter]. So we have to shatter that ego. When we shatter that ego, what happens? The umbrella is not there anymore. It is you and God. You are connected directly to God.

Actually, we should have only two consciousnesses: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. We should not have any subconscious mind. That is the problem. Really that is what ego is, the subconscious mind that has been created through so many lifetimes, our fears, desires, attachments, and things that prevent us from breaking away from all the bondages of life.

Recently I found out about the organization called Scientology. Scientology has done some pretty interesting things for a lot of people. Many artists and actors belong to it. Really, Scientology works with the subconscious mind. They say, You have this fear that you have to get rid of. So even they, I realized, are a part of our teaching. They are a small part, as they offer just about the subconscious mind, which we also teach that you have to get rid of. What they say is true. But it is not a great revelation. It is something that everyone should realize, that the subconscious mind is what makes us to do things that we really do not want to do. It causes us to stay in situations that we really do not want to be in, and makes us to go against that great Will or great Calling that we have heard but we cannot go and act on because of our fears, attachments, etc. The subconscious mind holds us down and makes us unhappy, fearful, sad, and all those things that are related to the ego and subconscious mind. So really, ego and subconscious mind are the same thing.

Remember how I was talking about the little creatures in everyone, in some previous Satsangs, that if you keep them in the Light they will eventually die? It is the same thing Scientologists teach as well. So it is interesting that even Scientologists are a part of our teaching.

I would like to see that the Buddhists and the Far East people will also come and join us, and of course, everyone else also with them.

Does anyone have any question?

Audience: Maitreya-ji, you were talking about the subconscious mind and I was wondering about the subconscious mind that is used in relation to hypnotism. I was just wondering, as far as the Mission teaches, is there any value in the use of hypnotism?

Maitreya: Yes. Hypnotism brings some awareness to the hidden parts of your being and has very limited value. But the greatest value comes when you face your fears, attachments and desires in your meditation, and eventually keep them in the Light for a long time until they dissolve and are no longer. But hypnotism just scratches the surface.

Usually people feel better when they are hypnotized, and they see some of the parts that they had not seen before. It is because the brain picks up many more details than what we remember. That is why sometimes, when people are hypnotized, they remember many details about a situation. For example their conscious mind did not remember a cars license plate number. But when they were hypnotized, they remembered exactly what the number was. So the mind picked it up but memory cannot remember all those details.

We pick up much more detail and that is why sometimes in sleep we remember greater detail than when we are awake, because the mind knows what we saw or how our life is, or because of the law of perception, sometimes we see things that we would rather not. According to the law of perception we immediately believe that, We did not see that. That is how the law of perception works. We see it. We encountered our problems but we ignore them. See that? That is why meditation sustains this awareness and eventually makes you come face-to-face with yourself. Many people do not want this. To them, that is a scary thing to do.

Most people do not want to face their selves. As I said many times, the person you really should not lie to is yourself. If you do not lie to yourself, you do not lie to anyone else. And believe me, 99% of the people lie to their own selves. If we get to the place that we would not be able to lie to ourselves, we really are connected to God directly because there is no subconscious mind left. There is no separation from the Truth.

The subconscious mind makes us to do things, to say things, and to believe things, that are not true. To be completely truthful is not only scary for a lot of people, but it is scary for the society because if someone is completely truthful to the society, society is not truthful to itself. And that is why they kill the Prophets, most of the time.

This is because they come and say the truth. For example, the name of Christ never was Jesus. And they do that, why do they do that? They heal with the name of Jesus. Isnt that scary? Someone came, that for thousands of years they were healing with a name that never was his name. What are they doing? Under whose name were they healing all this time? It is scary there, you see? That is a no, no.

I was just reading Jons e-mail to me, and he said that when he was a kid he told his parents that he is going to spread the Light of God. Then when he grew up he became a Moslem. They were very upset with him. They believed him when he said he was going to spread the Light of God. They said, OK, he is going to become a preacher in the Christian religion. They believed him, and they said, That is OK.

So he became a Moslem. They were really upset about the whole thing when he became a Moslem. Then he told them, His name never was Jesus. His name was Esa. And they completely rejected him.

What was he doing? He was saying the truth. Why do parents become so upset about their child when he is saying the truth? Did they teach him to say the truth when he was growing up? Probably they did. Now he is telling them the truth. Do they want to hear it? No, they do not want to hear it.

That is what we all have to become, we have to become truthful to ourselves, to society, and to our search for the truth. As I have said many times, if I say something that does not make sense to you, you should not accept it. Say, No. You are saying this that does not make sense. OK. Lets talk about it together and see what makes sense. I am a seeker of the truth. If your truth is greater than what came through me, fine, I will accept that truth.

Actually, I said, Lets find if there is someone who has more truth than I do or the Mission does. We are all going to go follow him or her. Find it, and we will do that. Fortunately or unfortunately it has been twenty years and we have not found anyone who really has revealed anything even close to what the Mission has revealed to humanity.

So all of us are really working on ourselves. That is what I said, The only person you can really help is whom? Is yourself. If you help yourself and become truthful to yourself, you have the truth. People might reject you in the beginning but in the long run you will win.

When I started the Mission, as I have said many times, I was almost finished with my education, and my parents were waiting for me to get a good job and take care of them. That is kind of a cultural thing; it is not an option or a choice. Like here in the United States, you have a choice to stay with your parents or not, take care of them or not, or put them away in the nursing home. But in the East, it is an obligation. It is just required of you to do that.

Then suddenly you realize that you have to do this Mission. You stay here and you have to tell them, I am not going to come. I told them what I claim, that it is the last revelation that Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and all were waiting for. All my family thought I had flipped and was crazy. They thought that I was lonely here and in another country, etc., and they thought I had gone mad. But now they do not think that I am crazy any longer because they saw that I am not crazy.

It is just like Jon, if he continues for the truth, eventually his parents will realize that he is not crazy. And I think he has been called for something, for greatness, because the things he finds in the prophecies, they are incredible. They are something that even we did not know about.

I have never really searched for what prophecies are fulfilled. Some of them just came to me, like the Hindus and Buddhists believe that the Messiah or the teacher is going to come from the West, and the people in Jerusalem, the Christians and Jews, think He will come from the East. And where is Tehran? It is in the middle of these two regions. It is west of India and Tibet, and east of Jerusalem, Europe and the United States. So these are things that just came to me and made sense.

Even Ananda Ma eventually sat down and read many prophecies and put them together as we have in the web site. But Jon came up with some things that are just incredible. If you read them and still you do not see it, then you are blind, absolutely have on blinders.

But still, as I said, if someone brought something greater and we do not have the Ultimate Truth, I am for that Ultimate Truth. But as I said, we have not found any. Anytime we discuss anything, any problems we have in the world, always we realize that the answer is the Communities of Light, the Eternal Divine Path. Our teaching will solve all those problems.

What is humanity looking for? They are looking for solutions. Do we have a problem in this world right now? One, two, three, four, ten, hundreds, many, many problems. Amazingly all of them can be resolved and solved with the Communities of Light, with the Eternal Divine Path. So again we have been called for something that is incredible.

I did not expect to receive this Revelation. I came here to just finish my education and go back home. But It came. It is here. It is with all of us and I am very glad every time I see someone new come and join us that someone else also has seen the vision. I am always thrilled. I am hoping one day thousands and millions of people come and join, and the Communities of Light pop up all over the world just like mushrooms.

After it rains, have you seen how the mushrooms pop up all over the place? Just like that, the Communities of Light will pop up all over the world.

This Mission is like a very heavy tank. It is very hard to start it moving but when it starts moving, it is very hard to stop. It is going to roll over a lot of obstacles. So these are some basic things that probably you have heard many times as I repeat them.

This afternoon someone was asking what is the meaning of Grace. It is true that you really have to experience it to know what it is. But I have written a small meaning for it and Sarah-ji is going to read it for us.

Sarah-ji: Grace is a feeling of completeness, joy, and thankfulness. He who follows the first Law, thanksgiving, will experience Grace.

Maitreya: It is a feeling of being complete. And how you can feel complete is when you are one with God. Not being one with God is the reason you feel incomplete. That is why humanity falls because they feel incomplete and not connected to God, therefore, they replace that thirst for limitlessness (God) with possessions, a partner, a job, ambition, and everything else.

They do everything to not feel that emptiness. And that emptiness, of course, cannot be filled with things in this material world. They obtain a good job and they receive a promotion. They are happy for a couple of weeks or a month or six months. Then what? They want a better job. They again obtain a higher position, even if they become the President of the United States, the most powerful place, and still they are not happy. We know what happened to Mr. Clinton, the President of the United States. He was not One (happy) and fell for Monica

If he were happy, would he have done something like that, that made him fall? Probably not. He was the head of the United States, the most powerful nation in the world and I do not think there is any job in the world more powerful than being the President of the United States. Is there? Probably not. So what happened? That shows there was an unhappiness there or that he was seeking to fill up that emptiness that was in him. So we can see that even the highest position on earth does not fill that emptiness.

So what fills you up? That Grace, that completeness, that feeling of, Thank you God, that is what really humanity needs. That is it. I do not need anything. I do not want anything. I am complete. I do not want a partner. I do not want money. I do not want possessions. I want to feel that completeness. And that is what Grace is.

Of course, you cannot say, I am in Grace, but do not follow the Law. If you are coveting your neighbors possessions, if you are doing adultery, if you are, you cannot say, I am in Grace. I have the Grace but I am not going to follow the Law. It is just like some people say that, Christ died for us, therefore, we are in Grace. We do not have to follow the Laws (Ten Commandments, Daharma), we can do whatever we want. That is not correct. If you are in Grace, you will follow the Law. It is impossible for you not to follow the Law because the moment you do not follow the Law, what happens to the Grace? The Grace is taken away from you.

So that is an absolute lie that you say, I am in Grace but I am not going to follow the Law, because the moment you are in Grace, you are following the Law. But if you follow the Law without the Grace, you become legalistic and very dry. You have to wake up in the morning and do The Reminder. But I really do not want to do The Reminder, but I have to because Maitreya said to and if I do not I will go to hell [laughing]. Well, I am sorry, but you are already in hell [laughter].

Where are heaven and hell? Right here and now. You are not going to die and go to a place called, here is hell, and here is heaven. We put you here in the fire and you are going to burn for eternity, and if you go to heaven you are going to have all the things you want. Heaven and hell are right here and now. Either you are in heaven, or you are in hell. Do not look for heaven or hell after you die.

The only thing that happens when you die is that if you have been a good person, if you have meditated, if you have really tried very hard, the death is a very simple thing. It is just a transition. But if you have not, you hang onto life. You do not want to go. You fight, you kick, and usually you have a hard time to die.

It is just like that Native American, one morning he wakes up and says, This is a good day to die. And he goes and just puts his bed at the top of the tree and lies down and in the afternoon he is gone. No problem. Actually, if you are a good yogi, you know when you are going to die six months before, as the prana is not going to come to the body anymore. It is going to leave the body.

So, we have a great Mission here and we have a wonderful work to fulfill, to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Humanity is on the brink of the evolution, in the next step of being great beings.

And I am going to be with you for 50,000 years. Can you believe that [laughter]? Actually after I leave this body there is going to be a group in the Mission that is going to look for me after I am reincarnated. For a while I decided not to come back, that this would be my last lifetime. I just said that I had enough of this world, and I do not want to come back anymore. But then I saw that this Mission probably needs much longer than one lifetime to get it going. So we are going to have a committee that is going to look for me after I am dead. It will be just like the Tibetan Buddhists who look for the Dalai Lama.

Audience: Can Lyra be part of the committee [laughter]?

Maitreya: Lyra is our cat.

Audience: She will find you [laughter].

Maitreya: Actually, before her we had this cat called Tonka. Tonka means God in a Native American language. He contracted feline leukemia and died. I told Isaac, we are going to wait eight weeks. After that we are going to go look for him. We really did not look too hard. We went to the pound, and there were many cats. She was alone by herself in one cage. I put my finger in the door and pushed her a little. She became so angry, and she tried to attack my finger. I said, Isaac, this is him [laughter].

Tonka was the same way. You would not push him around. He would fight with you, fight back. And then we got her and brought her home. I do not think she realized that she died because she does exactly the same things that Tonka used to do. Exactly. And that absolutely confirms reincarnation, even in the animals.

As I have said many times, How can God give us only one chance? How can God just give us one lifetime and say, OK, this is it. Either you make it or you go to hell. What kind of God is that, sadistic? But if He gives us many chances and puts us in many different situations, and at the end of this cycle of the universe we did not make it, does He have a valid reason for not letting us go to Pure Consciousness and saying, You stay out until the next creation? That is much more compassionate and much more true.

So reincarnation is correct and if that is true, then I will be back with you. But you have to find me.

Audience: Again [laughter]?

Audience: Can we have a clue before you go [greater laughter]?

Maitreya: Yeah, that is a good question. I do not know, what can the clue be?

Audience: Show the baby The Greatest Sign and see what the baby does.

Maitreya: That is the thing: the First Seal, the Second Seal, the Third Seal, the Fourth Seal, etc. That is a good question, what clues can you look for? Those who know me, how would you know that is me?

Audience: You will be the one hugging the THOTH.

Audience: The one who is one-pointed.

Maitreya: OK, that is good.

Guest: The Buddhists set out items that they previously owned and then they take from those items. So we have to put all of your stuff somewhere [laughter].

Maitreya: The problem is that I do not have much stuff [laughter]. I give my stuff away. I gave them to someone else. What am I attached to?

Audience: The Greatest Sign, God.

Maitreya: OK.

Audience: You are going to come preaching The Greatest Sign again.

Maitreya: So probably you will recognize me after I come back. That was the problem. For a long time I was considering, what happens after I leave? Because I have seen many organizations fall apart. They choose a wrong leader or they destroy, like the Bahais, whatever they were told to do. For example, the Bahais were supposed to have a guardian and all of that. We are going to talk about that tomorrow.

It is a great thing. Even Islam split because of the successor or something like that.

Audience: Wont you emerge as a leader? Wouldnt we know by that? Because that is what you teach.

Maitreya: That sounds very good. Of course, that is going to take a long time, until I am probably 25, 26, 30 years old.

Audience: 13?

Maitreya: Well, it is hard for a person to emerge when he is 13. They are still a teenager and crazy, and their hormones are going a couple of hundred miles ahead of their brains. So it is very hard to do that. It is a good thing to think about. I am open to suggestions. Maybe it is not a good idea. Maybe we should do something else.

If you think it is not a good idea, just like a business meeting, we can discuss it. What is the best way to do this? [silence]

Emma, Jon was worried about you. He was asking how you are doing. Do you want to tell him?

Emma (through the Internet): Yes. Hi Jon. I received your e-mail and I replied and thank you so much for being so concerned. Everything is going OK. We are just taking one day at a time, a lot of meditation and prayers. And thank you for the wonderful e-mail, OK?

Jon (through the Internet): OK. That is good to hear that things are going OK. Sal-OM everyone.

Maitreya: Sal-OM Jon, how are you? Is everything OK with you too?

Jon (through Internet): Yes, everything is going great here. I am just all by myself [laughter].

Maitreya: Well, I hope it does not take too long that you find a lot of people who want to join you and come and stay in our Satsangs, and maybe even create a Community of Light there where you are.

Young people, especially in the universities, are very receptive to a new teaching, and their minds are not made up. They are not in a family or in an environment that keeps them from being open to a new truth, and in the university they teach them to be open-minded. They are much more open-minded, unless they are already brainwashed to a specific religion or a specific way of thinking. Then probably it is even more difficult for them to see the truth. Of course, I myself started meditating and knowing about different religions in the university when I came here to the United States.

As I said, I did not accept God in Islam because their God was very far away and I just could not relate to something up there that I cannot even touch or even know Him. And so it was a very, very unreachable God. But when I heard that God is everything The first time I heard that God is everything, it made so much sense to me that, Yes, I can see that, I can relate to that. But something up there, sitting up there, sitting on a throne, I could not believe, I could not relate to. Of course, now there is no doubt.

Ninety-nine percent of humanity does not believe that God exists. It is not something that you have to believe but to really know that truly God exists.

And He is incredible. I told you about my vision when I was in the World Unity Forum, at the first meeting in the World Unity Forum in Colorado Springs. I did not stay in the hotel they had reserved for me. I stayed in a small hotel around a mile away from it. Sarah-ji was with me and she stayed with other ladies in the main hotel. She picked me up and had the car. So I was in a hotel in the middle of Colorado Springs and I had that vision that God really knows everything. Even He knows what the smallest fish in the ocean does. The smallest fish! No one cares about that fish, living somewhere in the coral reef by himself. God knows that fish and what he is doing. If He knows the fish that is such an insignificant thing, He knows about all of us very well, what we do, where we go, what we eat, and what we think.

That story is true that I told you many times, about the spiritual teacher and his five disciples. One day he gave each of them a hen or a rooster. He told them to go and kill it where no one can see you.

One of them went to the back of the house and killed the bird. He came and said, Here it is. No one saw me, and I killed him. Another one went very deep inside the jungle and killed him. And four of them killed the poor birds.

One of them spent the whole day looking for a place to kill the bird. He went all over and at the end he brought the chicken unkilled. The teacher said, What happened? He said, I could not find any place where God was not there and looking at me. I could not do it. He was always present. The teacher said, OK, you are the person who realizes that God is everything and everywhere.

So it is something that we really have to believe that God truly exists and is with us all the time, even in those times of desperation when we think no one cares and no one is really with us. Know that that is not true. God cares and He is with us.

It is not something that I am trying to make you feel good. It is the truth [laughter]. Not that, Oh, he is trying to make us feel good about life [laughter]. No, it is the truth.

Does anyone in Internet have any questions or anything you want to talk about? [silence]

How did you get to go to the Himalayas?

Guest: My mother had a debilitating disease and we knew she only had a short time to live. She had a certain amount of money she had set aside for her children that she wanted to give them. So I decided that that was something that I always wanted to do. And it was a gift from her because it is pretty expensive. But I have always done a lot of back-packing and a lot of going up into the mountains. Those are the biggest and best mountains around. Also I think it was something to do with just seeing, after being in the environment here in the United States, I wanted to go somewhere completely different and also not just the physical part but the idea of it being Buddhist and Hindu and just seeing a whole different culture, just for that experience.

Maitreya: Did you have any attraction to Buddhism and Hinduism?

Guest: Not really. I had read some Zen Buddhism. In fact I was at a Christian retreat when a Zen Buddhist person told me to read certain Zen Buddhist Scriptures. And so I always was interested but again the common sense thing. I kept looking until I found your Truth.

It was a matter of there was truth and there were things I liked but I could not stop there. And so I kept going. So that was part of that journey. Seeing that over there is part of that idea of seeing bits and pieces of the truth. And that idea too, that I wanted to be around people who had a completely different upbringing and a completely different background. And so it was very good for that.

Maitreya: So you went to the Himalayas. Did you have plans to see this person, this Lama or teacher?

Guest: No. I had read various materials before I went. I went to an area called the Crystal Mountain Monastery. Very remote, it is about a 150 mile walk from where we flew in. We took a bus to the end of the end of the road and walked 150 miles up into the mountains.

Maitreya: Wow, that is a lot of walking.

Guest: There is a Shey Gomba there which is kind of famous. There is a book called Snow Leopard and it is in that setting. It is a very remote setting. And they said that at times the Lamas and the Monks were there depending on the pilgrimages or depending on their scheduling. You did not always have access depending on what they were doing. I had read in the National Geographic Magazine that if you gave them a gift, maybe something to kind of

Maitreya: Entice them?

Guest: Yes, entice them to come to talk to you or maybe something that would set you apart from the regular throngs of people. And that was at a time when I had read a lot of things off of the Internet believing in these teachings, and something inside of me just said, Well, this would be a good idea. I do not know if it was just an instinct that said take The Greatest Sign and maybe I would give that to somebody, or that I was meant to deliver it over there to start something or not, I do not know.

Maitreya: Did you tell them where you got it?

Guest: It turned out that we were late in the season, close to the snows, and when it snows there, it is over. You would have to spend the rest of the winter there to get out, because we had to go through waist deep snow over 17,000 feet to get out then.

Maitreya: And it was summer?

Guest: Well, it was at the very end of fall. It was in October. So most of the time the monks either were hiding, because they often go meditate for years and years, or

Maitreya: They meditate too much [laughter].

Guest: And there was also too big a language difference there because most of the people I was with spoke Nepali and very little Tibetan. And this region, even though it was Nepal, is more Tibetan in its influences and so it was very sketchy.

Maitreya: Do you speak Tibetan?

Guest: No.

Maitreya: Or Nepali?

Guest: No. I did not speak either one. I spoke English and the guides I was with spoke English, Nepali, and a little bit of Tibetan. And in fact, one of the monasteries that we went to was pre-Buddhist, I think, Bon Po, that was even farther back than the Buddhists.

Maitreya: The Buddhists have so many branches and so many things, it is amazing.

Guest: Yes. Most of the time in the temples or in the monasteries, they had pictures of the Dalai Lama. So I believe most of them were followers of the Dalai Lama.

But most of the places were very old. I was told that one of them was well over 1,000 years old. And so I tried to connect with them, but there was not much chance. I was hoping for some conversation with a couple of the Lamas but it was too difficult. I did give one of them the Sign and just said it was from Maitreya and it was a mandala because I knew he would probably know that word. And he held it up to his forehead and accepted it and then put it on the altar.

Maitreya: Yes. It is amazing that The Greatest Sign is everywhere and is now on an altar in Tibet in a place that is hard to reach. I was actually very thrilled when I heard about that, that The Greatest Sign has been taken to such a place. I am hoping eventually that the Tibetans and other people see the teaching and say, Yes, that is what the prophecy was and it is fulfilled.

Guest: And one thing I think that was very easy for them to recognize, was the Swastika in the middle because it was carved in doorways, and it was all inside the monasteries and places that were thousands of years old. One of them, they said, was over 1,500 years old.

Maitreya: Have you seen the book we just put over the Internet? It is all about the Swastika. And it was published in 1896. It was before WWII and Hitler. It means good luck.

Guest: Yes. They use it quite a bit over there. They had it painted on rocks. I saw it the whole time.

Maitreya: It absolutely does not mean what Hitler used it for.

Guest: I even saw it on a package of noodles [laughter].

Maitreya: It was a good luck noodle, huh? [laughter] That is fantastic. Just now we have to convince the West, that it is OK. It is not a bad sign.

Actually I was against it the first time I saw it in Ananda Marga. I said, Are you Nazis? I was taken aback that they were using it. And then, little-by-little, they told me that it is not a bad sign. It is a very good sign. A lot of religions follow it.

That is great. Have you any more to tell us about yourself that will get us to know you better and know what you are basically doing? Now that you found this Truth, what do you think you are going to do with it? Or, you are not going to do anything with it? You have that choice.

Guest: I think I have already In fact I have visited a Mosque in Ohio with my sister. She is a Methodist Christian and there are a lot of Moslems moving into her neighborhood. And so they had some programs so they each could get to know each other. I went there and I talked to someone who had just returned from Hajj, I believe?

Maitreya: Hajj. Mecca.

Guest: Yes, to Mecca and when he was explaining his feelings there, it was very much of a universalist feeling. So when he asked me what I believed in, I started talking about the Mission. And he was very interested. I think that that felt good that I was helping someone to the Truth.

Maitreya: That is great.

Guest: So I think that is what I see as far as what I would like to do, the first works.

Maitreya: You would like to reach to the people and help them.

Guest: Yes. Because already with my friends, even though some of them think that I flipped, but I mean

Maitreya: We know the feeling, dont we [laughter]?

Guest: But when I am in the conversations, it is not too often that you can have those kinds of conversations, but when I have them, I feel that it is good.

Maitreya: Those are the best.

Guest: Even if I am not -- I have learned that lesson of submission of that idea that even if I am putting out the Truth and they are not believing it, that I am putting it out there.

Maitreya: Very good. That is a part of the Eternal Divine Path. You are not attached to the result. You are just a channel to give the Truth. And to whoever you give the Eternal Divine Path, and explain the Mission to them, you are done with them. You have no responsibility whatsoever. If they came to you and wanted more then, of course, you have more responsibility to guide them to the greater manifestation of what they believe.

That is great. That is very good.

Well, I am waiting for 144,000 dedicated people, people who really come here, see the Truth and say, This makes sense. Whatever I had so far did not make sense. It just stopped short of completion. That is why in The Revelation it says that until the seventh angel comes, everything is a mystery.

That is great, do you have any questions at all from all your reading of THOTH and the teaching, anything that bothered you or you would like to discuss it or bring it up here?

Guest: I was thinking, when you were talking about the seventh angel having the whole truth, that not even Esa or Muhammad or Bab had that. And I was wondering how that relationship works, if the First Begotten Son was revealing these seals and these teachings that they did not have the whole truth? They only revealed their stage, but where they also would be considered as completing the Eternal Path before creation and then doesnt he have to go through that Path again as far as the reason why he is not revealing, it is revealed in stages?

Maitreya: Very good question. Of course, according to our teaching the First Begotten Son went through the Eternal Divine Path even before creation. If you read the Old Testament, God chose Isaac and Ishmael, two children of Abraham, to bring two revelations to humanity. So from the children of Israel, or Isaac, eventually came the Messiah or Christ, as Esa or as known in the West as Jesus. Christ said there was going to be another Comforter who would come after him. He did not say, I have all the truth. He said, Another one is going to come. I have not completed it.

So the Old Testament was foretelling the Messiah to come. The Messiah came and said, I dont have all the truth. Someone else is going to come after me. Prophet Muhammed came, and he said in the Koran, I only revealed a portion of the Eternal Truth. So if he revealed only a portion of the Eternal Truth, what happened to the rest? Because the Scriptures are telling us that when the seventh angel comes, the mystery of God will be finished. It means, when the last revelation comes there is no mystery left, and the whole Eternal Truth is going to be given to humanity.

So if Prophet Muhammed said, I am not revealing the whole truth, therefore, there is still something there and he had not given the whole thing. It came to Bab. Bab came and said, After me another person will come who is going to be He Who Will Be Manifested. So Bab said, I do not have the whole thing either, someone else is coming after me.

Then Bahaullah came. Of course, the Bahais say he was the one Who Will Be Manifested. However, as Jon showed very clearly in his writings and in his lecture, there is evidence that Bahaullah was not the last one. Actually Bahaullah destroyed a lot of his writings. He gave them to some of his people to throw into the river to be destroyed. And one person who was told to do this did not want to do it because he thought they were so wonderful that they should be kept. But Bahaullah said, No, humanity is not ready. So he did not have it either. He did not keep every revelation that he had received.

But we claim that we did not hold anything back. All of the Seven Seals are opened. That is why it makes so much sense to the people who eventually see this Truth. It is so complete.

If it were incomplete, I would not accept it because I was looking for the truth. Why didnt I accept Islam? Why didnt I become a good Moslem? There was something not completely right. It was something that it could not hit me completely.

It is like the situation between the Sufis and the fundamental Moslems. Sufis are teaching to love God with all your heart, mind and spirit. And they are in that spiritual level. The fundamentalists say, No, you do this and you do the prayer, and that is it. If you do not, you go to hell. Hum, why? If they are both preaching Islam, why is there so much enmity between them?

In our teaching that does not exist because we believe in the Mystical Paths. The Mystical Paths is the essence, the spirit, of our teaching, meditation and loving God with all your heart and spirit and Know Thyself. Sufism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, say what? They say, Know thyself to know God, or be still and know that I am God. This is a part of our teaching. Therefore, the Sufis are welcome. We have no enmity with them. We do not have any enmity with the Buddhists. With the Hindus or the saints in Christianity, we understand them because they had a direct experience with God. Therefore there is no problem there.

So we can see that the Mystical Paths, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran, the Bahai teaching, the Upanishads, and all the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism, are covered. Everything on earth is included, is a part of us. How can you add anything that already covers everything on earth? It is complete. It is perfect.

As I said, I tried to find fault with our teaching many times and I could not find it. It is just amazing how perfect it is, how perfect each part falls to the others. When people ask questions and I explain it to them, I usually ask, Does it make sense? I have never heard someone tell me, No, what you said does not make sense. They always say, Yes, it makes sense. That is what this teaching is all about. It just makes sense.

It covers the Mystical Paths. It explains the Old Testament clearly, why God chose a people as Hebrews and wanted them to accept Him as King and divided them into twelve tribes. What is a tribe? It is a community. What kind of community was it? It was a community that had the Spirit of God with them. They accepted God as the Spirit of the community. That is, the triangle upward is the hierarchy and the triangle downward is the Spirit of God in that hierarchy. So put God out and what happens? You do not have the Communities of Light. You might have a community but you do not have the Communities of Light. Communities of Light have the triangle downward also. It is included, both of them.

Does it make sense? [Guest nodded his head] You see, you are saying it makes sense, you see [laughing]? Tell me it does not make sense, great, and we can discuss it and find a fault in it. But it amazingly makes sense.

Also the prophecies are fulfilled. The Seven Seals are opened. It makes sense. Everything says, That is it. If someone can prove to me that it is not it, I am the first person who is going to drop the Mission and go somewhere else, believe me. Say, OK it does not make sense, it is not what I believe and claim, and lets all of us go somewhere and find something else that makes sense.

It just makes sense.

So it is something that we have to give to humanity. We have to make them realize that it makes sense. And love them. Love all of humanity. We are the lover of all worlds, of all of humanity. We do not separate them. We do not bring destruction to them. We bring peace.

And that is what they need. They need that acceptance that they are accepted as they are. And love them as they are. Then they will feel the Grace, they will feel the love, and they will feel that they are not judged. Some people have a lot of fear. They are living in an environment that is not conducive to their spirit, to that longing.

For example, my sister was here with us for a week and she was thrilled with everyone here, so much love and openness and the teaching and everything. She told me, Come and visit us. I said, OK. I will come and visit you. Then she said, But do not tell them that you claim you are a Prophet [laughing]. Why? Because they would probably kill you as they did Bab and all that. So there is so much fear.

She really wanted this. You could just feel that she really wanted it. But she is afraid. That fear they have put in their hearts, that should be healed. That should be taken away. No human should feel like that, but they should be free.

Even in this country, you should not let them take this freedom away from you. It is wonderful to have that freedom. It is a gift that God has given to you. Everywhere, even in another country, it has to be based on the people.

Actually our teaching brings the truth about the system from the people, by the people, and for the people. If you read about our system that is going to emerge, it is the only system that is going to emerge really from the people because it is based on the Communities of Light. And who are the Communities of Light? People are the Communities of Light.

Of course, a lot of people believe in their dogmas. We have a hard time to convince them. But with all the prophecies that are fulfilled through the Mission, as I say, if someone reads those things and still does not believe, there is absolutely something wrong with them, because that is exactly what God said He was going to do and that is exactly what God did.

I do not have a big ego and say, Oh, I am the Messiah. Everyone should fall in front of me. Actually, my very existence is a proof of Gods existence. That is the most important thing, that God really exists. He said that He was going to do that and He did it.

This body is going to die and go. Maybe you cannot find me after I am gone. Maybe I will not come back. Who knows, maybe this is my last lifetime. Well, probably not. I do not think I can stay there too long. I have to come back to continue this Mission to get done. But the most important thing is that this body is going to leave.

What gives out this beautiful truth? It is the Spirit behind this body. What is that Spirit? God Himself. And that is the very concept of Messiah. Messiah is not about the body; it is the Spirit of God manifesting Itself to earth. And that Spirit is something that you have to hang onto, not to this body. It is not to make a statue and pictures and all that, and worship them and get caught in them and never go to God. But it is the Spirit behind it, those truths, the Message. It is not the Messenger. The Messenger is just a channel. The Message is the most important part.

So that is why we are here. That is why we have been called here to realize this. You did not realize what you got yourselves into when you started [laughing], did you? But you now have to realize just what you got yourself into.

To me it is wonderful. But it needs a true deep meditation that, We are here, now what? It is the culmination of all the prophecies and revelations of God. We have created great religions with a portion of the Eternal Truth, now what are we going to do with the whole Eternal Truth?

This is now the culmination of everything that humanity did so far. Now I am here, Why am I here? You have to recognize that call, why you are here and then respond to it according to your abilities. Of course, I am here. I talk to you. If you have an ability, and you want to utilize it, we can sit and talk about it, how we can utilize that ability.

But you do not have to destroy your relationship with your family or with your background or anything like that. Actually, we would love for all of us to have connections to our families. They are our bridge to the world. Of course, ultimately there is a point that if they are in our way to go to God and do His Work, we have to say, Sorry, I love you but I have to go somewhere else. I have to do His Work.

It is just like what I did. As I said, my parents were waiting for me to go back and get a job and take care of them. What did I tell them? I love you but I am sorry, I have to do this Mission. This is more important.

Were they taken care of? Yes, they were. My sister did not know why she was forced to take care of my parents after I had decided to stay here and do the Mission. I told her that I was very concerned because I was the only person they were really waiting for to take care of them. Then something happened that my sister had no choice but to take care of them. She was joking, That was your fault then that I was put in that situation. But actually, she loved being with them and caring for them, and she did a good job.

They will be taken care of. But we have to prove to them that we are not crazy, we are logical, and that the teaching makes sense, and help them as much as we can.

Audience: You were speaking of family. I just wanted to share that my mother said that she hopes we have a good feast.

Maitreya: Very good. Very good. Give our love to her too. Hopefully she is going to come and join us one of these days.

That is what we would like, to have all the families come and join us. We want families. We want people who have strong families. But, of course, there are a lot of beliefs that they have been brought up with and sometimes it is going to be hard to do that.

Anything else? [silence] Then I wish you all a good nights sleep and I will see everyone at the lecture tomorrow morning at 9:30AM.


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