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Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas monthly Satsang. We will be here for the next two hours, answering any questions or discussing anything that you want to bring up. The Mission of Maitreya is the representative of the unification of humanity and the fulfillment of the coming of the teaching that unifies all the religions of the world.

This is a Mission that is calling to every individual on earth to come and see that God truly exists, and He has sent all the religions to the world. That is what we are here for, to call everyone to come and join us for this wonderful Revelation that proves, God truly exists. So we all have to consider Him and go back to Gods Way, which is good, because God is good. Gods Way is the good way. We are here to become good and godly, and show humanity that there is a better way to live by sharing, unifying, and realizing that there is only One God, One Humanity, and One Earth, in One Universe. With this, we all can become instruments for pouring this Message out to every heart. We are calling them to come and join us.

Joining us is very simple. Just meditate on Haree Om Shrii Hung, and do The Reminder if you want, and you are a part of Gods Calling. Other things can be added that you can join with, such as reading THOTH, following the Eternal Divine Path, understanding and gazing at The Greatest Sign, etc.

Well, I hope all of you are doing well. I used to ask every person how he or she is doing, but our numbers are getting larger. If I asked everyone, it would take half an hour of our Satsang time, so you see I do not do that as often as I used to. I just generally wish all of you are doing very well and all is OK wherever you are. Of course, you all know my email address, and you can send me an email and tell me whatever you want to share with me.

As usual, my next question is, are there any new people in the audience?

John: Maitreya, I have a friend with me. His name is Nathan. He has learned about this Mission, and is very excited to be in Satsang with us.

Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, Nathan. We are very glad to have you. Usually the new people have the priority of asking questions, or if you want me to explain The Greatest Sign, I can do that. Usually we explain The Greatest Sign because we believe that every human should hear The Greatest Sign at least once. After that, our job is done. We are messengers, and the job of the messenger is to give the Message. Would you like me to go ahead and explain The Greatest Sign, or do you have any questions? If you want to tell us a little about yourself also, go ahead.

Nathan: This is Nathan. It is a pleasure to meet you, Maitreya, and all the others that are here. This is the first time for me, of course. I became interested in the Mission a little while ago. I am glad to join you all. Actually John has taught me much about The Greatest Sign. I am just here to learn more about it. Basically I come from a Christian faith and am interested in learning more about God and what you have to say. It is good to meet you.

Maitreya: It is nice to meet you too, Nathan. The Christian faith is a great faith, and Christ had the sharpest teaching of all the Prophets. He did not beat around the bush. [laughter] He went right to the heart of the problem, and his teaching is great. He was very sharp and right to the point. Any one who has a spiritual inclination can see the truth in his teachings very clearly.

As with all the other Prophets who came from God, they brought a lot of truth and great realization. That is why many people are following different Prophets, because they saw the truth in what they said.

Probably all of us thought that God sent all these revelations separately, or maybe there is more than one God, who is sending these revelations for each people separately and differently. It appears that even the gods up there are fighting with each other about whose revelation is greater than the other ones! [laughter]

So there is a lot of confusion on earth between Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais, and all the teachings that have come to humanity. And now God says, No, I sent them all, it has all been Me, I have sent them The Greatest Sign, one Seal at a time. So, there is no difference between you all. You are all a part of my children and my Revelations, and all the Revealers have come from Me.

He said that a long time ago, that there are going to be Seven Seals and each Seal is going to be opened. Each time one is opened there is going to be upheaval, tribulation, etc. I am sure you know about The Revelation and how it has been revealed to humanity, and that they are not going to be complete, all these Seven Seals, until the Seventh Revelation, the Seventh Seal, is opened. That is when the Mystery of God will be finished.

Now God has sent a book called The Holiest of the Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. In that He reveals what each of these Revelations meant. For example, what is the meaning of Buddhism, Hinduism, Cabalists, or Saints in Christianity? Why were the Saints so powerful, so close to Christ, that, They die and Christ rises in them every day in a greater degree?

Then there are the Sufis in Islam, who go to ecstasy, and when they come out, they say, Enallah, I am God, I am one with the Spirit, I am the same Spirit that God is. We can see that they all had an experience directly with God. They all have some truth. They have brought some truth, some connection to a Spirit or what we call the Consciousness that brings us some truth.

Then those people hang onto their religions and say, No, our religion is better than yours. The Hindus and Buddhists say that the goal of the life is to reach Nirvana, or like a drop of water, merge into the ocean. It is great, they meditate, they have a direct experience, and they love their religions. They are not going to convert to Islam or Christianity or any other religion. Even the Hindus will not convert to Buddhism, or the Buddhists will not convert to Hinduism.

The Jews say, No, no, that is not correct. We are the Chosen People. God chose us as the people who really have the truth. No one else has the truth or can have the truth, and the Messiah should come from us. No one else can claim that they are as close to God as we are.

And then the Christians come and say, No, we are the only way. Christ said, No one can go to the Father but through me.

Then Prophet Mohammad comes and says, No, I was prophesied to come. Of course, he never said it, but his followers say that he was the last Prophet. No one is going to come after him. But he never said that he was the last Prophet.

And on and on. That is why everyone is telling me, religion created more confusion and destruction than anything else. I say, No, religion does not create destruction. Dogma creates destruction and separation between people.

Now with this Revelation, you do not have to fight any more. Yes, you were Chosen Ones, the Jewish people in the Old Testament. But when Christ came, he clearly said, The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to another people.

Or Hindus, yes, Hindus, Buddhists, Cabalists, saints in Christianity, and all the mystical people had an experience with God. They meditated and eventually they felt, Yes, Spirit is there. God really exists. I can feel the joy of being with Him. They became completely detached from this world. This world became an illusion for them.

So now we say, Yes, that is right. But that is not the end of it. When you meditate, when you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct that toward creation of the Communities of Light. How do we know that we have to direct that toward the Communities of Light?

Read the Old Testament. What was God trying to do? He was trying to choose a people. He chose the Hebrews to make them into the tribes. What is a tribe? Isnt a tribe a community? Then God wanted them to bring Him as their King and Ruler. He gave rules, what to do, when to bring sacrifices, when to do the prayer, when to do everything that Moses brought to them.

So we can see that God is trying to create a community that accepts Him as their leader, as their King, and as their head, and implements His Laws into their community. Such a community is what? It is the real Children of Israel. What does the Children of Israel mean? It means, The Children of Light. They are the Children of Light. They are the people who have come to be close to God, represent God to humanity, and set an example for them.

So, the next revelation after the Mystical Paths, which was revealed to Noah after the flood, is the Second Seal, the Communities of Light. What is a Community of Light? A Community of Light is a community based on the Eternal Divine Path and the Laws of God.

And where do we have the Laws of God? Are the Laws of God still the laws of Moses? Should we bring back the sacrifice of the lamb, have an altar, etc.? But Christ said, at his last time in the temple, that the Kingdom was taken from the Jews and given to another nation. Did Christ bring any laws? No, he did not bring any laws. His message was the sacrifice.

Who brought the Laws? Prophet Mohammed brought the Laws. He brought something that even Moslems still follow.

So, the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path, based on the Laws of God. And that is the Second Seal.

The next Prophet that came, what did he do? He went to the cross for his ideal. He was crucified. He was willing to sacrifice everything for what he believed. And what did he believe? He believed, Love your neighbor as yourself. Doesnt that create a good community, if every person loved their neighbor as themselves?

Then we can see that the next step in creating the Communities of Light is sacrifice, not being self-centered. That means it is not all, What is in it for me? but, What is in it for the community? How can I share with the community and help the community to grow and become great?

That is the message of the Third Seal, or Christianity, to bring The Grace into the community. Of course, when Christ came, what happened?

When Adam and Eve fell, which means the lower nature of man made the higher nature to fall, what happened? Didnt God take The Grace away from them? Apparently He told them to leave the garden. When they left the garden, really what did that mean? It meant that they fell from The Grace.

That is when you leave the garden. It is not really that there was a garden that you can go and eat from. The garden is when you are in Grace. You are not worried about your food. You are not worried about your clothes. You are not worried about your future. You are not worried about the past. The only thing is that you are in the moment with God, and you have things to do and you do them according to what is happening. That is the most important thing for you, therefore Grace provides for you. It is just like the garden. They did not have to till the ground. They did not have to do anything. It was provided for them.

Then when they fell, what happened to them? They had to till the ground. They had to suffer. If you are in The Grace, do you suffer? No. That is where you are. And wherever you are, that is fine, you are still happy with it.

So they fell from The Grace. When Christ came, what did he do? In the time of Moses, they had to appease God to receive some Grace. They had to sacrifice; they had to do all those things. When Christ came, was that necessary any more? No, because he released The Grace back to humanity.

That is why, if you believe in Christ and his teaching, you will receive The Grace. You do not have to be labeled as a follower of a special religion. It is for everyone.

It is just like the Eternal Divine Path, it is for everyone. The Mission of Maitreya is not something that you claim you belong to. Either you follow the Eternal Divine Path, or you do not. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will see the beauty of it, and you will see how you can manifest the Communities of Light wherever you are.

But if you say, No, I am in the Mission of Maitreya, I am Divine, so everyone should bow down in front of me, but you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, you are not in the Mission of Maitreya. You will lose The Grace.

If you believe in Christ, you will receive The Grace, even if you are not called Christian, or anything like that. Every person can receive The Grace, because he released it back to humanity. So that is also what he is, he is a symbol of the release of The Grace back to humanity.

Now, OK, I have The Grace, I sacrifice, I am completely dedicated to God, and I am really working hard to manifest the Communities of Light. But it is not happening. What am I going to become? I am going to become very depressed and say, Well, I am putting so much effort into this and I am putting all my life on this to see that this wonderful Revelation reaches humanity, but it is not happening. Arent you going to become depressed? Or, it starts happening, and you say, What a wonderful teacher I am, or, What a wonderful person I am. I am creating this, that all these people are coming and listening to my words and to whatever I say, and they say, Yes, you are saying it correctly, I am such a powerful Being, or, I am such a big ego that sits here, do you think it is going to happen? The moment you do that, you create a big ego.

And what is the problem in the world? Ego. That is the only problem we have. There is no other problem. Taking care of the physiological and safety needs of the people with sharing is very easy and simple. The reason we have all these problems is that people do not want to share. If they share, we do not need as many resources as they claim we need.

So what is the next step? The next step is surrendering and submission to the Will of God.

In the beginning, when you start surrendering and submitting to God, you do His Will. You try to awaken your spiritual forces. You meditate. You do The Reminder. You do whatever the Mission has given that appeals to you most and helps you to calm your mind and be connected to God. Then what?

Then there is a desire to create the Communities of Light. You say, OK, I want to create the Communities of Light. You find a couple of like-minded people, and you come together and say, OK, we are going to do this. We are going to create the Communities of Light.

So now you are willing to come together, to share, and to go through the process. It is not easy, but if you stay with it, it works. Those differences level out, and you become one.

The next step is to do the Will of God but surrender the result to God. I like one of the things someone was saying in the Chat Room, that surrendering means, Surrendering to the Path, which was very beautiful. Or becoming surrendered and submissive is like being a brush in the hand of a Painter. That was a very pretty realization.

Actually I really enjoyed that Chat Room. You all came up with such wonderful words, that it made me feel, OK, my Mission is done. They already know the teaching. The only thing left for me is to now become the observer and enjoy the process.

So far I was the doer. Well, God is the Doer, but I was the channel doing it. Now I can see the channels are forming that are doing it, that God is coming through them. That was the whole idea, that there will be 144,000 Maitreyas on earth, and each of you can attract whatever consciousnesses you can attract, start creating the Communities of Light, come and become teachers of the Mission, and start traveling around and setting up Communities, going to different places, and meeting people that are interested in this unification.

A lot of people are talking about unification, but this gives you the unification. It is not just words. It shows, This is how you unify.

It is one of the hardest lessons, to surrender and submit to God, because we have egos. Ego loves to receive the credit. Ego hates not to receive the credit. We love to take the credit. We live to take the credit, and then everyone says, You did a good job, great. And your ego says, Yes, I did it. I am great.

But that is not good for you; that is the problem. I know we love it, but it is not good for us. We lose it, we become self-centered, and we fall from The Grace. How do you get back to The Grace? You do the job and say, God, OK, You did it.

If you remember that God is doing through you, great. You did not do anything. God is doing through you. I have absolutely no attachment to the results, because I never did it. He did it through me. So the process is perfect by itself, and that is how you become One with God.

Isnt the goal of the life to become One with God? That is how it is, I am not doing anything. I am just observing. It is happening, and I am just watching it happen. That is great. Therefore, I havent done anything, so I cannot take the credit.

But you do not always remember that. We do the actions and say, Oh, I did a good job. No, right away remember, Oh, OK, I am getting attached to the results of the action. I am the doer. I am saying I have done this. You did not do it; God did it through you.

Also God is perfect, so when God does something, He does it perfectly. If you did something that was not perfect, did God come through you? Uh-oh, no, it was not God. It was me, my ego came in and stopped the process of perfection, and I messed it up.

If it is messed up, it is not God. If it is perfect, it is God. If you let Him come through, He will do the perfect job for you. So that is submission. That is the greatest spiritual realization and achievement. And that is what Islam means. Islam means being surrendered and submissive to God.

Actually many Moslems, when they want to do something, say, Enshallah. It means, If God Wills. But the meaning is not there anymore. All of them think that they are the doer. They do not know that the real meaning of surrendering and submission means to surrender and submit the result to God. And they are very attached to the results of their actions. So really they are not following Islam as God intended. God intended, Islam means to be surrendered and submissive to Him.

OK, I am surrendered and submissive to God. I am creating the Communities of Light. I am sacrificing. I am doing all these things to this community that I have. And I am very attached to it. That is my community. Every other community is no good. I am the best in the universe. Our community is the best in the universe. And we are going to make it the best. Every other community does not know what they are talking about. If they are not in our community, they are no good. They are outsiders.

That is when the next step comes in. You also have to become a universalist, and realize that the universe is your home, God is your Mother and Father, and you are free of any narrowness of the mind, of the gender, nationality, religion, race, and anything that narrows you. You overcome all those separations, and you love the whole universe, because all those things are a part of the universe. God does not create anything that is not useful.

If it is created, if it is here, it has a Dharma. It has a reason to be here, and it is a part of the universe and God. With that step, you will destroy all the narrowness of the mind, and with these first five steps, you will become a Divine. You will become an Elect, and you will become a Paravipra.

You awaken your spiritual forces, you create the Communities of Light, you sacrifice or are not self-centered, you surrender and submit to God, and you become a universalist. It is that easy, five steps, Mission of Maitreya. That is it. The rest of it are the tools, to involve you in this Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path unifies all the religions of the world. It unifies all the mystical beliefs: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabalists, Mystical Saints and mystical parts of Christianity, the Sufis, and any mystics they have in the Bahai Faith or any religion, or Africans and South Americans, they have a lot of mystical teachings that they can realize God. They say they are a part of nature. Well, what is nature? Nature is God. So it includes all of them.

Then, of course, the Second Seal: the Old Testament, Hebrews and the Jewish people; then Christianity, sacrifice, and the Christians; and then the Moslems, surrendering and submission; and then universalism, the Bahai teaching.

So we can see, it is a Path. It is a way of becoming an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal, and it is a way of unifying all the teachings in one place. The Scriptures support it. We do not say anything that is not in the Scriptures. We did not bring any new idea and say, No, you do not need the Scriptures.

How can you not need the Scriptures? They are the Word of God. He sent those Scriptures to the specific Prophets who were prophesied to come, and then He said, These are my Words. Now I come and say, No, put away these Scriptures?

Well, you can put away those parts that have been changed, that humans wrote and changed Gods Words, but not the Scriptures themselves. How can you put away the Word of God? God already sent these things through His Prophets.

So you can see that our teaching is based on the Scriptures, and the Scriptures say that there will be Seven Seals and there is going to be the Seventh Angel who will reveal the whole Mystery of God. The whole path covers all the religions of the world, and until that Seventh Revelation comes, the rest is not perfect and is not clear.

So no one really knows the answer, the true answer of Gods Mystery and His Revelations, until the Seventh Angel comes and opens the Seventh Seal. Then when the Book with the Seven Seals is opened, what happens? The whole universe rejoices. So we all have to rejoice that the Seven Seals are eventually opened. The book has come to humanity. Now we are called into it. And we all say, Yes, I want to be a part of it. I see that this Revelation is supported with the Scriptures. It is supported with the prophecies, it makes sense, it unifies humanity, God is One, and He really, really does exist, because He said He was going to do these things, and He did them.

If someone says, Tomorrow I am going to come and move this glass of water, and you do not know such a person, and tomorrow morning you see that the glass has moved, dont you assume that someone was there? If God says, I am going to do these things, and He does them, dont you assume that He exists?

Some people say, Prove to me that God exists. There it is. There is your proof that He said that He was going to do all these things, and He did them. And now with the meditation and spiritual practices, hopefully one day you also will experience It.

Therefore this Mission is not just a claim. It is not a cult. It is a New Revelation from God to humanity. We are not here to create cults or small groups. We are open to the communities that we live in. We reach to them. We help them. Eventually we will have a lot of institutions and outlets to help everyone in every disaster, or in soup kitchens, or consultations with the people that need this.

But right now we are calling The Elects, the people who do not have any personal problems. They are here to help the Mission. Their personal problems, hopefully, eventually, when the Communities of Light are created, will be dissolved, solved, and taken care of. Right now is the call to the Elects, the people who say, Yes, I have no personal problems. Even if I have them, I will just drop them. A much more urgent and greater event is happening here, than my little world and problems. They will drop them all, come and say, Yes, let us create the army of the Elects who are not going to fight with the sword. They are not going to fight with terrorism, or with the actions that are going to hurt humanity, but with their pens, with their minds, with the teaching, with their ability to make other people see, Yes, this really is from God.

If you want to be in the right bandwagon, or be on the right ship, or on the right train to God, this is it, so you have to board it as soon as possible.

I have been giving Satsang here for the last 22 years, and now, the train is accelerating. It is going faster and faster, and it is going to go faster. So if you stop and are looking at the little personal problems, suddenly you will realize that the train is gone. It will be too late to board it.

So that is what the Call is. That is what the teaching is. And we welcome everyone into the Mission. We welcome all your input. We are here to work with you. All of you are a part of Gods Revelation. As Prophet Muhammad said, The number is the Hand of God. As the numbers increase, our hand will increase to humanity, and hopefully one day we will have the critical mass. And we will see that the earth is going to be changed to many, many Communities of Light, and this will eventually bring peace, unity, and tranquility to everyone.

Of course, these Elects are the ones who are going to lead humanity to the Golden Age that all of us are talking about and waiting for. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The more Communities of Light we create, and the sooner we create them, the sooner Gods Kingdom will come on earth.

So that is the goal of this Mission, to create the Communities of Light. That should be everyones goal, and everyones endeavor should be directed toward this Divine task. When we all create a lot of Communities of Light and the Kingdom comes, many peoples progress will be accelerated millions of times, and many will reach Pure Consciousness or the Seventh Seal. Eventually the whole universe, or at least most of it, will reach there before this creation ends. Those who did not reach that state will have to wait billions and billions of years before they can have another chance.

So there is urgency in what we do. There is a Call for you to consider, and if you see the truth and you see how perfectly this Mission fits Gods Revelation and Gods Prophecies and predictions, then I do not see how you have any other choice but to say, I want to be in it. As I have said, If you have a choice not to be in this Mission, then probably you do not belong to this Mission. If you see all these things, you should not have a choice, and you should just come and do the Mission.

So that probably sums up the Mission for the new people here. Those people who have been here have heard this again and again. I guess it seems everyone loves to hear it over and over again, for I have said it many times, but really that is the crux of this Mission and what this Mission stands for.

Now if you have other questions, go ahead, and I will wait for you to hear your questions after this explanation. [silence]

It sounds like Nathan does not have any questions. I hope the explanation made sense to you. If it doesnt, we are always open here to talk about it and see which part does not make sense, and eventually come to the conclusion that either you are right, or we can somehow come to some agreement about it.

OK, there is a question that came to the Mission from an e-mail:

Question: Does the word Kevalam mean Divine? I understand the phrases and what they mean, such as, The Goal Of The Life equals, Haree Om Shrii Hung, and to Be(Come) Divine equals, Om Nam Kevalam. Can these words be taken apart individually and interpreted?

Maitreya: Our universal mantra is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. If you compare that with the mantra of the Buddhists, which is Om Mani Padam Hung, you will see that it is very similar to the same energy or rhythm: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Mani Padam Hung. Om Nam Kevalam, Om Mani Padam Hung.

Haree Om Shrii Hung is actually twice as powerful as the Om Mani Padam Hung mantra. There is a book written by the Buddhists on the meaning, power, strength, and effects of the Om Mani Padam Hung mantra. I have never really read it but I have heard it exists. So if you want to read about the Haree Om Shrii Hung, you will have to write two books that large.

In a sense it is not a feeble mantra; it is a very powerful mantra. Its meaning really comes from the meaning of each word separately. Haree means great or in a respectful way. Haree Krishna, for example, means the great Krishna. It is just like someone calling him, Sir or as of a higher level.

Therefore, Haree Om means the great OM, the respected OM. OM is the original sound of the creation, which exists in every atom. The OM sound can be heard in a higher level of meditation. Even in the scientific communities they have tried to duplicate the original sound of the creation, and it is very similar to the OM sound. Of course, what they have reproduced is not the original, but after the manifestation already manifested. So theirs is not quite as the original sound of creation.

So Haree OM means, the great OM. Shrii Hung: Shrii also means a respectful way of addressing someone, for example, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It means great, great statue of bliss. Shrii Hung: hung is the seed sound of the kundalini. When the kundalini starts awakening, that is the first sound that is heard, So Hung. That is why a lot of people in the Hindu religion use the mantra Hung to meditate on and awaken their kundalini and spiritual forces.

So Haree Om, the great OM, the original sound of creation or God, Shrii Hung is the goal of the awakening of the kundalini. So the great OM will be reached or realized by hitting the kundalini with the word Hung and awakening it to the higher chakras and eventually the sixth and seventh chakras, where OM is heard.

The goal of the life, which is Hung, is to be(come) Divine, OM. So Haree Om Shrii Hung roughly can be translated as, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Also it is true, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor or a professor, or rich, or powerful, or whatever goal the society might have put in your mind or in your brain. Your goal is, according to God, to Be(Come) Divine.

How do you Be(come) Divine? You become Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path. So the goal of the life is to be Divine, as you are called, the people in the Mission are called Divines.

So that is the goal of everyone. You have been created to become Divine. God has brought you to this earth for that goal, to Be(come) Divine, to know thyself, Know thyself to know God. When you are meditating on the Universal Mantra, you realize that that is the goal of your life, to Be(come) Divine.

That Divinity, OM, or God, or Spirit, OM Nam -- OM again means God or the original sound of the universe, and Nam means name or that Spirit, that original source of creation; Kevalam, which means everything, or that Divinity, is everything. So every word in that mantra has its own meaning but overall it translates to, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That Divinity is Everything.

Why do we say to Be(Come) Divine, and we separate the be from come? It is because there are two ways to interpret to Be(come) Divine.

Some people say, We are already Divine. We do not need to do anything. If we realize we are Divine, that is it, we are Divine. Some people say, No. We have to work on it, meditate, read the Scriptures, and then become Divine.

So there are two ways to Be(come) Divine. Of course, just saying that you are Divine does not make you Divine. A lot of people out there say, I am God.

Then we ask, What did you create? Did you create anything in the universe?

Yes, you are in the image of God, you have the possibility of manifesting His Qualities. If you manifest His Qualities, His Compassion, His Love, understanding, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, creation of the Communities of Light, and following the Eternal Divine Path, if you can create His Qualities, yes, we can say, You are Divine. You are becoming closer to become a god with a small g.

There is only one God with a big G. And He is the Creator. We can become in His image, as His image, if we create His Qualities.

"I drink. I misuse my body. I smoke pot. I do not follow the Ten Commandments. I do not have the smiling behavior. I am nasty, and I am all that, but still I am God. No, no, just a minute, God does not have those qualities [laughing].

God said, Your body is My Temple. If God were here, He would not misuse His Body. He would not put chemicals in it, which is not good for it. He would not be nasty. He would not have behavior like that.

A lot of people are throwing the words out without considering what the deeper meaning is. Yes, you have the ability to be(come) in the image of God. And when you are in the image of God, then you manifest the gentleness and loving ability. As Christ said, you will become a great tree that many will come and abide in, under your shade.

So the next time someone says, I am God, remember that. Words do not make any difference. It is your heart, your actions, and what you do, that make a lot of difference. That is why we all have to work toward manifesting, not just saying, them. Beautiful words are beautiful, but if they are not manifesting anything, they just stay beautiful words.

So we can see that the Haree Om Shrii Hung is a very powerful mantra, which has been given to anyone who wants to meditate on it, be a part of the Mission, and start practicing our practices. If they like, after that, they can increase their involvement with the Mission. They can come to the Satsang.

Now we read THOTH every day in the morning. Of course, Ma and Keyosha used to sit in the kitchen and read it by themselves. I asked, How about reading it on the Internet? You are reading it anyway, maybe someone is interested to hear it. I think it is probably a good idea that everyone hears it. It makes your day. The rest of the day you at least, once in awhile, might remember a couple of sentences or words from it.

So the Mission is a lifestyle. It is something that you have to evolve into. After awhile your culture becomes Gods culture. It is not Eastern culture. It is not Western culture. It is not French culture, or African culture, or Persian culture, or Hindu culture. It is Gods culture. So we have to work toward that culture of God, and eventually that will also accelerate the unification between us because we are not from different cultures.

What culture are you from? I am from the culture of God. The culture of God says, You meditate and you awaken your spiritual forces, etc.

Again that is another part of going toward the unification of humanity, by starting to realize that there is only one culture. Even the earth is becoming so small. People are trying to hold onto their cultures, but they are vanishing. It is just becoming all mixed up. That is another sign, you can see that God is doing it right there.

How can you hold onto your culture? It is an impossible task. It is just like God put everyone in the mixer, and the mixer blades are going one-hundred-twenty miles an hour, and still some people want to hold onto what they had 2,000 years ago. It is not going to work.

So you can see that the energy and power is behind the Mission. It is going toward unification. We are an alternative. We are telling them, That is how we can do it.

You can say, Let us follow all the holidays. Let us keep all the American holidays, add all the African holidays, and all the Middle Eastern holidays, and all the Moslem holidays, and all the Jewish holidays, and all the Buddhist holidays. After awhile you are going to be off 360 days a year! [laughter] You are keeping holidays from all the different cultures.

But God already said which ones are His Holy Days. Why not? Let us just be rid of all the holidays and follow His Holy Days. Isnt that better? They are Gods Holy Days, so everyone should agree, I will follow those instead. That again will unify humanity in that way.

Of course, when our numbers are few, and we are the minority, it is harder. But as our numbers increase, and we bring these things to the people, after awhile many will say, Yes, that makes sense. I am following all these holidays that I have no idea where they came from, and these are Gods. He already said the Holy Days that I can follow.

So it is a Mission that no one can accuse me of sitting there and trying to figure it out one day and putting it together as something that came from only one humans mind. If you get to know the Mission and the teaching, you will have no doubt that it has come from Gods Mind. It is so incredible, it is so vast, it is so perfect, it so falls together like a puzzle, if you really get to know it, then you will be amazed and you will say amazingly that, There is no other way. It is from God.

So we have the Revelation that humanity has been waiting for, for all these thousands of years. Even the Prophets desired to hear it, or maybe they are hearing it.

Haree Om Shrii Hung is another way to bring the energy of humanity together. If everyone starts meditating on Haree Om Shrii Hung, their energy is going to come closer together. When they do The Reminder together, they become closer. When we have Collective Meditation, our minds are melting together and becoming closer. When we do the Transmission Meditation, we are affecting the earth and humanity in a greater degree for peace, tranquility, and unity.

So we can see that even if you have the slightest spiritual tendency and if you see this Mission and what is revealed, you will be inclined to accept what God has sent.

OK. Does that make sense, Tahirah, about Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, or do you have a follow-up question?

Tahirah: No, I do not have any follow-up, Maitreya. That made wonderful sense. Thank you very much for the information.

Maitreya: Sure, Tahirah. I can go on for hours talking just about Haree Om Shrii Hung. It is a wonderful mantra and meditation that is for everyone to take it and go for it. It affects you very highly, especially its meaning.

This has to be taught to children from the very beginning of their lives. The goal of your life is to be(come) Divine. The goal of your life is not to become a star, a pop star. The goal of your life is not to become a doctor or professor. You can become all of them, it is OK, but if you become a Divine doctor, a Divine professor, a Divine lawyer, then what do you do? You work with the Communities of Light.

We do need doctors in the Communities of Light. Sure. That is fine. But they should go more toward a spiritual way of doing physical things. Medicine has really progressed greatly. They do amazing things, or any branch of science or scientific disciplines. Now bring that to the spirituality, and these people also start meditating. They will awaken their spiritual forces. They will work for the community.

Do you think they are going to solve the problems of the medical expenses that we have in the West? Or will we meet the problem of not having enough doctors or health care, in the other countries?

According to our teaching, two things have to be free for everyone: education and health care. Those two things should be free for every individual on earth, so that they can become educated as much as they could.

Of course, education is not having a school, people going there, and putting them like lambs into the school. The students should have the ability to go to different teachers and be taught by whomever they like, and then the teacher, of course, has to accept them, and they become the student and the teacher.

Maybe all the students are going to go and accept the easiest teacher [laughing]. So that arrangement is probably the best in the higher levels of education when they really want to find someone they can work with.

Again the Communities of Light will solve all the problems. We have discussed about the Communities of Light many times here. We brought up many different problems, and we discussed them. All the problems will be resolved with the creation of the Communities of Light. There is no problem that the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth cannot solve.

But we have to get rid of our egos. That is the requirement. If everyone says, What is in it for me? and we keep our egos, it is not going to work.

Keyosha: Maitreya, if all the problems will be solved with the Communities of Light, from what you are saying, does that mean that really and truly ego is the only problem that there is?

Maitreya: When I say that all the problems will be solved, probably all the problems related to the ego and self-centeredness will be solved.

There are going to be real problems. There are always real problems. For example, when the microphone is not working, it is a problem. We have to get it going. If you have to gather the crops and store them before the frost comes, that is a problem. We have to go and work together, gather the crops, put them in the barn, etc. So there are real problems that we have to work with.

But there are a lot of problems on the earth that are related to the ego. They are not real problems, but because of the ego-centeredness of humanity, many problems are created, which really 99% probably are not real problems. They are egocentric problems. If we get rid of that part of the ego, we are going to solve 99% of our problems on earth, and we will not have those problems left.

But the answer to, Is ego the only problem? is, yes. That is the only problem on earth. If we can train our egos not to interfere with human existence, then we will see that all those 99% of the problems are vanishing by themselves. They do not need to be there.

Of course, there is a lot of confusion. There are a lot of people who are confused. As I said, Moslems think they have the last Prophet. Jews think they are the chosen people. Christians think, We are the only way. Hindus say, No, you do not need that. You just have to go to God. The goal of the life is like a drop to fall into the ocean. And they do not want to accept anyone elses ideas or opinions.

There are also economical and geo-political struggles and problems that are creating a lot of separation. Those are based on the egocentric attitudes and power trips, etc. When the ego goes, all those things are going to vanish, and humanity will say, There is One Humanity, One Earth, and One God.

Do you think if they do not do this, God is going to sit there and do nothing? That is His goal, to bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So this is going. This movement is moving, and God is behind it.

And who is going to stay in front of it, what is going to happen to them? As I was telling someone twenty years ago, this Mission is like a tank, or is a very heavy Mission, as it is hard to move at the beginning. But when it starts moving, it is very hard to stop it because it is heavy, and it is going to move very strongly.

Humanity has no choice. I know I give you a choice. Tell me if you have a choice to stay in the Mission or not. But really, no one has a choice. That is the decision. The decision is made.

God is not a democrat. He is a dictator. He just says, That is the way we go.

A dictator can be three kinds too. He can be from ignorance, passion, or knowledge. It is just like a mechanic. If a mechanic knows how your engine works, and you go to him or her and say, This is my car, he is not going to discuss it with you. What do you think, should we put this cylinder on this side or on that side? He will say, The cylinder goes on this side. That is it! And usually you say, Yes, sir. You are correct because you know that that is where the cylinder goes.

God knows us. God created the universe. God created us. Now He sends the Eternal Divine Path, and He says, That is the way. That is the way to go. Even in the Communities of Light, there is democracy, as the people choose who is the head of the community.

Of course, we do not have the Communities of Light yet. We are the facilitating body. Actually, as we have explained many times, we are facilitating the creation of the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, the children are going to be raised seeing people share. They will know, that is the way it is. It is not something that, No. I cannot share. It is mine, or, How can I have more? I have to have more because I am going to get old, and I do not know how to take care of myself. I have to have a lot of accounts and money in IRAs and stocks and here and there so I can receive the interest so I can live comfortably, etc. That is fear. That is not life.

In the Communities of Light, you are not afraid. You know that the communities are going to take care of you when you are old. You do not care about IRAs or stocks or money for your old age. When you are young, you know that you will be nurtured, loved, and you see people sharing. You learn to share with your friends.

So you can see that again, the Communities of Light solve all those fears that have been created in the society. Those fears destroy people and make them even more self-centered. I have to have more for myself. How can I live? Who is going to take care of me? I have to have money to pay for the nursing home.

In the Communities of Light, you do not have those fears. You know you will be taken care of when you are old. So we have to see the depth of what we are talking about, how this will solve the problems, and how humanity is far away from the reality of God and the way He has created the society for us.

So the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is the answer to all the problems, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

John: Maitreya, my friend Nathan has a question.

Maitreya: Sure. Go ahead, Nathan.

Nathan: Maitreya, I have a question. I do not know if you are familiar with the mud slides in El Salvador recently. Several thousand people were killed. What do you think about that issue? And also I heard that there was an evangelistic preacher who said to the people that God was upset with them, therefore He caused this to happen, and they were all killed. What do you think about that, and how should I interpret that? What does that mean for us?

Maitreya: Well, the evangelists are connected to God, so who can argue with them [laughing]? But probably what he said has some truth in it, because we believe in the Law of Karma and reincarnation. And we believe that God is just. So if He does something, He does not really do it to a people who are good, wholesome, connected, and willing to follow His Laws. Probably those people who were killed had some karmic debts that they had to pay, or they are going to learn a lesson through it.

But why do disasters happen? When the Kingdom of God comes to earth, we expect less of this to happen because the people are going to be more in tune with the Spirit. They are going to live more naturally, and also we will probably study the seismic movements of the earth and eventually come up with the housing or construction that is not going to be that vulnerable in such calamities.

It even happened in India a week ago or so, and many people, the estimate is around 100,000 people, may have perished in that disaster.

In a way, we live in a very violent universe. Very powerful forces have been released in the beginning of creation, and still those powerful forces are at work.

For instance, the human cannot live outside of the earth. And the earth is a speck in the universe. There are so many forces working in the universe that we are not really very safe, in a sense. But should we be afraid of that? No, we should not. We should create an environment that we can study these forces; we can even harness them for our own use. If we can know the power of the earthquake that is coming and then direct it to some constructive work, we can be able to even harness it for a greater use, for energy that we might need.

So disasters are a part of the universe. Also God knows when they are going to happen and how they are going to happen. Maybe those people, who were there, had been born for that to happen, or maybe not. It is not always black and white. The universe is in many colors. You cannot put it in black and white and say, This is the only way you can look at it or explain a situation like that.

But God is just. If something bad happens, either that person deserves it or there is a lesson to be learned in the process. As we have explained karma many times, karma is not written in stone. It is there for you to learn your lesson.

Or maybe the lesson is that if humanity was more unified and we had the Communities of Light, probably it was much easier to help these people in a disaster. We would have the organization that was working worldwide, cooperating, and actually belonged to the whole earth that could react to such a situation in a greater degree. But as the people have less karma and are more in tune with God, these disasters should vanish more and more.

Disasters are something that have many ways of explaining them.

Does that answer your question?

John: Maitreya, my friend Dustin, also has a question.

Maitreya: OK, go ahead. How are you doing, Dustin?

Dustin: Maitreya, I was just wondering, can the false ego influence our meditation and if so, what can we do to prevent that from happening?

Maitreya: Yes, the false ego affects everything in our lives, also our meditation.

When we meditate, our ego actually fights back very hard. As we have explained many times, we are used to many bad habits, many problems in our lives, many ways of doing things, many attractions, desires, and wants that we have, and they are used to running our lives. So we followed our desires, we followed our wants, and we followed the attractions that came to us. Without thinking, we accepted their commands.

They told us, You have to do this, and we did it. They did not say, OK, let me see, is it OK with Gods Word what I am doing? Am I destroying my body? Am I opposing the creation of the Communities of Light? Is this a good thing to do? Is it according to the Fifteen Commandments, or the Ten Commandments? Is it really necessary, good, and wholesome?

So we are the slaves of all these forces in us. And they have been running our lives. Now we sit down, and we start meditating and using our mantra. The ego says, What are you doing [laughter]? Why are you sitting here? You are supposed to be with your friends. You are supposed to be playing this game or going in that area, or being here, or there.

Your mind starts telling you to do a different thing that he or she wants you to do. So you see, the first step is really sitting there and wanting to meditate. It is not going to let you do it.

That is why in meditation we say, Gently bring your mind back to your mantra. Your mind is going to go. It is going to ask you, What did I eat last night? Oh, I ate that, that, and that. And what did that person say? And your mind will start wandering away from your mantra and meditation.

Then you remember, I forgot to say Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam and think about its meaning. So gently bring your mind back to your mantra and its meaning. Very gently, you do not have to force it. Very gently, wherever your mind is going, bring it back.

Your mind is going to become angry because it is not used to this. You always followed your mind wherever it wanted to go. Now you are saying, No. I am in charge. You are not in charge any more. And it does not like it. Ego does not like that because it has been in control all of your life. Now you are saying, No. I am not going to let you be in control any more. I want to get control of my life and my mind.

Now you bring your mind to your mantra and start saying, Haree Om Shrii Hung, as you breathe in, realizing the silence. Breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam, and realize the silence, and then breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, etc. A couple of times you are doing it, and it feels good. Yes, I can almost feel that silence between the two breaths and your mind says, By the way, do you remember da da da da? [laughter] And you are gone. Your mind is gone, your mantra is gone, your breathing is gone, and your meditation is gone. For probably five or six minutes you think about other things, and suddenly you realize, Uh-oh, I forgot my mantra. Gently bring your mind back.

See, that is the battle right there between you and your mind. Your mind is powerful. Your mind wants to take you away from meditation. He wants to still keep the control. But you are telling him, No. Every time you bring your mind back from where it went, to your meditation, your mantra, and your breathing, you are telling your mind, and you are obtaining a little more control over your mind.

The more you do it, the more control you will have on the mind. After awhile, after you do the meditation for some time, the mind will give up, and the ego will give up.

So what does it become? Your mind will become calm, just like a calm lake, and if there is a moon in the sky, as we have said in other Satsangs, then you can see its reflection clearly. It is the same as a calm mind will see the refection of God in that calm lake. Can you see the reflection of God in a turbulent mind or lake? It breaks up into thousands of pieces. It does not look like a moon at all. It just looks like, What is that? There is some light there but I do not know what it is. I know light exists in this mind, as the Scripture says, The light shineth in darkness but the darkness knows it not.

Why? It is because the darkness is turbulent, the mind, ego, is turbulent, and in that turbulent state, the light breaks up into so many pieces. Even it can completely break into nothingness. You cannot even realize that there is a light left.

So the process of meditation is to obtain control over your mind and your ego, and eventually when the ego gives up, you will realize that you are connected to the Spirit, and the reflection of God will reflect on that mind. You will become closer and closer to Him.

Of course, there are a lot of experiences that you might experience. You might hear a cricket sound. You might hear the shutting of the door. You might even hear the flute. They call it the flute of Krishna. It is the most beautiful flute you have ever heard, but do not be attached to it. Go on. Go on with it.

Those still are delusions and illusions in your meditation. Oh, I heard the flute of Krishna so I have arrived in my meditation. No, you have not. Or some people start doing astral projection, and they go to their astral bodies. They go and meet these wonderful gurus and masters who give them beautiful sermons. They are not the ultimate. You are still trapped in the ethereal level.

Actually in the ethereal level, you can create your own universe and become trapped in it. A lot of people do astral projection and all those things that are very dangerous, and they actually become more egoistic.

We had a lady who came to our house once when we started the Mission in the beginning of 1982. Someone said, How do you obtain something? And she said, DESIRE IT! It was just like there was such a force there, and there was so much ego there, that it felt not very good at all. A true meditative person who comes in contact with God becomes gentle, becomes compassionate. They do not DESIRE things. They actually become desireless.

The more desires you have, the further away from God you are. What is the very base of the problem with the ego? The ego becomes attracted, desires it, fulfills it, and becomes attached. That is the process, isnt it? We see things. Our ego sees things, our senses touch things, or our senses see things, our senses taste things, and our senses hear things. Then what do we do?

We desire them. We run after them. First of all, we run after them so we waste our time by running after them. Then we obtain them.

What happens when you obtain them? You fulfill your desire. When you fulfill your desire, what happens? You become attached to that fulfilled desire. And when you are attached to it, you become greedy. Greed comes in. So these are the five steps against the Eternal Divine Path steps.

The Eternal Divine Path is five steps. The steps of the ego are five steps too: attraction, desire, fulfillment, attachment, and greed. Those five steps go for everything: we see; we desire; we obtain and we fulfill; we become attached; and then we want more and we become greedy.

So this is the anti-Eternal Divine Path. Ego is anti-Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path has five steps: awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist. The five steps of the ego are: attraction, desire, fulfillment, attachment, and greed.

So as we meditate, we have fewer desires, and we do not want. Many times I have said what to do if you have a desire. Sit and meditate on it. I have a desire to have such a wonderful car. I want a Lamborghini. I want a Hammer. Now what?

First of all, I have to work hard to get $60,000 to buy one. Then I have to take care of it. It might get into an accident. It needs a lot of attention. I cannot drive it everywhere. That is not a car you can drive in the street. It is useless.

And then, have you progressed any in your life? Go through it, any desire, in your meditation. See what is going to happen. Most of our desires are not well thought-out desires. We want them, but we do not know where they are going to lead us. So sit down and meditate on the desire.

Say, OK, I have this desire. Lets meditate on it. Where is it going to take me? I want all these things, but what are they going to do for me?

With anything you obtain, you will lose something. This is the Law of the universe. The more you earn material things, the more spiritual things you will lose. The more spiritual you become, you might not have as many material things.

So that is why again the Mission comes to the rescue: Share. We are not saying do not have material things, do not enjoy life, or do not live in a good place where you can be comfortable. But if people share with each other, each of you does not need to struggle that hard to have that amenity.

Also if you share, it brings Grace out of it. But if you have only one wonderful house by yourself, actually you lose a lot of people, a lot of connections. People do not want to have anything to do with you. They call you snobby.

So the very reason you bought the house, to attract people to come and like you, makes people not to like you. The people do not like it because they desire to have the same thing as you. But if you share it with them, what happens? Do they like you then? They might even help you to maintain it, to be with you, and to enjoy it together.

So ego is actually the preventer of you to meditate. It is a preventer for you to realize yourself. It is going to fight you. Of course, I believe most of us here have been meditating for many lifetimes. That is why we are attracted to go back and meditate, etc. But if you have never meditated before, the ego is not going to let you. That is the great fight you have within yourself.

It is because those, I call them creatures within us, have been in control all our lives. Now we suddenly tell them, No. We are going to be in control. Do you think they are going to say, Yes sir, here they are, these are the reigns, you can have them? They are not going to let you have them. They are going to fight back. They are going to say, No. We still want to keep the reigns. We were fine.

They can only live in darkness. That is the only weakness they have. If you meditate and shed the light on them, and keep the light on them, suddenly they die. It is just like Raid. Have you seen that commercial? [laughing] When the Raid comes, those little bugs cannot live any more. They just explode and die.

That is the same thing. Meditation is the Raid for your creatures. Keep the creatures in this light, and meditation makes you aware. Meditation actually is sleep in which you are aware.

That is why we sleep. When we sleep, we really become connected to the Universal Computer, or the Universal Mind. Then your mind starts going through your day, and it clears itself up. If you do not sleep, the mind cannot keep up. We actually die of sleep deprivation.

The more you meditate, the less sleep you need, because you are doing the job of the sleep you were supposed to obtain. But while you are meditating, you are also aware of what is happening. So meditation is a process of sleep with awareness of what is happening. But because you are not aware of what is happening when you are sleeping, you do not become self-realized and you do not realize what is within you and what those creatures are doing.

That is why sometimes God sends you a dream to make you aware of something. And then, of course, we talked about the three kinds of dreams. Some of them are from overeating and all those problems, and have no meaning. Our minds just go crazy.

Some of them are related to our psychological problems and our regular life, which if we do self-analysis of those dreams, we might find the answers to some problems or habits in our daily lives, etc.

And some dreams are deep revelations, which come from a much deeper level, that you cannot forget for many days after you receive them, even for a lifetime. They are absolutely powerful. Those dreams usually are given to Prophets, just like Daniel. He received a dream or vision. He could not shake it. He had to sit and write down what had happened and what that vision was. It was not a regular dream that he could forget by the next day, the afternoon, or the evening. He just could not shake it. He had to come and write it down.

So we are very complex beings, very amazing beings, who are in the image of God. Actually our bodies and the universe have the same elements. Anything you find in the universe, you will find in the human body.

And our consciousness is the only consciousness that can reach Pure Consciousness, can reach the highest possible state. It is not given to animals. A cat cannot reach Pure Consciousness. A cat has to come many lifetimes and eventually become human.

So this is the opportunity that is given to us. And many people do not realize that, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to know Thyself, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, etc. We have to tell them. That is our responsibility. We have to create schools where it is taught to the child from the beginning, The Goal Of Your Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. You do not have to compete with anyone but yourself. Know thyself. You do not have to compete with other students.

If they are good students, they will manifest. If they are not good students, maybe they have other abilities, and there are other ways God created for them to manifest. Not everyone has to become a doctor, or go to college, or become a professor, or this or that. As I have said, you might become the best sweeper of the floors in the universe. You sweep the floors so beautifully that everyone says, That is beautiful!

Of course, we are talking about the Paravipras. Paravipras have all those abilities, the ability of sweeping the floor if it is needed. If there is a war and it is just and brings goodness and spirituality in man, like Arjuna and Lord Krishna, so be it, they go to war. Or, they are courageous. If there is an intellectual discussion or a scientific matter to study, they are curious and want to know what is happening.

That is why I love the Internet. There is so much there that you can learn. It is very satisfying if you have a curious mind. You can go in there and find any information you want to. You do not have to be dependent upon anyone. Even if a doctor tells you, Take this medicine, you can go to the Internet and research, What kind of side effects might this medicine have on me? What do they say about it? Or, anything you want to know, you can just obtain on the Internet. It is a wonderful thing!

Intellectually also you have to be curious. If it is a business matter, the Paravipras will know how the labor, capital, and materials come together and create the business environment, etc. A Paravipra is a person who is at the top of all these other things and can deal with them.

So we can see that ego is the problem. The only thing that God hates is ego. He does not hate anything else. That is the only thing God hates.

He does not hate you. He does not hate anything. He hates your ego. He Loves you, but He does not like your ego. And you can get rid of the ego. Then God will Love you even more.

Actually you both become Love, and you just look at each other and just Love one another because there is no ego left. Then you can help a lot of people. A lot of people would love you because you have no ego.

You are here to do Gods Will. You become one-pointed. That is the only thing left in your life, to do Gods Will. You have no other problem.

The people who are in the Mission should not have individual problems. There are none! You need a little food and a little place to sleep. The rest is Gods Work. If you reach there, then you are free. You share with people, and hopefully they become more and more Godly, and they become happier.

The more you are happy, the more you can make other people happy. The other happy people make other people happy, and eventually we are going to have a happy earth that everyone is going to have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. The rest is to be(come) Divine. That is why we are here.

Yes, we have a problem of physiological and safety needs. We have to take care of them. After that, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and That Divinity Is Everything.

There is nothing that God is not there in it. If you look at anything, God exists in that thing. Is it animate or inanimate? No matter, God is Everything. The whole universe is created from God Himself. He does not have any material. He cannot go to the hardware store and buy some material. He has to use His own body to create the universe.

So we are a part of Him. He is a part of us. We have no choice.

He is closer to us than we ever could be. He actually knows us better than we know ourselves.

So, yes, ego is the only problem, and it is going to fight you in your meditation but if you lose the trend of thought, gently bring your mind back to your mantra, your breathing, the process, and stay with it. The more you can do that, the more control you have on your mind.

Does that make sense, Dustin?

Dustin: Yes, Maitreya. Thank you.

Maitreya: [silence] OK, well, we are at the end of our Satsang for this month. May we all let God come through us and discuss the Mission with everyone.

Gods way is very easy. When Grace comes to us, we can do all these things easily that we talked about today. It sounds like it is a little difficult to do these things, but it is not. When The Grace comes, it is done just without you even realizing you are doing it. However, the trick is to let God do it through us.

So we are at the end of our discussion today. I wish you all a very good (God) month, and I will see you next month, the first Saturday of March.


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